Monster Integration - Chapter 473 The Garden

Chapter 473 The Garden

Time pa.s.sed by and it has been eight days since I've entered this Ruin and I have to say these eight days had been quite an eventful.

Except for the first day I have not come across any chance and top of that my luck had been going pretty bad especially for the past three days. In these three days, I had been chased around a lot.

Most of the time they were monsters but three-time there were Grimm monsters, the most dangerous was two days ago when the Grimm race monster chased me.

Its power had been quite close to the Two Star Elite, its strength should be equal to the 5th challenger in the guild challenge.

If not for me using my swirling armor, using Speed skill to the limit and Ashlyn that had been distracting it with her silvery pearls and with that last intervention I would have been surely killed by that Grimm race monsters.

Ashlyn also barely survived that encounter also, when she was distracting that Grimm race monster with the silvery pearls when the bird monster came flying from above, wanting to take a bite of a tiny bird.

It was a good thing that Ashlyn had sensed that monster and flew on the ground while that big bird's gaze fell on the Grimm monster and it started to fight it.

It was because of that big bird monster interrupting the chase did I able to survive if that chase had continued that Grimm monster would have easily caught up to me and killed me.

That chase was really really scary, from that moment on I have become even more cautious, I had considerably slowed down my speed and always kept my killing Rule activated at highest degree to sense anyone that I have come across.

There are many other interesting things that happened as a team of humans had tried to rob and Ashlyn sensing a miracle fruit.

I reverse Rob that team of humans who tried to Rob me, I had taken most of their stuff and just left them with one gear of Artifacts and few other things that will need then to survive in this realm.

I would not have shown mercy but that team was pitifully weak and they have no intention to kill me when they tried to rob me, they just wanted to make a quick loot, that could increse their chances of survival in the ruin.

As for the miracle fruit, we didnt even tried for it after sensing there is a terrifying monster lying in waiting beside it, it had probably identified the miracle fruit and waiting for it mature so it could eat it.

It is very difficult to identify the miracle fruit, except for their weird sizes there are no other ways to identify the miracle fruit and that is why I surprised seeing a dumb monster is waiting for it mature.

I had already marked its location, in the future if my strength advanced enough to face that monster, I will definitely come for that miracle fruit.

Miracle fruits are very rare and in all the monsters in the world, only one monster has the ability to identify it and that monster is in the hands-on the adventurer's paradise and every adventure paradise branch have these monster in them.

That is the reason why it is extremly difficult to come across the Miracle fruit back in the homeworld as all the Miracle fruit were scourged by that special monster controlled by the Adventurers Paradise.

Only s.p.a.ce Realms and Ruins are the place where that scourge rarely enter that one could get lucky enough to come across the Miracle fruits.

All the Miracle fruit I ate have come from the s.p.a.ce Realms, I hope I would get least one Miracle Fruit in this ruin and with Ashlyn's ability, I might get one.

In these past days, I've interacted with some fellow men and come to know that we have entered the unexplored area of the aferian ruin.

I was cautiously walking in the forest when I heard extremly faint footsteps, hearing that I quickly hide in the closest bushes and covered myself with killing energy to hide even more perfectly.

The footsteps grew closer and closer till I could sense the faint silhouette of them and was quite surprised by their number as this the highest number of people I have seen in a single Group.

This is the group of humans and there are about thirty of them and leading them is a young woman.

Seeing them in such a big group I felt weird and came out of from my hiding place if it had been a small group or lone human I might have stayed hidden but after seeing such a big group, I couldnt.

This group is too big and in a place like this Ruin, it is not right to have such big group, instead of offering safety such group big group brought a calamity as they attract whenever it pa.s.sed through and seeing how heavy their footsteps are and how loud they are talking, this group intentionally wanting to attract the attention.

"We found another one?" said the leader of the group seeing me come of bushes.

She is a pretty girl, little older than me who have the battle power similar to the Grimm monster that had chased me, if I am not wrong then this girl's strength should be equal to the 5th challenger in the guild challenge.

"Are you searching for people?" I asked hearing what she said when I came out of the bushes.

"Yes, we have found THE GARDEN.," she said, The Graden? I am shocked hearing this but soon happiness came over me.

The Garden is a place where precious plants are planted, these plants may be Herbs, precious medicines or other plants. To make the totem artifact not only minerals are needed but many precious plants are needed.

The Totem Artifacts are not the simple as convention artifact, they resided within the body and posses the sliver of the soul of the user

"Why are you searching for the People then?" I asked. It is valid to question if one found the entrance of the Garden, one wouldn't share it with anyone despite is being huge.

If I had found the entrance of The Garden, I would have monopolized it myself till the last day in the realm. The garden contains immense fortune and each and every plant inside it is precious.

So, I had already suspected something is wrong when she said she was searching for people to enter the Garden.

"Well, the runic restriction of the Garden in shambles and we need as many people as possible to break open the cracked restriction we have found," she said. My heart skipped a beat when I heard that.

That means they didnt found the entrance to the Garden but the broken restriction that surrounded the Garden and now they needed many people to break the restriction.

This made things very very dangerous, the malfunctioned runic restrictions mean things could go awry at any moment and could kill a s.h.i.+t load of people in instant.