Monster Integration - Chapter 435 Effect's

Chapter 435 Effect's

The League of Heroes Champions.h.i.+p which is supposed to happen two and a half years later is now happening is fourteen months later, which is more than a year early than its original time.

The reason for this big chance of schedule is Continental Champions.h.i.+p, the League of Heroes always happen three months earlier than the continental champions.h.i.+p, so the champions of the League of Legends could go there to partic.i.p.ate.

Our country also sends many people to partic.i.p.ate in it but they never able to make far.

This rescheduling had collapsed all my plans about the League of Heroes, I thought with two and a half years in hand and with the help from the Energy of the Miracle fruit.

I could at least reach the Brigadier stage. At the time very few people would have been able to fight me for the top but now with so little time, there is very low hope for me to get into the top ten much less win the league.

As for winning the Continental Champions.h.i.+p, I have never dreamed of it but I always have hoped to get Top 100 in it at least which itself is an honor.

The Continental Champions.h.i.+p is where the whole continent's powerhouses gather and each and every one of them is supremely powerful.

In the history of our country, only one person was able to enter the top 10o and that is the winner of the previous League of Heroes Elizabeth Colling.

She was the only one who is able to enter the Top 1oo in the Continental Champions.h.i.+p while the other who we sent over the years were not even able to cross the 500.

When I was in westblood I used to wonder how the partic.i.p.ants of Continental Champions.h.i.+p are so amazingly powerful but I understood it all after I come here to the Grimm Battlefield and understood that it is the reason why they are powerful.

Grimm Battlefield not only has immensely resourced of all kinds but it also challenges in the form of Grimm race that made them so powerful.

Now looked like if I had to partic.i.p.ate in the League of Heroes and then Continental Champions.h.i.+p, then I will have to up my game otherwise all my dreams of League of Heroes will be turned into dust much less about Continental Champions.h.i.+p which I won't even have the qualification to dream about it much less partic.i.p.ate in it.

When I went to westblood and now in Grimm Battlefield, my horizon has broadened quite a bit and so is the dreams and that is why I will try my hardest to win the League of Heroes and then partic.i.p.ate in the Continental Champions.h.i.+p with the goal of getting into Top 100 at least.

As I was just reading the news, my feed started to buzz with voices and all the talk was about this change in schedule as it does not only affect us but it affected others also.

Everyone is talking about this news, as the fighting compet.i.tion of their countries also roamed around the Continental Champions.h.i.+p and now the date of Continental Champions.h.i.+p had changed means the date of compet.i.tion in their country and also changed their plans they had about the Continental Champions.h.i.+p.

I've read the feed for a while and also answered the call which I got from the Sophia.

Lying on the bed, I close my eyes for a while to calm my mind before walking toward the open s.p.a.ce activating the Tempreture Room. I wanted to take a nap for some rest but after the reader the news, I am in no mood to sleep anymore.

Now, not only I would've had to increse my strength for the Aferian Ruin but also for the League of Heroes and Continental Champions.h.i.+p also.

So, I set up the poison of the snakemen at a whopping 25%, it will be very dangerous and painful to experience 25% poison of the snakemen without protection but now I have no choice but to that.

Before leaving of Aferian ruin, I have to be at the Master stage. If not for chance, I would have been in the High Level of the Sergeant Stage but due to the power of Blood Drop I had leveled up to the Peak level of the Sergeant Stage and now I have to Level up to the Master stage.

If I would not have leveled up, it would have been possible for me to level to Peak level of Sergeant Stage by the end of the month with the help of the Miracle fruit energy but now if I want to level up to Master Stage before going to the Aferian Ruin its going to very difficult.

Difficult because I will need the immense amount of Miracle Fruit energy and seeing it is level up between stages not level, then it will need me five times more energy than I would have needed for the Level up to master stage.

I will need to feed an immense amount of energy to Energy of the Miracle fruit grow enough to make me level up to the Master stage and only poison of Snakemen could provide me that much amount of energy.

So, to level up, I will need to bear the agony of the Snakeman's poison in every inch of my body which will be very torturous, that I just want to stop the poison setting that I just made.

Taking a deep sigh to calm me, I started to perform the Body Cleansing Technique and Supre Combat Exercise.


I screamed loudly just a few seconds after I started performing Body Cleansing Technique, the poison started to came out and it had completly enveloped my body.

I feel tense pain as it went inside every inch of my body, there is not the single part of my body than I hadn't felt pain from and that's not the worst part, the worst part is that the poison's numbing effect started to take the effect that makes me lose control of my body parts while giving me immense pain on the way.

Earlier when I used to practice, I never got this numbing feel or to say, I got this numbing feeling but my body was strong enough to endure it but clearly, this 25% poison is above my the limit, my body could handle.

I started to make my movements faster and faster, so the energy of Miracle fruit came out and started to eat th poison which made me feel a little better but that moment didnt last long as the more time pa.s.sed, the more poison started to came out and that started acc.u.mulating in me.

I increased my speed again and started to perform it faster the faster, I always perform Body Cleansing Technique so as possible especially when the miracle fruit came to maximize the time it would need to eat the energy.

If I don't then I would turn numb and won't have a choice but to burn away some of the poison, so I won't fall completly and I dont want to use that option as it would not only be waste of the poison but I would also have to break the promise I made about not using the Rule power during the practice.