Monster Integration - Chapter 463 Aferian Ruin II

Chapter 463 Aferian Ruin II

"You guys continue, I will go my way," I said as slowly started to get up from the small pit I have made but quickly got shocked by the gravity I am feeling.

I have read that Aferian Ruin has the three times more gravity than that of the normal but I have not taken it seriously but now I that I am experiencing, I come to understand have terrifying it will be.

The Temperature room I had also have gravity function which could provide five times more gravity than normal and I have also trained in it a few times but that was just training for an hour two.

But the Aferian ruin had natural gravity that is ten times than a normal and I will be spending a total fifty-eight days in this terrifying gravity.

No wonder it is said that just the trip to the aferian ruin worth it, one will get benefits just spending time in it and me now totally angrily with it.

Roar! Roar!

I had just barely stood up when two monsters roared simultaneously and leaped at me.

f.u.c.k! I cursed seeing that. These two monsters are at the early stages of the Liutenenet stage but the battle power I am sensing from them is comparing them to the One Star Elite of the Race.


Its good thing that my swirling armor is still on and quickly dodged their leaped with the help of my swirling armor.

f.u.c.k gravity! I cursed as I nearly fell while dodging the monster attack, I have never fought in the gravity, I spared a little wearing the pressure suits when I was in the westblood but that is completly different as here I am fighting for my life in completly foreign environment.

Roar Roar!

They roared again and came at me and this time again I dodged, seeing these two monsters have similar battle power as me, I had decided against attacking them before I could get familiar with this gravity.

While I kept dodging their attacks, I started to observe the monsters as well as the surrounding I am in.

The two that are attacking are Rhino monsters, both of them had dark brown skin and the golden horn. There was no mentioned of this type of Rhino monster in the doc.u.ments of the Aferian Ruin.

Its not that surprising that the doc.u.ment did not have the mention of them as the more than half of the aferian ruin is still a mystery.

I first thought I had transported in the forest but after the careful look, I found the traces of building here there, though they very little, it still made me really happy.

The target of Aferian Ruin is to find the buildings as only in the buildings one will find the treasure. The doc.u.ment even has a special name for them which is Treasured Palaces.

Not all buildings are in ruins, many of them are completly preserved with the runic restrictions. This ruin is left behind by the powerhouse and that powerhouse had left many things across the Ruin, as long as one lucky enough and pa.s.sed the test if it have then one could even gain a the destiny changing windfall.

The fight continued as the monster's kept coming at me, crus.h.i.+ng whatever that came in their way, be its boulders, trees or something else.

Time pa.s.sed and soon it is twenty minuits since I entered the aferian ruin and I finally got used to the gravity enough to attack the monsters.

Roar! Roar!

Its time to attack! I said and jumped. The monsters roared seeing me jumping at them as the golden horns of their's started to s.h.i.+ne brightly.

Both of the Rhinos also took the jump to match the height of my jump but just as they about to their horns about crash into me, I casually took another jump with my sky walking skill.


Horns of the monster clashed against each other creating bright sparks as they fell down.

My chance!

I said and simply fell down while enveloping my sword with both of my rule power and fire.


Just as the rhinos landed on the ground and started to stabilize themselves, I landed on the neck of the one Rhino and simply slashed at its neck with all my power.

Its neck was hard like air but my sword still able to tear through it like a hot knife in the b.u.t.ter and able to cut the quite big chunk out of the monster's neck.



Its roared loudly and swung its neck but that time I had already disappeared from its neck and used their exact move against the next rhino.

The attack injured them quite heavily but it will not able to kill them, these monsters have terrifying vitality and if I had not transmitted my rule power into their wounds then it wouldn't have taken even minuits to heal it.

Roar Roar Raor….

The two monsters went berserk after receiving the injuries and came at with the full fury.

Slice! Slice!...

Dodging their furies attacks I replied with mine, their big size gives their vitality and power but it also makes less flexible, for someone like me who majored in swift combat, they are like the living target.

Every move of mine will open a new stream of blood from the monster, mostly I target necks but sometimes I also target legs to reduce their mobility.


Seeing the monster getting weakened due to excess blood loss, I took the risk and pierced the eye of the monster, killing it directly without any resistance.


The other monster roared seeing that and started to the runway but it was not able to go a far way before it collapsed on its in weakness, after that it only took me a minute to kill them.

Chew chew….

Ashlyn came out of me as she came out me just as the fight is finished and I had expected her to fall down due to a sudden increase in the gravity but to my utter surprise, she flew she normally do.

Chew Chew chew chew…..

She started to chirp excitedly looking at the dead monster, saying she will finally going to eat the fresh meat today.

Since there are no monsters in the Grimm battlefield, all the monster meat came from outside and which is at least a week old.

"Yes, fresh meat!." I said as I removed it horn, core and some meat while left everything as it is. The monster is quite weak in this ruins standard so there is no need to store in the storage as I will need that s.p.a.ce to store the parts of strong monsters in the future.

After cleaning the monster, I walk away from the battlefield. The first time I have to do is find out where I am, I hope I am explored part of Ruin not in unexplored one.

I picked the general direction as I looked at topography, hoping to find something which would tell me where I am.

Chew chew chew chew….

Suddenly Ashlyn came flying and directly entered inside while telling me about the very terrifying danger she had sensed near us which f.u.c.king scared the s.h.i.+t out of me as I have never seen Ashlyn this scared before.