Monster Integration - Chapter 430 Intense Battle I

Chapter 430 Intense Battle I

CLANK! Thud Thud

f.u.c.k! I cursed and swallowed down the blood back to my throat as I took the two-step back, this blow of the this Violet Apeman was really fearsome if it would have handed on my body them I would have surely died.

"You have survived!" said Violet Apeman in shocked, it had expected its opponent will get seriously injured by its attack, if not that he would at least flew back and crashed against the abode behind but all his opponent did was take a step back while a drop of blood trickled down from his lips.

Seeing that it got infuriated and decided to use all his strength in the next attack and if its opponent survived that then it would have no option but summoned its spirit totem.


Seeing another strike of the Warhammer coming tearing through the air, I again swung my sword to meet it's hammer while trying to increase the spinning speed of the fire that is covering my sword, as only this way I could survive the fearsome strike.

Clank! Thud…...

Our weapons clashed and this time his attack was more powerful than the last and made me take several steps back but this time I was not injured as I was able to crush the fearsome force from it before it entered inside me.

"You are very good, let's see if you are still good enough after I summoned my Spirit Totem!" said the Violet Apeman as it summoned its spirit totem.

Just as I heard it saying it is summoning spirit totem, I attacked it but by the time I got close to it, the spirit totem had already fused with it and it had launched its Warhammer to meet my sword.

Bang! Puh….

As its Warhammer and my sword clashed, I felt extraordinary force infiltrating my body which made use of all the power I had been holding back while I was doing that, I had leveraged the force of the blow and jumped back, so I could deal with the force that is entering.

Seeing me jumping back, violet apeman also didnt stay rooted on its spot and followed behind me with the speed that is unbecoming to its size.

Look's like I have to stop holding back or this Grimm race monster will sure turn me into a paste under the giant a.s.s hammer of its.

With that thought, I activated all the Rule power and abilities I had been holding back.


Just as I landed on the ground, it had appeared in front of me and swung its hammer at me but this time, I was very much ready as I responded with my sword.


Our weapons clashed and unlike the previous time, this time I kept rooted on my spot without moving as for the immense force that had come to attack me, it got evaporated just as it touched my sword.


The Violet Apeman's eyes went wide seeing its attack did not affect me a bit for a moment before its shocked turned into anger and it launched another attack at me but this time its attack is different as some strange ruins had also appeared on its hammer.

Seeing that I got alarmed but did not back down as my sword directly went toward its hammer fearlessly with fire covering my sword getting twice bigger.

I had advanced leaps and bound and if it had been normal Colonel stage Elite of Mid-level hunting ground had been its place, its would've have died in the single.

h.e.l.l, even those tetrad Centepedemen who is famous for their hard defense and very easy to kill had also died but the single sword or mine but these Violet Apeman are really powerful and the one which is fighting Emma is most powerful, comparable to One Star Elite.


His Warhammer clashed against my sword again bringing immense force.

It is a good thing that I am using all my strength otherwise I would have really done for.

Seeing I again defended its attack, its anger rose so is its killing intent and as it swiftly took back its hammer and attack again.

Clank Clank Clank Clank….

The barrage of attack started, it had been barely a minute since our fight started and we had exchanged six powerful moves but only now with intense moves that came one after another, I felt the real battle had started.

Our weapons start clas.h.i.+ng and each move is stronger than others, not only its moves are getting stronger but mine too and It is I improving faster.

Its right when they say 'if you want to utilize what you had learned then battle!'

I had learned many things in the earlier change but I did not get the chance to consolidate it but now as the battle is raging, I started to utilize and consolidate what I have learned from the chance.

The power imbalance I was facing with the sudden rise of power also started to diminish as well, there is one thing which is helping me a lot which I never expected would be much help except being used to operate soul power.

My soul power had advanced quite a bit and I was surprised to find that due to it my though process increases due to it which not only helping me manipulate my rule power expertly, it is also helping me to navigate in the battle expertly.

Though I had known that the soul power increased the thought process, I have never taken it seriously as I never had enough soul power that let me know the difference but now I have known, I will try my utmost to increse my soul power from now on.

Oh, f.u.c.k!

I thought as I sensed my opponent killing intent rise suddenly, in the battle whenever there is a drastic change in the opponent's emotions, that means opponent going to do something and most of the time that is not good for the other party and I was right.

Occult Method!

I though in my mind as very frightening fluctuation arose from the opponent that scared the h.e.l.l out me. I guessed it had Occult method but had not thought it will utilize it this early in the battle.

I had already thought a special move to defend against the Occult Method but I can't utilize this move right now as it takes time and I quickly have to think for a way to deal with this incoming attack only after I survive this attack will I have the time to use the special move.

The violent fluctuation arose from my opponent's body as the hammer which is coming at me ferociously covered with dusk-like energy which gave me a really scary feeling.

Seeing the hammer is coming at me very very fast speed and there is no chance for me to dodge seeing this Violet Apeman had an abnormal speed which is faster than me, my mind went to crisis mode.

Thank G.o.d I have killing Rule which is perfect to deal with such threatening situation, staring intently at the hammer I started to search for the ways to deal with the Warhammer while my sword went to clash against it.