Monster Integration - Chapter 460 Initail Level of Master Stage

Chapter 460 Initail Level of Master Stage

I am in heaven, on one side my body is getting cleansed and on the other side Miracle Fruit energy started to crash all the barriers that come across it to make me level up to the Initial Level of Master Stage.

Seeing such progress, I did not mind the pungent smell that is coming out of me as all my focus in on the Energy of Miracle Fruild that is breaking all the barriers.


Finally, the energy of the Miracle fruit broke the last barrier and I am about to start level up when suddenly my Refinement Engine started to s.h.i.+ne and it stopped the miracle fruit energy from leveling me up by creating a barrier.

What the f.u.c.k!

I cursed inside my mind loudly seeing that, till now The refinement engine never come between my leveling up but it is the first time, it is behaving like that.

Right! How can I forget, when I first read about this refinement engine, I have read the multiple comments from many people that this engine creates some sorts of the barrier when breaking through the Master stage and that barrier is so hard that no one able to overcome it.

Others were not able to overcome it that does not mean I will not overcome it, I thought and started to use my all to break the barrier.

It was nothing at first, not even slight flicker but I kept continuously cras.h.i.+ng against it with each crash of mine stronger than before.

I made the energy of Miracle fruit crashed against it, merging my soul power, will power into it with only thought in mind and that is to level up.

The Aferian Ruin going to be extremly dangerous and people like us would be at the lowest rung.

With my current power, I could only defeat the slightly stronger One Star Elite, in front of the strong super-elite, I am nothing.

Just yesterday I had challenged the guild challenge, wanting to defeat the 4th challenger but I had failed to defeat it despite fighting it till the time limit.

I can only make the draw with the 4th challenger while the twins had defeated the challenge.

I am really jealous of the twin's reward, they have received an amazing reward that makes then stronger every day, I wish I had received the reward the same as them.

I just want to level up to the Master stage, so I could gain the power to defeat the 4th challenger and also will have little more power of self-defense when I enter the Aferian Ruin.


After so much of trying, a small crack finally appeared on the barrier and seeing that I upped my efforts even more.

Crack Crack Crack....Bang!

More and more cracks kept forming until there was no part of the barrier which wasn't filled with the cracks and with my last crash, the barrier blast apart.

The miracle energy did not waste time and divided into two as started spreading into Ashlyn on me as it started to level me up the Master stage but my focus was not on that.

My focus is on my Refinement Engine, it had lightened up so brightly that I wasn't able to see what is happening, the only thing I can see that it is sucking s.h.i.+t load berserk energy.

It is literally sucking off the Berserk energy out of Monster core in my stomach and that monster core is evaporating at the very swift speed.

I have completly lost control over my Refinement Engine and now became a mere spectator.

First, when I constructed this Refinement Engine, I thought it is a special one but when I come to westblood I have come to know that there is no end to the a.n.a.log type refinement engine which I considered special.

If not for its ability to refine the Berserk energy which had put it in the same category of Refinement Engine as the ones used by the super elites, I would have thought I was fooled by the elegant words which had made me construct this refinement it.

First was its ability to refine the Berserk energy and now this sudden change, this Refinement Engine getting weirder and weirder.

After seeing my refinement engine's ability to refine the berserk energy, I have done quite a research on the refinement Engine and never read or heard the Refinement engine making a big change in the Master Stage.

In the Knight stage, the big change only happens when one level up from the lieutenant stage but clearly my Refinement engine is changing at the Master stage.

And the worst thing is I dont know if this change is either good or bad, I hope it is good as I have many times heard many refinement engines crumble apart for no obvious from many reasons when they go through the big change.

The only thing making me relive that whatever is happening to the refinement engine seems safe, there is no instability that could be seen in it.

Soon I notice that that the monster core from which my refining engine refining energy from seeming like it will evaporate soon, seeing that I quickly take out the monster core of Master monster and ate it in a single gulp.

Usually, I only ate ¼ of the monster core but seeing how speedily it is guzzling the Berserk energy, ¼ part of the core won't be enough for it.

Right after me eating the monster core, the speed of refining increased even more and the monster core I just ate started to evaporate at the visible speed.

Time pa.s.sed and soon more than five pa.s.sed and there is barely any monster core left in my stomach and seeing that I was about to eat another more when I found the light on me Refinement engine dim out and its refinement speed also started to slow down a little.


A Gasp came out of my mouth when I looked Refinement engine, not only its size had changed but also all over it a web of thin gla.s.s veins which made my refinement engine looked very pretty.

Chew Chew Chew…

I was just admiring the Refinement Engine when I heard the loud angry chirp of Ashlyn, saying she needed energy for imprinting of seals of Supreme Combat Exercise.

s.h.i.+t! I totally forget about that, its a good thing my level up had only reached halfway.


Just as I started to run my Refinement Engine, I found that running it became five times more difficult than before and I was about to curse loudly when I saw that its speed of refining energy had become five times faster than before which made me gasp in astonishment.

I quickly ate ¼ part of Monster core and started refining the mana and in just three minuits, I was able to refine all the mana Ashlyn needs.

The Refinement Engine is Really amazing I thought as I watch myself leveling up, tracking every change that is happening in my body.

Time pa.s.sed by and after ten minuits later everything in my body calmed down as I had finally reached the Initial Level of Master stage.