Monster Integration - Chapter 474 The Camp

Chapter 474 The Camp

In this on any other ruin, going to the place where the Runic restrictions are broken are considered doing half suicide, as those broken restrictions could activate any time and kill a shot load of people.

But the places with malfunction also had the great allure as there is no restriction on how much stuff one can take from it.

Like the palace of Eonic Blessing if its restriction had been broken and I somehow was able to reach the hall of Altar's then I wouldn't have been satisfied with one blessing and tried to get hands-on other blessings also.

I would have to be able to do that since the restriction of that place is broken but that is the positive note of broken restriction and their negative note also, that is getting very heavily injured at the minimum and dying at the maximum.

Though there is an extreme risk, there are also extreme benefits if decided to go.

"Is there is anything besides broken restrictions of The Garden?" I asked as I felt like she is still hiding something.

She little glared at me when I asked and some people behind her also came closer to listen, It looks like she didnt tells the complete truth to some people behind her.

"We are not the only one there are Grimm race monsters also, we have decided to work together till the restriction is broken." She said while giving me an angry voice.

So, that's how it is, its not surprising though. The runic restrictions of this realm are very resilient that even if all the beings present in this realm attack together, they won't be able to leave the single scratch on


It is completly different for malfunctioned runic restrictions, they could be strong as an intact restriction or weak as paper, nothing could be said about them.

"So are you coming or not, I still have sixteen more people before I could return." said the pretty girl snappily seeing me thinking deeply.

She is very vexed after Micheal questions a lot of people come to know about the Grimm monsters, lots people came to her with fear in their faces, it took us a while for her to calm them down.

Its all because of this puny Master stage, if not for the Raging Thunder badge on his chest, I wouldn't even have to stop to talk to the puny master stage.

"Of course, I am coming," I said with a smile while feeling little guilty, because of me that poor girls had to calm down a lot of people who got scared at the mention of the Grimm race monster.

"Let's go then, we still have to find fifteen more people before we could go back to the camp." said the pretty girl as we started to move.

From others I've found that this girl's name is Angela, she is one of the people who sent to collet people and that they have found the way into the Garden three days ago but couldnt open the crack with their strength.

There's even been a big fight between humans and Grimm race monsters before they have come to the truce of opening the restriction together.

They have had found the opening but it is very difficult to crack it and that is why they searching for lots of people to use the collective power of everyone through the formation.

They are searching for thousands of people and already found quite a bit, by the morning they will have enough people to try breaking the Runic Restrictions.

It took our group three more hours to find the remaining fifteen people and after that, we started to return toward the camp, a place where they have found the broken restriction.

It was already evening by the time we had reached the camp, we would have arrived a little early if not for us to run across a small group of monster that started to attack just as they spotted us.


I gasped loudly as I saw how big the camp is, I couldnt help but gasp, there are rows and rows and abode in the systematic like, there much me thousands of abode there and quite a bit of tree was razed to make the s.p.a.ce for the thousands of abodes.

But that does not make me Gasp in astonishment, what makes is gasp is Camp opposite of Human camp, the camp of the Grimm race monsters.

Their camp is more than twice is bigger than that of humans and their abode lot more luxurious and bigger than us. One look is enough at their abodes enough to tell that their abodes are many times better than us.

The Grimm race is a very advanced race, if not for the restriction that our world placed on their powerhouses, even middle-level member of the most weaker tribe would be able to finish our everyone in our world if it were able to enter our world.

As we reached the entrance of the camp, a red-haired young man around Angela's age came toward us.


He is at Peak Level of Brigadier stage and when I sensed his battle power, I couldnt help but sucked my breath. This red-haired young man has power equal to the Three Star Elite of Grimm race.

His power is equal to my former team leader and he is also an S Cla.s.s guild Black Cloud member like the pretty girl who brought me here.

"Angela, its good you are able to find the required number, with them being here we have more than enough number to blast that cracks open." said the red-haired young man as he greeted the pretty girl.

"You guys set your abodes and rest, we will be attacking that crack in the morning." said the young man as he pointed toward the s.p.a.ce in the sky.

First I did not say anything but when I concentrated, I got the clear look the white line and around it many types of the ruins were plas.h.i.+ng.

Whoever spotted that crack must have been sharp-eyed as normally one cant see that crack, especially in the daylight.

Entering the camp I activated my abode after I found a suitable s.p.a.ce, this time I did not activate the underground abode but my other knight grade abode.

It did not have as strong as defensive power as the underground one but it is the best option for the place like camp. The underground abode is only set up when there is no one around if others know its location then it defeated the whole purpose.

After setting up the Abode artifact, I took a quick bath before going to the center of the camp where the planning for tomorrow is going on.

In the center of the camp, I heard many things due to my sharp senses and one of them is that in the camp, there are more than ten people who have the power of the Three Star Elite.

Hearing that I heaved a sigh of relief, having more than ten such powerhouses is enough to give us the fighting chance if the Grimm race monsters decided to attack us suddenly.

Sometime later, the leaders of the Camps called the meeting and told us the strategy of tomorrow.