Monster Integration - Chapter 428 Three Star Elite I

Chapter 428 Three Star Elite I

"Three Star Elite!" Ben shouted loudly, yes a Three Star Elite which should be in the High-Level Hunting Ground.

Three Star Elite is the limit of the powerhouse that Grimm race in the outpost area, they are very very powerful that they could kill us with the simple wave of their hand.

The only star elite of the Grimm race I've fought is One Star Elite that was the in Guild Challenge but there is a clear difference between them, not to mention there is difference of Two Star between them, the one I fought was quite young while the one attacking our s.h.i.+eld is Adult Grimm race monster which has the height of the 5 meter's.

Each Star represents the immense strength and the difference between them is quite wast as well. It is said that the Guild challenge is developed according to the strength of Grimm Races' Star elites.

The 3rd challenge of Guild corresponds to One Star Elite, the 6th Challenge corresponds to Two-Star Elite and the 9th challenge corresponds to the Three Star Elite of Grimm race and that is why we all looked at the Team Leader.

From what Sophia said that only those who cleared all 9 Guild challenges will be able to leave for the Guild and before leaving they have to mentor a team of rookies.

"What is this Three Star Elite doing in the Mid Level hunting ground?" Asked Emma, it is a valid question as Three Star Elite should only be in the High-level hunting ground.

"They are doing the same what we are doing here." Said the Team Leader and zoomed the screen on a certain spot where we saw a group of Violet Apemen.

There are seven Violet Apemen in the group and these Violet Apemen have a height of about 2 meters which is quite smaller than the Grimm race monster's we usually fight.

"The Grimm race also follows the same system as us, they sent their elite rookies with Three Star Elites to get the feel of the battlefield." said the team leader while looking screens front of him.

He did not seem worried! I thought as I looked at the instructor's face, seeing that I felt relieved, If the instructor had been worried then we all would have been in trouble.

"Are you guys ready for the challenge?"Team Leader asked, "Challenge?" Sophia asked back with little fear in his voice.

"Yes, challenge." Team Leader affirmed.

" Seeing this abode it knew someone of its caliber is present in the house and that is why it is banging on our s.h.i.+eld, to challenge me and you guys," said Team Leader.

"Why us?" I asked.

He is asking you for the challenge, why drag us into your mess. You fight, we will cheer for you from the safety of the abode.

"I will be fighting that Big one and you guys will be fighting the little ones." The team leader said with a light smile on his face.

Fight the little ones? Just as team leader said we looked at the seven small Violet Apemen, they are few meters behind the one that is attacking our abode's s.h.i.+eld.

I can tell from the one glance that these Violet Apemen are different from the regular monsters that we fought, not only they are younger but they also held a different bearing which reminded me of One-star elite I had fought in the guild challenge.

Team Leader didnt have to tell us that the ones he is telling us to fight are a very strong opponent, they may not be a Star Elite but their strength won't be much far from it.

To fight these opponents will be very exciting, especially now when we have advanced leaps and bound and only though the fight will be able to see how much we have improved.

"So, are ready for the challenge?" asked Team leader, this time he didnt hide his excitement. Like us, the Team leader should have also made big progress and seeing the excitement on his face, he also wants to fight very much.


We said ok one by one, this is the rare chance to fight the strong opponent, with team leader here we won't have to worry about being killed and could fight till our heart content without fear of that Three Star Elite.

"We will wait till dawn before going out." said the team leader, we all nodded.

There is only half an hour for the sunrise, that time would be perfect for us to fight as there won't be anything that impedes our vision, not that it matters to me anyway as I could see clear as day in the night with my killing rule.

Time pa.s.sed as we waited for the dawn while the big Violet Apeman kept banging at our s.h.i.+eld without stopping.

"Let's Go." said the Team Leader as the sun started to appear in the sky.

We followed behind the team leader, the big Violet Apeman who was banging against our s.h.i.+eld consistently for an hour stopped as the big smile appeared on his face.

"You are free to injure them seriously but don't kill them," said Team Leader as we walked out of the abode.

"Why?" asked Sophia, In the past two weeks instructor never asked us to not kill any Grimm monster, h.e.l.l he used to kill whatever Grimm Race monster we have come across in the low-level hunting ground and only stooped killing in Mid Level one, so when he asked not to kill the Grimm race monster's, we got quite confused.

"Because then even I might not able to save you from that Big Violet Apemen," said Team leader.

"What if they tried to kill us?" Sophia asked, "Don't worry, they won't and if they did kill you, then I will take revenge for you." said Team Leader but this there was no smile on his face, we know what he said is no joke but the truth.

After reaching a certain distance from Big Violet Apemen, Team Leader tapped few b.u.t.tons on his holowatch and deactivated the s.h.i.+eld that was covering up the abode.

"Hahaha! My wait hadn't been in vain, I knew you would accept my challenge!" said Violet apemen with a Loud laugh.

"Shall we!" said team leader as he casually started to walk on the air, to which Big Voilet Apemen nodded and started walked on the air casually like our team leader.

Void Boot! They both have void boots, only those with void boots could walk this comfortably on the air but not everyone can wear them as one needs to be Colonel stage before one can power up the void boots.

"Boys, I leave rest you, have fun with them!" said Violet Apemen to the group of Apemen below him.

"Don't worry Leader, we will take good care of them." said the lead Apeman of the group who looked very ugly as he started to walk toward us with his group.

All the Violet Apemen looked ugly and cruel but this Leader of Group of Apeman is exceptionally ugly compare to his team members, It is so ugly that other members of its team started to look a little cute to me.