Monster Integration - Chapter 475 Breaking and Entering

Chapter 475 Breaking and Entering

"Ready everyone, charge the Runic circle you have been with as much as power possible and dont forget to merge your Rule power, that is the crux of it!" said the leader.

Currently around five thousand people standing on the huge formation and charging the Runic circle they have been standing on.

The S Cla.s.s guilds are really something, all the five S Cla.s.s guilds have provided their champians (those who cleared the 9th Guild Challenge) with the Runic formations which could add up one thousand people.

This formation could also be connected together to make the Grand formation and what we standing on is Grand formation which was made by the connection of multiple runic formations.

We are not the only one who is using the runic formation, the Grimm race monsters who are opposite to us were doing the same but the formation they are holing is a lot more sophisticated and compact than us.

They didnt have to stand on the big disk as us, they are simply holding a tiny metallic disk which has very complicated formation drawn on it.

Currently, I am charging the Runic circle with 50% of my power, I would be an idiot to use 100% of my with the Grimm race monsters are not far away from me.

Both of the Groups are charging their formation, so they could widen the crack enough that all of us would easily be pa.s.sed by it. Still, I am a little worried about that crack, thinking our attacks would not be enough to make the crack open wide.

Soon the runic circles around started to glow one by one till the whole Runic formation started to glow with light.

"Be ready the attack will commence in ten seconds." said the leader after the whole Runic Circle had grown. The Leader of the Grimm monster said the same thing as our leader at the same time.

Sup Sup!

The ten seconds are over and two black white care came out from the two formations. The white ray is from ours while the black ray was from Grimm race's formation, the Black ray obviously more powerful than the white rays released from us.


The Black and White rays clashed against the line in the sky and deafening bang rang out, the bang was loud that half of the people covered their ears.

Though ear covered, everyone's gaze on the big whole that is expanding in the sky and from the hole very dense energy is leaking outside which had instantly made me feel refreshed.

It seemed like what they say is really right that only places that have the densest mana in the ruin are The Gardens.

The hole kept expanding in the sky and only stopped when it had reached the radius of the five-meter. I looked at the big hole in the sky that splinting out the dense mana to the outside.

Suddenly the runes started to flash across the circle and it begins to contract, though its speed of contracting still very slow, its still means it is contracting and we have very little time to enter The Garden.



The leader shouted and that exact moment, the swirling armor on my legs created the wave and I stot out from the ground like a rocket.

This is my first time using Power Blast on my legs and I have to say, the speed it gave is incredible as I am slightly behind the leaders of the Grimm monster and humans.

My body pierced through the air as I move toward the whole, this is the fastest I have ever been. I saw the leaders pa.s.sed through the hole and also tens of people beside me and thousands are behind me.


I pa.s.sed through the whole without cras.h.i.+ng against any people that are beside me.

Just as I pa.s.sed through the whole, a wave of very dense mana hit me. This wave of mana, this is the densest mana I've ever sensed. The mana density of this ruin is quite good but it can't compare to the mana inside the Garden.


I said, as I saw I am moving toward the small hill at very fast speed and if I didnt control my speed, I will be cras.h.i.+ng against that hill at very fast speed.

The people beside me were all experts at the power of Two Star Elite or above but I am not, I had gained this speed using the special method which I have to never try before and now I am having very difficulty controlling my speed.

I started to use my sky walking skill as a break but it was able to slow me down only a little, finally seeing no chance while trying to sky walking skill as the break, I also started to cover myself with the coc.o.o.n of fine.

With my defensive skill, the armor type totem artifact I am wearing and the fire coc.o.o.n, I hope the protection of three of it will save myself from the worse injuries, these were my last thoughts before cras.h.i.+ng against the small hill.


I crashed against the small hill and next moment, I could hear snapping sound across my body as several of my bones broke and I vomited a mouthful of blood.

f.u.c.k! I cursed as I sensed the extent of my injuries, the crash had been more serious than I expected as it very heavily injured me.

I sat up unsteadily and took out the small bottle and drank one drop golden-brown honey, just as the golden-brown honey entered my mouth, it dissolved and warm energy started to spread through my body.

The cracking sound rang across all over my body but this time my bones were not breaking but healing, they are healing at a very visible speed.

Two minuits later, I am completly healed but there is no happiness that could be seen in my eyes instead there was great anger against myself.

I have wasted the drop of Daffodil Bees honey, I now only had on three drops with me.

Daffodil honey is extremly precious, it had buyers but no sellers. It is the same in the Republic and in the Grimm battlefield. This honey is Mystic medicine that could heal the injury of the person above its grade.

I would have not drunk the drop of honey and healed using normal potion but the current condition if the current situation had not been very dangerous.

Humans and Grimm race monsters are very near, some little as throwing stone could lit up spark and could start the deadly clash and seeing the numbers between both groups it would be humans that are disadvantages.

I got up and look around only to see quite a few people are looking at me with a smile on their faces. looks like I made the quite big fun of myself as I crashed on the hill.

I dusted my dirt lidden clothes and looked at the who in the sky which had shrunk more than half but still many people coming out of every second.


I sigh looking at the hole in the sky as only half of the people will be able to enter the Garden while other people have given up.

Two minuits later, the hole completly closed and in its place only small crack. As the hole closed, two groups look at each other with hostility, ready to fight at any moment.