Monster Integration - Chapter 462 Aferian Ruin I

Chapter 462 Aferian Ruin I

"Sophia, Micheal!"

We were just searching for the spot to land when we heard a familiar voice calling us from below when I looked up I found it is Emma.

"Let's go there," said Sophia as she started to land toward Emma, A few seconds later we all landed on the ground beside Emma.

As we landed, Emma had introduced us to her friends, there are six people including Richie and they all have varied battle powers but all of them are strong, not one of them is weaker than Rachel and Leo.

Emma has gotten quite strong, she is as strong as twins and me. I had thought with all the rapid improvement I had made in these two weeks, especially the morning where I had not only level up but also made progress Body Cleansing Technique, Supreme Combat Exercise, and my fire ability but the reality is harsh.

Currently, I did not possess the power to defeat Emma, she and I have near equal battle power. As for Richie, he had also improved but not much, I can defeat him within a minute.

"The Portal will get activated in ten minuits, only those with the homing band will able to pa.s.s through the portal.

"Those who dont have the homing please dont try to enter the portal, you will be repulsed and punished thereafter." said the middle-aged man who is standing in front of the portal.

The honing band he referring is while runic band I have in my right hand.

It is honing and Extracting device, there will no portal in time of return like one in a central square right now, the band I am wearing will be the device that will let me return home.

This band may see a simple but it had cost me freaking fifty thousand mana crystals. This is a huge sum for rookies, it was a good thing that the harvest had been quite well otherwise I would have had to take the loan from either guild or Adventurers paradise like the rest of the people here.

But with paying for this Honing Bang and buying all the stuff for aferian ruin including knight grade totem artifact I am wearing, I have nearly become empty.

In this one month, I had acc.u.mulated around seventy thousand Mana crystals but now I have only three thousand something mana crystal left with me.

It looks like I will have to collect all the Grimm monster bodies that I kill or saw.

The ruin is different from our world, it is just cut off part of the plane which doesn't have a basic conscience and means it will not help us harvest the mana crystal's from the Grimm race monsters.

That is why I had brought so many storage artifacts so that I could store all the bodies of the Grimm race monster and harvest them after returning home.

Zum Zum…

Ten minuits pa.s.sed quickly and the portal that had been silent had started to light up, the ruins that had been carved on it had become very represented.

The portal kept glowing for Minuit became the watery spatial layer had formed in it.

"The portal to the Aferian Ruin is ready, I wish you all have safe adventures and return with great fortune." said the middle-aged man as flew away from the center of the portal.

Just as he moved away, people started to run toward the portal, some run toward it while others flew into it, every minuits thousands of people would enter the portal.

We did not move immediately as the portal was too crowed for

First ten minuits.

"Best of luck to you all!" I said as we started to run toward the portal, as I run toward it fire had appeared on my hands and legs and soon it covered them fully.

After the fire had covered my hands and feet fully, small and big swirls started to form on them. There are twelve big swirls, three on my every limb and around the big swirls are the smaller swirls.

The Swirling armor of mine looked a little different than what it looked like a week ago, now not only fire had fully covered my arms and legs but there are also big swirls amidst small swirls.

The fire had able to fully covered my limbs due to level up in the morning, as for the twelve big swirls they are the inspiration I took from the fight I had with the strong One-star hyenaman.

The bigger swirls are more stable than the smaller swirls and when they surrounded by the countless smaller swirls they formed the network, which helps in stabilizing whole swirling armor.

It does not only make it stabler but also a big help in concentrating fire also and that is why my armor had become 1.3-inch dense from 1.5 inches, which had made my swirling armor more powerful and that was the result when I was using only four big swirls.

This is my first time using twelve big swirls across my armor and they are concentrated at the 1.5. I could make the more concentrated but I did not as it could destabilize the armor.

The reason I had summoned my swirling armor because after going through the armor, I could very well end up in the monster mouth or amidst the Grimm race monster.

So I have to be ready that is why I had summoned my swirling armor and used twelve swirls top of that to be ready for any danger I've come across after I pa.s.sed through the portal.

Except for my team, others looked surprised seeing me half-covered in weird fire armor, even twins took a double look at my armor probably sensing the advancement in my fire ability.

"Let's hope we will meet inside the Ruin Micheal," Sophia before taking a step inside the portal.

Yes, let's meet inside.

After entering the portal, one could end up anywhere in the ruin, there is no fix position where one will end up that is why a large number of deaths occurred in the first few hours of entering the ruin.

I took a step inside the portal and the next moment, I found everything dark in front of me, not a speck of light could be seen.

This darkness is quite terrifying but I did not do anything, h.e.l.l I did not even dare to twitch. From what I have read, I am currently in the spatial tunnel made by the portal.

It is very very delicate and we are cautioned that we move as little as possible when we are tunnel as any large movement could throw us off the course.

If lucky one could end up anywhere in the world and if unlucky then one could very well end up s.p.a.ce and which is death.


Suddenly I found light appears in front of me and I found myself cras.h.i.+ng on the dirt.

"Roar?" I heard the confusing roar, so when I looked up I saw two lieutenant stage monsters of about fifteen meters tall is looking at me confusingly.

Looking at wounds on their body and position they are in, these two monsters were in a very fierce fight but my sudden appearance seemed to have disturbed their fight.