Monster Integration - Chapter 431 Intense Battle II

Chapter 431 Intense Battle II

I have to think of the way quickly if my sword clashed against the Warhammer in this condition then having serious injury will be least of my worries.

I can use that! I thought as multiple ways to deal with the Warhammer flashed in my mind.

This is going to hurt me badly! I thought as I moved my sword a little so, the tip of my sword would clash against the Warhammer not it's blade.


Crack! Thud thud….Puh Puh…..

Just as the tip of my sword touched the Warhammer, I released the Point Inferno which I had already stored earlier.

As I released the point inferno, a loud boom occurred but at the same time, an immense force traveled inside me which made vomit blood, crack the bones and injured my internal organs before I could stop that energy.

That was for the normal force, there is occult energy which had entered inside me which I had asked Ashlyn to burned it off.

As for the Violet Apeman, it not better than me, as the point inferno released against its Warhammer, It had to take a couple of steps back just like me and also got injured as I could see a trickle of blood coming out its mouth.

"You lowly food, If I don't crush all the bones of your body with my hammer then I am not named Gavin." It bellowed as it came toward me with fury.

It had completly lost it! I thought of seeing its eyes turning red.

There is no fear in my eyes seeing it coming toward me in a frenzy when I started to battle it, I had already guessed it would have an occult skill and had a special move to deal with it but wasn't able to use earlier due to sudden attack but now I can easily use that move.

Bring it on! I thought as the fire came out my hands and feet as it completly covered them and this fire is not the spinning fire but a very dance fire which can give me boot at any moment.

This also one of the moves I saw in the unclear image when I was comprehending from the blood drop whenever that strange monster comes across any mighty foe, it would completly cover itself with the dense fire. It did not cover itself for the protection but for the boost with fire covering every part of its body, it could create a boost to amplify the power of its moves whenever it wanted.

It was like the previous fire moves I had designed but it is a lot more advanced, it would be really great if I had been able to clear the clear image of the beast as I would have able to see the real intricacies of this fire armor.

This fire Armor is not simply covering the one fire, there are a lot of intricacies involved in it. I was only able to gain some inspiration from that Monster's fire armor and have enough energy to cover my hands and feet not the full body but I think It would be more than enough to deal with the Grimm Race monster in from me.


A large metallic bang rang out as our weapons clashed but no one took the step back.

Clank Clank Clank Clank….

We intently kept staring at each other with our weapons locked but suddenly both of us took our weapons back and started to clash intensely that in a minute we had exchanged more than a hundred moves.

I had easily dealt with the force the blows but the real challenge was the Occult Energy, that G.o.d I have Ashlyn who's control over the Rule power has increased immensely that she can now cage the occult energy in the cage made of Rule power before burning it off slowly.

I will have to learn this Cage trick from Ashlyn but it will be hard as I still not have expert control over my rule power as Ashlyn does.

Clank Clank Clank…

We kept clas.h.i.+ng intensely but no matter how much we try, we can seem to get upper hand in the battle.

Time pa.s.sed by and it had been more than ten minuits we are continuously clas.h.i.+ng against each other without taking a moment of break and that is making us tired.

But despite the tiredness coming over us every moment, the power of our moves did not decrease instead it increased by leaps and bounds.

The incomplete fire Armor I have created gave me the boost for every move I make and the time pa.s.sed by, as my control over it increased the power of the boosts also increased with it.

My body had turned very sweaty and I feel pain with every move I make. I have been fighting intensely for the past twenty minuits and it needs rest to cool down.

Even the rest of the twenty-second would be enough for pain and Tiredness to go away but I did not have that as once I stop, my opponent will take advantage of that and I want to imagine what will happen after that.

Ten more minuits pa.s.sed but the intensity hadn't slowed down even a bit but one could see the extreme tiredness on our faces as we wait while we fighting.

It is probably waiting for occult energy inside me being piled up, so I could directly go down and I was waiting for it to use a more powerful attack.

The Violet Apemen in front of me has amazing physic that he can use the occult Method for more than an hour without feeling any side effect but if he over-drafted the Occult method for more power, he will instantly become tired for a while.

I was waiting for it to overdraft its Occult method, so I could defeat it as for how I am doing to defend against it, I have a way but that way also has the time range that is why I am waiting for its power attack instead of launching mine as if I attacked first and it's able to dodge then I will be in serious trouble, it is also thinking the same that is why it hadn't launched that all-out attack yet.

But it will launch it soon as its killing intent for me reaching the peak and Apeman tribe is not known for its patience.

Just as I thought that I sensed a very fearful fluctuation from the Violet Ape, seeing that I got ready and waves started to appear on the fire armor that covering my hands and feet as intense fluctuation produced from it.

"DIE…." Violet apeman bellowed loudly.

Grimmping my sword tightly, I also swung my sword, as I did that the fire that was covering my feet shot forward and merged with the one present on my hand, after merging a large portion of it moved into my sword while leaving some of it back as protention.



A loud boom was produced as our weapons clashed and shockwave released which swept away all the leaves around us not only that, the gound we are standing is also caved under our pressure as our weapons kept locked on.

Puh puh….

We stayed on our spot with our weapons locked for a moment before the blood started to came out of every part of our body, mouth, nose, eyes ears, suddenly violet apeman shook and fell on the ground with its huge Warhammer.