Monster Integration - Chapter 432 Intense Battle III

Chapter 432 Intense Battle III


It fell on the ground with its Warhammer making a loud thud, I got quite scared thinking it might be dead but soon got relived signs of life coming from it.

If it had been dead then I would have had been in serious trouble then even team leader would have had a hard time saving me from the Big Violet Apeman.

It is just seriously injured and the reason it had lost consciousness because of the shock it had received during our earlier clash, the power of my last move was so great that it had directly made it unconscious, with the vitality of the Grimm race monster, it will not take more than half an hour to heal all the injuries and wake up.

As for how I dealt with a force that came from its last move, it quite easy I had directed it all on the remaining concentrated fire left on hands which I had specifically left behind to deal with the force that is going to come at me.

So, just as the immense force entered inside me, I directed it all to fires that were covering my hand with my soul energy, just force met the fire it had devoured nearly all the force and diapered.

That was not the normal fire it was not only very dense fire made of my ability, it also had my both rule powers merged in it.

As for the intense occult energy that came with it, it was swiftly caged by the Ashlyn and now she is burning it bit by bit.


After drinking a bottle of potion. I looked at the battle around me only to see except Sophia and Reina and me, everyone is still fighting.

Which is really surprising as I thought first to finish fight would be Emma and Ritchie as they are the strongest and last one's one would be twins as they were fighting three Violet Apemen but I was very wrong as exactly opposite had happened, while twins finished first Ritchie and Emma are still fighting.

I should not have also finished this fight early despite the Ape using its power move by over-drafting its occult method as with this powerful body of it, it would have still able to fight me for quite a while but the last move I made was truly powerful.

Its all being possible due to my soul energy, only with its help I was so efficiently diverted the force to fire on my hands otherwise that force would have easily broken every bone of my body.

Truth to be told, I got quite scared when I saw it using a powerful strike of its as it is way more powerful than I had expected but that time I had no choice but using my own attack to defend as the dodging it was out of the question and when our weapons finally clashed and I was able to survive with minimal injuries, I was quite surprised as I had expected half the bones in my body would break by that strike.

I have never realized the importance of soul energy except being used to run Rule power but I now I have attached completly different level attachment to it and will try further improve it whatever chance I got.

Everyone around me is still fighting while twins are looking at the fight above after they had bound the three Violet Apemen with rope and these three violet apemen looked at twins as if they want to eat them raw.

I to seeing them took the rope of my storage and bound the unconscious Grimm race monster with, this rope is not simple, this rope is Knight grade artifact which is specially used for binding.

Not only I have bound the Grimm race monster with rope, I even stuffed Gag in its mouth so it could not make any sound like the tweens did their defeated Grimm race monster, that is why the three Violet Apemen are only glaring them not cursing them.

With that I done, I looked up while still keeping an eye on the ben as he seemed to take a beating from the Violet Apeman he is battling.


The fight between our Team Leader and Leader of Violet Apman also reaching the climax as every minute, thousands of moves will be fired by them which made me shocked in astonishment.

Each and every move made by them are earth-shaking, I know that if I hit by any of their moves directly then only death would be my end, no matter what move, ability or rule power I use to survive from it.

I had expected our team leader to be powerful but he is more powerful than I imagined.

There is no sign of the serious injury that could be seen both of them but it is Voilet Apeman who seemed very frustrated as it is bellowing at every move it is making.

The reason for its frustration is simple, that it could never able to get close to our team leader despite summoning its spirit totem and using the occult method.

As I watched the batter above, I noticed a thing about the team leader that every arrow of his is a strike at the weakness of the opponent, I first thought team leader is really a good archer but as I kept watching their battle, I started to think there is something.

He is either using a sensory type of skill or Sensory type of Rule power which is aiding him sensing his opponent's weakness.

Twenty more minuits pa.s.sed by and in that time the fight between Team Leader and Violet Apeman had become even more intense that team leader finally had to summon his Totem Artifact and use his Occult Method.

The Totem Artifact of the Team Leader is a Bow and it is very beautiful, the Bow is green in color and had has a beautiful pattern's around it which I wasn't able to see it clearly due to the distance between us.

Ever move of their produce the shockwave which is comparable to the regular attack of Violet apeman I had fought and it continues to injure those down below including me.

Currently, my whole body covered with the light fire armor which is barely able to keep me safe from the shockwaves of their battle.

My fight with the apeman did not injure much as these shockwaves doing it. Violet Apeman's attack I could defend as it was coming from the single directly but the shockwaves are all-encompa.s.sing which swept through the body, so the best way to defend against them is used armor.

Suddenly I sensed the terrifying fluctuation and the next moment I saw white smoke coming from the Leader of Voilet Apeman as it leaped toward the Team Leader with blurring speed, its speed is so great that I was only able to catch only after images it had left behind.

When I look at the Team Leader, he did not seem worried as his face is very calm, one would even think he is not responding if they did not see the glowing green arrow that is nocked on his bow which is sending just as terrifying fluctuations at the Leader of the Grimm Race Monsters.