Monster Integration - Chapter 446 Power III

Chapter 446 Power III

No Use!

I followed them swiftly with my blurring speed and in just a few seconds, I caught up to one.


I pierce my sword before it could stop and put up any defense, not wasting any time I quickly move toward the second one who had stopped in its track to do its last stand.

It had seen how easily I had killed two of its friends and it knows there is no use of running from me, so it decided to stop and fight with all its strength, only this way it will have a slight chance to survive but regretfully it did not stand any chance to survive.

"You may have killed my friend but to kill me you will have to p..."


"You talk too much!"

I said as I removed my sword from its chest, this one Grimm race monster was quite brave but also quite stupid, it had decided to fight me till the end but instead acc.u.mulating all its power fight me, it had instead wasted all of its time talking s.h.i.+t which gave me a chance to effortless beat it.

Like all other Grimm race monster I hunted throughout the day, I had not truly kill them as I will need them to perform my elemental harvesting experiment and also harvest Mana crystal from them as alive ones give more than the dead ones.

The first thing I did after beating the Grimm race monster was to drink the potions as I am quite injured and the second thing I did was to look around.

The twins had already finished their fight and they had finished quite early as I could see the husk of the Grimm race monsters in some places which clearly show that they have already harvested the monster they have killed.

As for Rachel and Leo, they are really bad conditions especially Leo who's whole body is completly filled with injuries, there is no part of him that does not see to be covered in blood.

Still, despite being injured to such a degree, he is still fighting the two Grimm race monsters with fervor.

Rachel is in better condition than Leo, she is still running around the battlefield while attacking the two Grimm race monster's who are furiously fighting her.

Of the two, Rachel may have a tiny bit of chance to kill one of two Grimm monsters that are following her like a hound but it is a tiny bit chance, not a full surety.

Both of them are still quite weak to be able to kill the Elite Brigadier stage monster. There is a qualitative difference in the Colonel stage and Brigadier stage, the difference in power is different than in between Captain stage and the Colonel stage.

The last three stages of the Knight stage are quite powerful, there is a sharp rise in power with each stage, so one shouldn't underestimate them too much otherwise they will have to pay the price with their lives for their mistake.

I quickly put on the Runic disk on the two Grimm race monster and charge my sword for the third monster.


I pierced the center of magic veins of the Grimm race monster and released the point inferno into it and like every time the veins of Grimm Race Monster started to turn red before then little burning smell started to come out of the body.

Failed again! I thought with the sigh as I placed the Runic disk on the half-burned Grimm race monster to harvest the mana crystal's from its half-burned body.

Ting Ting!

Soon two tings sounded and I excitedly picked up the Runic disks from the husk of the monster and opened it.

202! 205! Holy s.h.i.+t, I had to know Elite Brigadier stage monster gave about two hundred mana crystal's but seeing it with own eyes its still different.

Now every Elite Brigadier Stage monster I would kill, I would harvest at least a two hundred mana crystal out of them, and if I had killed fifty on the daily basis then I could earn whopping ten thousand crystal a day.

If it had been my old team, then it would have been very possible but with these new teammates of ours, it is slightly difficult for now but it will be possible as soon as they gained the strength to kill the Elite Brigadier stage monsters easily.

But it is not easy to increase the strength in short period of time, only through the chance encounter would one gain the sudden increse in strenth without the lucky chances one will have to acc.u.mulate strength slowly the conventional way.

Looks like I will have to help them a little if they went on the conventional way then it will hake then quite a while to catch up to strength we have right now.

It has been an hour since we had started to fight the Grimm race monsters but looking at the Leo and Rachel, I dont think the fight will finish soon, well no worries we still have little more than hours before we have to leave.

Like Sophia and Raina, I also pickup up the corner to intercept the Grimm race monster when they tried to run.

We are too familiar with this scenario, it had happened to us many times, like use Grimm Race is also an intelligent race and when things than hard, they also tried to run.

No one wants to die by the enemy' ss blade no matter how prideful they are, so we have to stop in the corner to intercept the monster and in this condition, help our teammates if they are in danger.

While watching the, I also fiddled with my swirling armor also, this battle has made me realize a lot of disadvantages of the swirling armor and I am trying to fix that now.

During the battle, I have been able to harness the 100% power of the Swirling Armor gradually but I am still not proficient in harvesting it all once if I want to harness the 100%percentt power from the start of the battle then that is still difficult for me.

I would have to practice for a few days before I should able to harness the full power of Swirling Armor at will without the gradual process.

One more hour pa.s.sed and Rachel and Leo's condition had become even worse but they are still fighting but not long, I have noticed that Grimm race monster they are fighting have already noticed that all of their comrades are dead and now they are only fighting for the show while searching for the perfect moment to run away.

I am sure twins also noticed that as their eyes have become sharp and weapons ready to attack any moment.

Few minuits more pa.s.sed when suddenly I sensed killing intent of one Oxmen skyrocketed and knew Leo in danger, without waiting I had leaped toward the Leo with the blurring speed.

I have not unsummoned the Swirling Armor from me, I had already guessed something like this might happen, so I had been ready with my Armor and sword for this type of scenario.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d die!"

Said one Oxmen as it swung its battle Ax with the full might of it, while one monster attacked Leo, the one who is he is fighting had started to run and seeing one running away, the other two that were fighting Rachel had also started to run in a different direction.

Raina and Sophia did not waste time coming toward Leo to save him, seeing I have already crossed more than half distance to save Leo instead, they went toward the two monsters that were running away.

Leo's face morphed into the horror seeing the battleax coming toward him as he knows did not have the ability to defend against it but still,l he did not try to dodge instead used his sword to clashed against the coming battleax.

But to his horror, the battle had nimbly dodged his sword and came toward his neck.

The time slowed down a little as he saw the battleax slowly coming at toward his neck and he was just about to close his eyes to accept the death when a red sword suddenly appeared in front of him.

ClANK! Puchi!

The battleax stopped by the red sword and before he could register what happened, the blade moved at an unnatural angle and pierced through the heart of the monster.