Monster Integration - Chapter 434 Shocking News

Chapter 434 Shocking News

"So, what we do about our team?" asked Sophia a few minuits after the team leader left the room.

The Team! I don't know any member will stay on the team right now. Before clearing the 6th challenge in the Guild, one can hunt alone and have to find a team.

The team should have a minimum of five people and they should be either member of the same Guild or other S Cla.s.s Guild or the experienced member of Top A cla.s.s Guild that is subsidiary to theirs, these are some quite tough conditions to form a team.

Some teams stay while other teams break after the training period is over. I hope our team did not break away as we all developed quite a bond with each other and knew other's abilities well enough that we fight very efficiently.

"Sorry, we have already promised a friend that we will join their team." Said Emma and Ritchie nodded with her.

"Me too," said Ben.

Hearing that I got disappointed, I was hoping that the team stays together so I won't have to go through the ha.s.sle of joining any new team or finding the members if I formed the new team but it seemed like it cant be avoided.

"I am sure you guys would find good teammates," said Emma as she consoled before leaving the room with Ritchie, Ben did the same and now only we three left and to form the team, we need two more members at least.

"Do you have any friends in mind?" I asked, seeing they are from the Capital of the Republic and also a member of powerful organizations, there have to be some friends of theirs that are available and Sophia had many times told me that many of her friends have come to this Grimm battlefield, so there are some chances that some of their friends may join our team.

"Yes, we have some friends in S Cla.s.s guilds but we will have to ask then if they are willing to join our team." Replied Sophia.

"And you Micheal, do you have any friends who could join us?" Sophia asked.

I shook my head saying no, all my friends from the westblood had gone to the completly different Outpost and I have not made any friends except for my teammates.

As for the Ruby and Seth, I have met before joining the guild, I can't ask them as I don't know them well enough to invite to join my team.

"Don't worry, we will definitely find good teammates," said Sophia, seeing the little worry on my face.

"Now, let's go and check our Combat Score, only then will we able to attract more team members," Sophia said, I nodded.

What she said is right, to attract the new team member's we will have to show some strength, especially when we post a request for team members in the Guild forum to find the new members.

One and half hour later we returned from measuring our combat score with a smile on my face as the combat score I got better than I had expected and I've not used my killing Rule in the process.

The combat score I've got is above 10000 which is really good, it very rare for rookies in their first month to get the combat score above the ten thousand.

It is not only me but the twins also got combat scores above ten thousand and their combat score only had the difference of 3 points, seeing that I don't whether to laugh or cry seeing that.

"We will call you in two days. If our friends declined then we will post the requirement on the forum, I am sure with our combat score any rookie will come running to join our team," said Sophia before she left toward her apartment with her sister.

We have decided to take three days off for the rest and consolidate what we have learned through the chance, though the battle helped us a lot, there are still many things that are left to figure it out for use and not to forget there is that reward that everybody got.

I got the blood of the King Stage Beast, other's must-have also got something of a similar level. So, the three days are the minimum one needed to figure out if there wasn't the need of increasing the strength as soon as possible to go into the Aferian Ruin, I would have definitely taken off the fifteen days least.

There is the Blood of the King Grade Monster is present in Ashlyn's source and not only It is emitting the faint fire Rule from it, but it is also showing me these unclear pictures that give me inspiration for the Fire move that I have created.

In the next three days, I want nothing more than concentrate on that drop of Monster blood, if I had one month whole then I am confident that I can advance my Sunfire Rule to Mid Level of Basic Grade and I am sure that once my Sunfire Rule's comprehension had reached the Mid Level of Basic Stage then I will have the qualification to challenge the 4th challenger of the Guild challenge.

The strength of one increse immensely whenever one advance in rule power, it did not matter if it is an advancement in the small stage of the Rule power much less advancement of the Stage where one's strength increased tremendously.

Soon I reached my apartment and I found the drone is already waiting there with my lunch.

I haven't eaten anything today except for some snacks in the team meeting room from which most of them eaten by Ashlyn and since then she is still complaining about food saying she is feeling very hungry.

As soon as I went inside the apartment, I had to open the lunch box for Ashlyn to eat as she had been asking me for the food ever since we had entered the outpost.

I took the long shower, cleaned away all the dirt I've acc.u.mulated throughout the day. I felt quite refreshed after the show, after wearing clothes I started to eat lunch as I am also feeling quite hungry.

Laying on the bed, I started to check the notification and read the new of the last two days. There was a lot more notification I had expected and it took me quite a while to read through them.


I was about to close the window when a news notification came and I wanted to close the window but curiously opened the link seeing it is from home.


"f.u.c.k!" I shouted loudly so loudly that even Ashlyn who was taking a nap in the balcony woke up and looked at me with annoyed eyed before going back to her nap.

This news is really shocking, not only to me but to every youth of my country or even to the whole continent, I have never imagined something like this would happen.

They moved the timetable more than a year early and now my all well thought plan had gone to the drain, so much detailed planning went to nothing.