Monster Integration - Chapter 433 Last Day

Chapter 433 Last Day


Team Leader released the glowing arrow when the Leader of Violet Apeman covered half the distance between them.

The arrow which as if teleported had appeared in front of the leader of the violet Apemen who at inhuman speed swung its hammer at the arrow.


A loud boom rang out in the sky and that boom is so loud as that I started to hear white noise as I f.l.a.n.g.ed across the three by the shockwave produced by their clash.


I crashed across the tree and felt quite some of the bones had been broken but I did not care about any of that as I quickly move away from the tree with my wretch condition and looked but to see the result of that fearful clash.

What I saw above is that our team leader and leader of the Violet apeman stood across each other, both looked very pale and there seemed to be taking a deep breath but despite that their weapons are ready to respond to each other moves.

"We will finish our battle for now." said the leader of Violet Apeman he put he hammers down, seeing that team leader also but down his bow but did not summon back.

"It was really a good battle but next when we meet, I will definitely kill you," said Leader of Violet Apemen.

"Same!" replied the team leader as he and Leader of the Violet Apeman walked down.

This battle was not the simple challenge battle if their strength had been way greater than the other, they would have definitely killed their opponents as for what had happened to their mentees there is no question to ask.

This is a war of races, there is no place for compa.s.sion here. For us, they are invader's and for them, we are delicious food and we will not stop killing till the every member of the Grimm race is dead.

Soon both of them come down and when they saw scenery of on the ground smile and anger appeared on their faces. Our team leader smiled white leader of Violet Ape got angry.

"Trashes!" shouted Leader of the Violet Apeman loudly as he saw four of its mentees are bound by the rope. Those bound by the rope where the opponent of twins, Emma, and mine.

As for what happened to opponents of Richi and Ben, they were not able to finish their fight on the time and stopped when the big shockwave came earlier.

"We will not be returning to base unless each one of you became the One Star Elite." Growled Leader of the Violet Apeman loudly and hearing the growl of their leader four Voilet Apeman bowed their neck shame before looking at us intense hate.

The Leader of Violet Apemen effortless broke the Knight grade ropes and took away its mentee's but not before taking one last look at the team leader's face as if wanted to remeber his face.

"Whew, this one was really strong if not the Chance we have got yesterday, I wouldn't have stood the chance against this Violet Apeman." said the team leader said while releasing the deep sigh.

We all understood the implication behind his words and our mood also became a little heavy before we sighed of relief and started to burn off the occult energy inside us one by one.

"Let's leave, we have been this forest long enough." said the team leader as he deactivated his abode and we started to run toward the exit of this hunting ground.

Only the last few hour's team leaders going to be with us and probably that is why our return journey had been filled with the chatter as we asked all kinds of questions to the team leader.

This is the last day of his mentors.h.i.+p, after today we will be on own and that is the most dangerous feeling as if we come across the danger like today then there will no team leader to save us from it.

I will have to keep improving at every moment as only then will I be able to deal with every danger I've come across.

Everyone is asking questions to team leader but there are two people who are rarely speaking and have quite a sad face.

It was Ritchie and Ben, they are quite down ever since the battle is finished. Well, it is understandable as only two of them weren't able to finish the fight they have started.

Especially Ben who was barely hanging on and quite seriously injured when the battle is finished, it was only saving grace for to be not completly defeated by his opponent which he would have if not that last shockwave which stopped the battles completly.

Time pa.s.sed by as we journeyed toward the outpost and by the afternoon rolled around, we have reached the gates of the outpost.

After crossing the city gates we moved toward the guild to confirm the end of our members.h.i.+p.

Soon we reached the Guild and entered the room than is allocated to us.

"Its finished!" Said the team leader and soon all of received the mail on our holowatches saying our mentors.h.i.+p had ended and now we are free to make our own teams or join any team to battle Grimm race monsters.

Seeing our mentors.h.i.+p had ended, we all became quite sad, we have learned many things in the past fifteen days, not only we were able to hunt our heart content with Team leader being our s.h.i.+eld but we could also ask him advice about anything but now we will be alone.

There will be no team leader to protect us from the danger and instruct us when we are wrong, from today we are on our own.

"You all don't have to feel sad, you guys can always contact me or come to me if you needed any advice." said the team leader as he saw our sad faces.

After saying some comforting words, he started to leave but suddenly stopped as if remeber something.

"I know you guys are very excited about Aferian Ruin and their no question about your qualification about going there but I would advise you all to think about it once again seriously." Team Leader said with a very serious face.

"In Aferian Ruin, not only people from Outpost's will enter but some from Mid Zones as well and not forget the loads of Grimm race monster that will enter."

"Your strength will be lowest there than any mid-level Gimm race monster of Outpost able to kill you all with ease much less High-level Grimm race monster of the outpost, the ones come from Mid zones, the monsters and restriction present inside the ruin and not forget your fellow humans."

"So, you guys should think about it quite well before you decide to enter the Aferian Ruin." said the team leader and left the room.

Our mood has become quite heavy hearing what team leader said but we all know this cruel reality and despite knowing our chances of dying are quite high we will still go there as every ruin presents chances, the chances increse one's strength and the chances to change one's life forever.