Monster Integration - Chapter 461 Giant Portal

Chapter 461 Giant Portal

Finally, Master Stage, from childhood I have dreamed about reaching the Master stage as one at least needed to be the Master stage to partic.i.p.ate in the League of Heroes.

I now had the basic requirement to partic.i.p.ate in the League of Heroes, though the Master stage easily got eliminated in the compet.i.tion and my past self also knew that but for a boy from the small town, it was a big thing to reach the Master stage.

I calmed my heart from the past memories and about to go for the shower as I am stinking very badly when I noticed Ashlyn becoming silent.

I tried to call her telepathically but there was no response from her and that scared the s.h.i.+t out out of me.

I quickly concentrated and entered my source and there I saw the same scene I saw when Ashlyn had eaten the blood drop and went into the deep sleep.

So, it is happening again, I thought while heaving the sigh of relief but also feeling very happy.

In Ashlynn's source, a thin bine of blood energy is extended from the Blood Drop to the Ashlyn source, like last time Ashlyn's source is sucking off the energy from the blood drop.

I am very happy seeing this as the last time when this happened, the power of my ability had increased the leaps and pounds and seeing it is happening again, this time also my fire ability will be advanced by leaps and bounds.

Seeing it will take some time, I sat cross-legged and concentrated on the Blood Drop.

There are still six hours before I leave my apartment for Central Square, so I definitely have enough time to spend on concentrating on the blood drop.

Time pa.s.sed by and over time my the source of Ashlyn and mine got brighter and brighter while I kept concentration on the blood drop, seeing the blurry images of Monster.

Once in a while, I would get lucky and would able to see some tiny clear sport on the blurry images which kept giving me some inspiration about my swirling armor.

That is not the only benefit I am getting, I am also comprehending from that faint fire rule which is benefitting me in my comprehension of my Sunfire Rule.

Both of my rule power just steps away from reaching the Middle Level of the Basic Stage especially the Sunfire Rule, I just need small understanding which would be able to merge all the scattered understanding I've gained about the Sunfire, as soon as I've gained that understanding, my rule will instantly advance to the Middle level of Basic Grade.

Time pa.s.sed and finally after more than two hours later Ashlynn's source stop sucking the energy from the Blood Drop.

This time Adhlyn's source had sucked little more energy than the last time but still if both of the time combine, Ashlyn's source barely able such 2% energy from the blood drop.

This may sound less but it is absolutely huge, this blood is from the King Stage beast which supremely powerful, to take the 2% energy from it is a terrifying thing and I still wonder where did the energy Ashlynn's source suck off go, as I clearly know the energy needed for advancement of fire ability is the only fraction of what Ashlyn source had sucked away.

Well, all that didnt matter, what matter is now my fire ability had become even stronger and I dare to say there is barely any monster in this continent who have ability strong as Ashlyn.

Of course, I am only comparing the power of ability, not trans.m.u.tations crystal who can increse the power of ten, hundreds even thousands of times, in that department I am far behind the best in the continent.

But I am confident if the power of my ability kept increasing at this pace then it wouldn't be long before my fire ability surpa.s.sed them all even if they have the power of Trans.m.u.tation Crytal merged in them.

Opening my eyes, I have summoned the fireball in my hand and I am surprised to find that silver fireball's emitting heat that is higher than I expected.

If not for only a few hours till portal of Aferian ruin open, I would have definitely gone to the Sophia's to challenge her for the spar, I am confident that now my power isn't less than Sophia.

I have to keep advancing quickly otherwise the twins would leave me in the dust again, the reward they have received is increasing their power every day.

If I dare to relax then they will leave me dust and it would become very hard to catch up to them much less surpa.s.sed them, that is why I will have to keep advancing.

Calling the fire back, I got up and directly went to the shower and slept after I came out of the shower.

The Body Cleansing Exercise and Leveling up had made me quite tired mentally that even after Leveling up I felt slightly tired, it would have been if I had not slept but I want to be at my hundred percent when I enter the Aferian Ruin both physically and mentally.

Ting Ting…

The alarm had awoken me two hour later, after waking up I freshened up and started to double-check everything again.


Time pa.s.sed and the time of leaving came, I was about to get out of my apartment when I had received the message from Sophia saying she is waiting outside.

When I get out of my apartment, I found four of my teammates waiting outside my apartment building, each of them wearing their best artifacts with the excitement and nervousness on their faces.

Except for my Red Sword, everything I am wearing is completly new, I had spent quite a fortune to buy all this stuff.

"Michel you level up!" Sophia said in surprise, a smiling surprise could also be seen in the face of Raina as well.

Their surprise is understandable as in just one month, I went from the Initial stage to Sergeant Stage to the Initial level of the Master stage, a whole stage which is considered fast speed even amongst the talented.

"I am just lucky!" I said with a light smile, "Let's go quickly, otherwise, all the good spots would be taken." Sophia hurried as she took off to the air.

We all followed behind her, the hovercar would be faster in normal times but today flaying in the air is faster, as long as flying above the range of hovercar there is no traffic.

With us running across the air at our full speed, we were able to reach the central square in just half an hour and the first thing we saw there was Portal.

A Gigantic portal is constructed in the center of Central Square, it is very huge, so huge that a thousand people easily pa.s.sed through it at a time.

Surrounding the portal is a huge crowd, there must be more than half a million people there and each minuits thousands are coming, filling the central square even.

"Let's go find the place," Sophia said and we started to find the place to land.