Monster Integration - Chapter 476 Sneak Attack

Chapter 476 Sneak Attack

"There is no need for hostility you guys take the left, we will take the right, how does that sound?" said our leader suddenly seeing hostility is at the peak that even tiny provocation could lead to the full-blown conflict.


The Grimm race monsters leader stood silent for a while before saying ok.

"Everyone we are taking left, let's go!" said the leader of the monster as he asked all the Grimm race monsters to move left.

"You guys go as well but be careful of Grimm race monsters," said our Leader as he left toward the right, seeing him leave others also started to scatter as well.

As for the sides picked by the leaders, that was a complete joke, I could see few Grimm monsters and humans are moving toward each other's side.

The Garden is a very Big s.p.a.ce that a few thousand people are nothing to it, if we have given one whole year in the Garden, we will most be able to scourge 40% of it at the most.

There are two objectives after entering the Garden first is collect as much as precious plants as possible while others are to find the exit of this place.

We have entered through the Cracked layer of the Runic formation, so if we want to exit it then we will either have to make the hole again to exit or find the original exit would be akin to finding a needle in the haystack.

But no one cared about this problem as even if they failed to find the exit them maximum they will have to wait till the time of leaving came, as long as they have their homing band with them they will be able to return home with the immense fortune worth harvest they got from the Garden.

Except for a few, everybody had disappeared on the horizon in search of the precious plants. If the restriction had been stable, one wouldn't have to do all these things, there would some tests and after pa.s.sing the test one would get choose the precious plant.

The Higher one was able to go into the test, the more precious medicine will get but now the restrictions are completly broken and we have to find the medicine ourselves while being careful of any runic restriction that might pop up at any time.

Finding medicine might be a problem for others but it is not for me, it is a wonderland for me. Ashlyn, she has the innate ability to sense the precious medicine, so the only thing I have to be careful of is Runic restriction.

If everything went well then I might become a beggest medicine harvester in the Garden, I thought jokingly.

'Ashlyn stay on my shoulder and tell me the direction of precious plant you sensed telepathically!' I said to Ashlyn telepathically as I let her out, If news of Ashlynn's unique ability goes out here then both us fate would turn worse than death.

So it is imperative that Ashlyn behaves like a normal monster and let me do all the work, she just has sat on my shoulder and tell me the direction of precious medicine she is sensing telepathically.

"Chew Chew!" Ashlyn chiro affirmatively as she appeared on my shoulder.

'So, where should we go?" I asked and seconds later she told me the general direction.

I did not waste time and started moving toward the direction that Ashlyn mentioned and it is also a good thing that the direction she had mentioned is in the side of humans.

I did not want to enter the side of the Grimm race monster the very hour the boundaries are divided, I would like to wait till the afternoon before I enter their side so by that time, the Grimm monsters should have the time to scatter around.

"Bloodscent fruits!" I said half an hour later as I come across the tree where three yellow color fruits were hanging, oozing faint scent of blood.

That is why these fruits are named the Blood scent fruits, I picked them off the tree carefully and placed them in the special medical container before storing them in my storage.

The Blood Red fruit is a very very precious alchemical ingredient as its name mentioned in the list of that came from the Central Continent.

There are many lists of things given by the Adventurers Paradice but three are most precious and of three lists two came from the central continent while it is local.

There are thousands of things mentioned in each list and each and every ingredient is precious, I am very lucky to have a partner like Ashlyn who can sense such precious ingredients otherwise, I have have been like others, searching every corner of the Graden to find the precious plants.

'Ashlyn give the priority to this level of Ingredient, it didnt matter if they are in the Grimm monsters side.' I told Ashlyn telepathically.

She affirmed telepathically and started to guide me toward the next plant. The plant we found was not very precious but it was worth collecting.

A few hours pa.s.sed by such and the afternoon arrived, it has been five hours since I and Ashlyn begin our search for the precious plants and we have found the four plants that were mentioned in three big lists and thirteen lesser precious plants.

This is such a bountiful harvest, obtaining four precious plants that mentioned in three big lists, if other's were to know that they will be extremely jealous, h.e.l.l even those who have the power of Three Star Elite would also be jealous.

I had just collected twelve lesser precious herbs also and now moving toward the next plant that had Ashlyn had sensed. So far, I had been lucky to not come across the plant that is protected in restriction.

I plant to avoid those plants if the Runic restriction on them were too tight, I dont want to endanger my life just for one precious plant.

Three hours pa.s.sed again, in these three hours Ashlyn helped me find many lesser precious plants, though no plants in the top three lists had been found.

Well, its not surprising we have not found the plants in the top three lists. if these plants hadn't been extremly rare then they wouldn't be in the top three lists, if it wouldn't for Ashlyn I wouldn't have found the four most precious plants in just a few hours.

'Chew Chew!'

Ashlyn chirp excitedly, telling me the precious plant is very near. Hearing her excited chirp I had become both happy and sad, happy because I had found another precious plant and sad because Ashlyn going to take her share from it.

She did not like all the plants she found but whatever she liked, she will take it. h.e.l.l, I even have to give her one fruit she likes which was mentioned in the Top three list, it was good that there were four of these fruits and she only demanded one.

"Plump Violet leaf!"

I said in astonishment as this plant is also mentioned in the Top three lists. I quickly moved towards it but just as I took the first step, I suddenly sensed life-threatening danger, getting such intense feeling I immediately jumped back with my full strength.