Monster Integration - Chapter 444 Power I

Chapter 444 Power I

"Be careful, the Grimm race monsters we will encounter here going to be very dangerous," said Sophia in a very soft voice, we all nodded and started to walk through the gra.s.s very cautiously.

We had just crossed the river a minuits ago and now had entered the territory of the Brigadier Stage Grimm race monster's, just as Sophia had said, that every monster we will encounter here going to be very stronger.

We walk slowly in the black gra.s.s with our senses taut to the limit, as I walk through the gra.s.s I could sense the clear excitement front from twins.

I could understand their excitement as I am feeling the same, the battle's we four earlier were no challenge at all, it did not challenge us to bit to show our real power.

I want to fight a strong opponent, probably a One Star Elite and only it will make me reveal my true power and make me work hard for my victory.

More than ten minuits pa.s.sed by when I sensed the first team of the Greem race monsters, This team had thirteen monsters and to my surprise, all of these Grimm race monsters are Elite Brigadier stage.

I have never thought we would turn this lucky, just after entering the territory of the Brigadier stage Grimm race monster, we come across the elite Brigadier stage elite Grimm race monsters which are the perfect Grimm race monsters to test power.

"There is a group of monsters ahead, they are less than 12 and probably all of them at the Brigadier stage," Raina said a few seconds later after I discovered the monsters.

"So, what do you guys think?" Sophia asked I and Raina nodded immediately while Leo and Rachel took little time to say yes.

"Ok, now we have decided to fight, we should decide the battle strategy," Sophia said.

With our old team, we did not have the need to discuss this strategy as everyone knew everything about everyone.

We started to discuss in the hush voices and within a minute decided on the strategy, in which Leo and Rachel will fight the two monsters each while I, Raina and Sophia will fight three monsters each.

With strategy decided we walked though the Gra.s.s, this time we did not conceal the sound we make intentionally so that monsters would notice us.

That is what happened when we saw thirteen monsters coming at us with their weapons ready. They are from the White Oxmen tribe with each of them being four meters tall.

Each of them excluding the battle power comparable to Violet Apemen we had fought a few days ago, At that time I had a hard time defeating the single monster's but now I will be fighting the three with the same caliber.

I am not worried about myself, I am more worried about Leo and Rachel as handling two monsters going to be very very difficult for them, they might get seriously injured even die if they are not careful fighting these monsters.

"Elite!" Exclaimed Leo as he saw the monster's, he probably thought he will be fighting normal Brigadier monster but now seeing the Elite Brigadier Grimm race monster that more than two times taller, Leo looked little shaken.

"Will, you able to handle the two Oxmen ?" Sophia asked seeing drastic changes in Leo's face.

"I will handle them but do help if I am in danger!" said Leo with a dry laugh, to that all three of nodded in understanding.

"Good, let's fight then!" Sophia and all four of us ran toward the Oxman that was walking toward us.

On the way, my hands and legs covered with fire and swirls appear on them one by one as they started to compress my swirling Armor, by the time I will clash with the Grimm race monster's, my swirling armor will be compressed to 1.5-inch thickness.

Seeing us running toward them, the Grimm race monster's summoned their Totem Spirit.

"Mates kill them!" shouted lead Grimm race monster as the team of Grimm race monster's leaped at us.

I quickly selected the three Oxmen and moved toward them, seeing me coming at them three oxmen separated from their group and came.

As they came closer, all three Grimm race monster's swung their battle ax at me, I swiftly moved and dodged the two axes while swung my sword to at the third monster.


A loud metallic clank rang out and all the force of the released by the ax of it burned by the fire covering me before it could enter inside me.


The three monsters completly shocked seeing this, not only I had not blasted back, there was not a shake appeared on my body as my sword directly clashed against the battle of its.

Seeing them stumped, I quickly called back my sword and swung at the neck of the Grimm race monster that is left to me, without wasting my time.

It hurridly put its ax in front of it to defend against it, if this Grimm race monster only I had been fighting against, I would easy pa.s.sed it defense and cut its neck but unfortunately there two other monsters.


If I had slashed it's neck bypa.s.sing its defense, then at the next moment two battle-axes of the other two other monsters would cleave my body into two. So thinking that I clashed my sword against its hurriedly put up a defense and jumped high to avoid the two axes that are coming at me.

With this Swirling Armor covering my legs, making jumping maneuvers became very easy, now I can easily take meter's high jump without much effort and the best thing about these jumps is that they very fast.

I called it 'Rocket Jump' since it is fast like a rocket and could take me quite high if I wished.

As I was shooting high I quickly take a look across the battlefield, the twins are doing fine, they are fighting separately with three Grimm race monster's each.

Leo looked quite wretched as he solely focused on the defending, it is quite good that Leo had comprehended the strength Rule and have such a broad sword which is helping him to defend the furious a.s.saults of two elite Oxmen who are also famous for their strengths.

As for Rachel, she running around the battlefield with very swift speed while attacking the two Grimm race monsters.

I have to say Rachel's nimbleness and speed are very good, I may be able to catch up her speed but I am no match of in nimbleness, not only but other couldnt compare to herein nimbleness.

This likely due to her being an archer, they are known for their swiftness and nimbleness.

Soon I reach the limit of what jump could take me and started to fall, seeing me falling the three Grimm race monster had created the net, wanting to kill me as soon as I fall.

I shook my head seeing them covering all the points I could land if I want to, I could easily land outside the net they have created but there is no challenge in that!