Monster Integration - Chapter 429 Three Star Elite II

Chapter 429 Three Star Elite II

"It's too bad leader said not to kill you otherwise we would surely have you for the breakfast!" said the leader of the Violet Apman but I did not listen to what he said as I am more focused on sensing the sensing their battle power.

The Ugly Leader of Violet Apeman had the highest battle power I had ever sensed, so is Violet Apemen behind them. The leader of them at the Lieutenant Stage while the other violet apemen behind him are at the Master stage.

If I were to face them yesterday, I would have had no confidence to fight them but today, I am very much excited to fight them.

Two of the teams came closer but we didnt didnt started to fight right away as our focus on the fight between our leader that was about to start.

As they reached sufficient height, the team leader had finally taken out its weapon and I was surprised to find that it is a bow, I had never expected team leader to be an archer.

Most of the people used the short-range weapons as they are most east to master and most flexible compared to the long ranger weapons like the bow.

"Let's see how much the strength you have!" Said, Big Violet Apeman as he summoned his totem, the totem spirit of this Violet Apeman looked very corporal compared to the ones summoned by the regular Grimm race monster's that we fought who had their totem very faint Totem Spirit.

The Totem spirit of the Violet Apeman only very corporal but it is also very tall as it stood near 8 meters tall, the totem spirit appeared behind the leader of the Violet Apeman before it was merged back with the violet apeman as it covered it with the film of the violet.


By the time Apeman did that, the arrow launched by the team leader had already appeared in front of the Apeman but it did not seem worried as it swiftly brought down his big Warhammer on the Arrow crus.h.i.+ng it effectively.

And right after that, he started to run toward our team leader with a very fast speed which one couldnt imagine it having seeing its size.

It had just covered the one-fourth of the distance when the team leader started to attack it with a barrage of arrows that stopped its forceful momentum and force it to take the few steps back.

It may look like a few seconds had pa.s.sed but only a second had pa.s.sed, Grimm monster didnt take much time to summon their Totem spirit, they took the nearly same time as we took to summon our totem artifact, it's all happened in the instant.

I had hoped that after the battle started and both parties started to reveal their power, I would be able to sense their battle power and stage but nope I wasn't able to.

The only thing I know that the team leader is Colonel stage or higher as only then he would able to use the void boots he wears.

The battle kept going the same way, the violet apeman tried to close the distance with team leader but always forced back with a hail of arrows.

It had launched many long-range attacks but all of these attacks crushed by the arrows of the team leader.

"They are coming!" I shouted suddenly, while I was watching the battle I had also kept my senses locked on the Group of Apemen, as soon as I sensed the spike in killing intent from the small leader of the Apeman I shouted without waiting.

Other's were also vigilant but they were not like me who have the Killing Rule, so as soon as I shouted all of them got ready and it was a good thing I had shouted as these Violet Apemen's speed is really great as they appeared in front of us in second.

Everyone had already had their power and abilities on hold and they heard my shout, they burst with the explosive might.

There are Seven Violet Apemen in this group, Emma had decided to fight the ugly leader as he is the strongest while other's also chose their opponent one by one.

Except for twins who are fighting the three Apemen, everyone is fighting the single one.

Seeing my opponent's Warhammer coming toward me swift speed, I did not back down either. My sword moved toward the Warhammer for the direct clash.

As my sword moved forward, a bright silver fire came out of my hand swiftly coved the red sword whole and started to revolve around it at very fast speed.

My abilities power had increased by eight-times, alone it may not much but when it was merged with the two Rule powers of mine, it had burst with explosive power that gave me the confidence to clash my sword head-on against the Giant Warhammer of the Violet apemen.

Every Apemen tribe is known for its immense physical strength and these Violet Apemen tribe known for their immense physical strength in the Regular Grimm race tribe.

So, seeing I am clas.h.i.+ng my sword against his Warhammer directly, a hideous smile appeared on his ugly face as if imagining the scenes of breaking bones and tearing scenes.


My sword and it's Warhammer clashed and the next moment immense energy traveled inside my body and this energy is not normal, it is very thick as it is compressed by something.

The Warhammer! This Warhammer is a special weapon, I have only come across the special weapons two times since I started fighting in the Grimm Battlefield.

The first special weapon I have come across had the ability to produce a tearing force, the second one had the ability to make this force explode once the force entered the body, that was really tricky and injured me quite seriously and the third one is this.

This force is extra thick that once entered the body, it bombarded body blow that makes one feel that someone his banging his body with a hammer, this force is really uncomfortable and dangerous.

Just as this force entered inside me, I caged it with help of my killing Rule and burned it off using my Sunfire Rule which I now able to control better than ever.

"How are you not injured?" Asked the Grimm race monster asked with shocked expression seeing I took his attack head-on with my sword not only I had not taken a step back but I was not injured as well.

To be exact, I was injured but only a little and that injury is healing now as for the reason I am did not take step despite receiving immense blow as my physique is not capable of that.

Its all because revolving fire around my sword, It is a move I thought watching those uncleared images when I was staring at the blood drop, in them, I saw how the high-speed revolving fire released from my monster mouth shaved away big part of hill as if the hill was made of b.u.t.ter, not solid rock.

Though the revolving speed of fire around my sword is not great, it is still able easily to defend against the attack of Voilet apeman.

"I don't know how you survived my attack but this time you won't be that lucky!" Screamed Grimm race monster as it swung its Warhammer at me and its speed and might greater than before.