Monster Integration - Chapter 445 Power II

Chapter 445 Power II


My sword clashed horizontally against the battle axes of the three Grimm race monster.

I would have easily able to dodge their blockade they have put from me but I did not, I have decided to clash against them directly for a challenge.


Using the force of clash, I took the jump backward and landed at the safe distance but I did not get time to relax as three attacks came at me the moment I've landed.

Clank! Slice!

f.u.c.k! I said screamed internally as the battleax made quite an injury in my shoulder, My sword clashes against the one battleax while other is dodged by me but as I was dodging the third that b.a.s.t.a.r.d of a Grimm race monster, increased its ax speed suddenly that it cut my shoulder.

The injury is no serious one but it is not light also, it is deep and giving me quite a pain but it will not hinder me in battle, I have suffered many such injuries across the thousands of battles I have fought.

As longs as the injury don't cut the bones whole, I will be fine.

Seeing the Grimm race monsters are getting serious, I have increased the speed of my moves so it could match their speed while keeping most of my mind power locked on the swirls.

These swirls are quite delicate, little lapse on my part and whole swirling armor would collapse and that is the reason why I have not used the 100%, currently, I am using only ¼ power of Swirling Armor.

I have never tested the Swirling Armor in the battle, as I am fighting I am slowly increasing the power of swirling armor as I got used to it, if I were to use it's full power, I am afraid it will collapse before I could fully make a move with help of it.

So I will keep increasing the power of Swirling Slowly as I got more control over the swirls.

Clank Clank Clank Slice!.....

I kept fighting the three Grimm race monsters and now and then received an injury when they tried a new move or increased their power but as time pa.s.sed, their attacks becoming less and less effective on me that they have barely able to injure me.

But I had soon released, that I was not the only one who was not using their all, seeing me gaining the ground, the Grimm race monster started to make their a.s.sault fiercer.

Clank Clank Slice…..

With them making their a.s.sault fiercer, I started to get more and more injuries and have to go on total defense to cope with the attacks of the three monsters.

Though I have received many injuries, only some of them were serious, which I could handle with my current prowess.

Its not like I have received only injuries through their furious a.s.sault, their a.s.sault had put a quite pressure me which helped me gain faster control over my swirling armor that now I can have a little breather during the fights.

"This one is quite a c.o.c.kroach, let's use our full strength and finish it quickly." said the strongest Grimm race monster of three to the other two.

Slice Clank Clank Clank Slice....

f.u.c.k! I cursed loudly as I started to receive the injuries from their battleaxes at the breakneck speed.

I was really an idiot to think that was their full strength, I had grown too confident on swirling armor that I had started to look down on my opponent before even power of swirling armor fully materialized.

This is a good lesson for me as I could survive their a.s.sault, if it was One Star Elite then, I would have been really in the very dire straits.

I now solely focused on defending and increasing my control over the swirls so I could harness more power from my swirling armor and my control is increasing as the swift speed with the pressure of their furious a.s.sault.

If I an having such a hard time then I wonder how bad the condition would be Leo and Rachel, I hope they doing fine as in my current condition I am no condition to help them even if I had used my trump card, the power plant.

It will help deal with one, a maximum of two opponents but the third one will survive and it will able to put me dire condition in my awakened period.

Time pa.s.sed by and I got more and more injuries but My control over the swirls also increased in this pressure which able to give me more strength from the armor but I did not use that strength.

Earlier seeing my mistake overestimating myself, I had made a promise that I will not use the new harnessed strength of Swirling Armor till I am completly able to harness it to 100%.

So, currently, I am using only 30% strength of the swirling Armor as this is much strenth I am using when I realize my mistake of overestimating myself.

I had understood the gravity of my mistake and such a mistake require punishment, so it will remind me to not make such a mistake ever again and die by it.

The time pa.s.sed, more injuries appeared on my body but their frequency lower than before, as the time pa.s.sed I got used to their battle style and the strength they used and were able to predict with the help of my killing Rule which is helping me to dodge and minimize the injuries I have received.

As the battle longs on, my control over swirling armor got better and better till I was able to harness 80% power of the swirling armor and could finish the fight withing a two-three minuits if I want to but I did not at I haven't able to harness the full power of Swirling Armor yet.

A promise is a promise, I will only use that strength when I completly able to harness the full power of the Swirling armor.

I wanted to use see how others are doing in their battle but the a.s.sault of these three Grimm monsters too powerful that I did not have a second to look around.

These three Grimm race monster are seemed to h.e.l.l-bent on wanting to kill me as they are using every ounce of their strength, I could clearly see the way they are hacking their battleaxes at me.

100% finally, I got full control over the swirling armor and now could harvest all of its power, as long as I kept my mind locked on the swirls there is no fear of them getting out of control.

"Let's end it!" I said loudly and smiled fiendishly, seeing the smile all three monsters became vigilant attacked me with their strongest attack yet.

I shook my head relaxedly as I took a step forward and crane my neck and hip to simultaneously avoid two axes while thrusting my sword forward at blurring speed.


My sword pierced through the chest of third Oxman who attacks about to reach me.

I quickly sidestep as I removed the sword from his chest before the momentum of the sword could crash against me and looked behind, only to see two Grimm monsters are running away at their highest speed.

No Use!