Monster Integration - Chapter 443 Shower Of Crystals II

Chapter 443 Shower Of Crystals II

"I wish I had elemental abilities you guys, I would have loved to try to," said Leo with regret in his voice.

In our team, four people have elemental abilities, Sophia and I have the fire ability, Raina has Ice while Rachel has wind type ability, only Leo didnt have the elemental ability or comprehended any Elemental type Rule.

"You can also havest the Special Mana Crystal with your Strenth rule, its just that you will have to work hard than the rest us to harvest it," I said.

There are three types of Mana Crystals, first is normal mana crystal's, the second is Elemental Mana Crytal's and last are Special Mana crystal.

The normal ones are the ones we regularly harvest with the help of the runic disk, the elemental one that we are trying to havest by pumping elemental energy in the Grimm race monster body, so we could trans.m.u.te its dark energy to dark elemental energy.

The Special Mana crystals are the mana crystals that did not belong to the elemental category. They can be made using any Rule power that is not the elemental rule power, Like my Killing Rule and Leo's Strength Rule.

But harvesting the Special Mana Crystals are ten times harder than harvesting elemental mana crystals, though the price they offer is also ten times also.

Due to this difficulty very few Mid-level evolvers willing waste their time on harvesting Specuila Mana Crystal as they took too many efforts.

"Let it be, I will think about harvesting Special Mana Crystal's when I reach Peak of the Knight stage." Said lead after heard how difficult it is to harvest Special Mana Crystals.

"Let's get going, we have already wasted more than enough time here," Sophia said.

She is right, we have wasted near fifteen minuits in this place, we should have left as soon as we had done harvesting the mana crystals.

We quickly take all the important things from the Grimm race monster's husk and advanced forward in the Black Gra.s.s Prairie.

We encountered the next team of the Grimm race monsters just after the ten minuits and we had finished it within one minute and harvested and then within five minuits.

In this battle, Rachel also left one Grimm monster alive to experiment elemental harvesting on it, still, it did not take us more than ten minuits to leave the second battlefield.

We are killing and harvesting the Grimm race monsters like crazy, whatever team of Grimm monster we saw, will kill it whether the team is big or small, it did not matter as long as we saw the Grimm monster's we will kill it.

In just little more than an hour we have killed more than hundred Grimm monster's but not one of them were able to make me use my Fire Armor, which was really disappointing but I am not sad as there is another thing that is making me very happy.

And that thing is Mana Crystals, we are killing Grimm race monster's like crazy and harvesting them like crazy, that I have a feeling that I am showering in the rain of mana crystal's and I am not the only one to think that.

In just a little more than the three hours, I alone harvested the 3122 mana crystal, which is little more than a double of what I harvested in the whole day and it is just we harvesting till late morning as there is more than half a day have remained for our hunt.

Sophia even said that we are swimming in the mana crystal's and I couldnt agree more.

"It feels very good harvesting such a huge amount of the Mana Crystal and all but there is no challenge in it, it will not help us raise our strength," Sophia said.

"I think we should hunt in the area where the Brigadier stage mosnter's gather, what do you guys say?" Sophia asked Rachel and Leo, she didnt has to ask us as she knew we would be fine even if we fight an opponent that is a level higher than the one we are fighting currently.

The question is whether Leo and Rachel will agree to that?

Leo and Sarah thought for a while before firm expression came over their face as they nodded.

"We are currently in a moderately dangerous area of Black Gra.s.s Prarie where only Colonel stage monster hunt but if we cross the small river in the west, we will reach the area which is preferred by the Brigadier stage Grimm race monsters"

"Most of the team we will encounter will be lead by the Brigadier stage Elite and normal Brigadier stage monsters as its followers, while we may even encounter the teams that are lead by the one-star elite and elite Brigadier as its follower's," Sophia said as she looked at the Leo and Rachel one more time.

From the battle power I am sensing from the Leo and Rachel, I can tell that they have the power to fight Elite Brigadier stage but if they come across the One Star Elite, then all they can do is defend.

So, I was quite surprised when both of them had yes to Sophia's dangerous plan as this very dangerous plan even for three of us.

We had decided to hunt in the Brigadier area day after tomorrow after we get know each other abilities well and developed little teamwork but incidentally, we had found these Elite colonel stage monsters too each is to kill that there no challenge fighting them.

They will not be any use to us except for helping us gain Mana crystal faster but that is not why we have come to Grimm battlefield, our main focus is to become stronger and quite honestly every since I improved my swirling armor, I am itching to fight One Star Elite to test its power.

Star Elites are the unit of Strength amongst the Grimm race, even a Private stage Grimm race monster could become a one-star elite if he has the strength.

Basically, most of One Star elites have found in the brigadier and above stages, as at that stage they have the requisite strength to became one-star elite but it is mean nothing in their tribe, they only considered little better than the normal elite.

Only those who became one-star elite at the Lieutenant stage or below would gain the recognization of their tribe-like those Violet Apes that we had fought four days ago.

Those Violet apes were just at the Master stage and Lieutenant stage but each of them was close to being a One Star Elite, they would have easily become one-star elite with the month of training.

"Leg's go quickly, it will take near two hours to reach that river," said Sophia seeing Leo and Rachel had not objected her plan. With two hours to reach the river, we will have only three hours to hunt in the Brigadier area which is very less.

We nodded and started to move through the Black Gra.s.s, we did not dare to walk on air as that would be suicide, so we could only walk through the gra.s.s.