Monster Integration - Chapter 427 Night Attack

Chapter 427 Night Attack

Chew Chew…

As I was observing my source, I heard the cheerful chip of Ashlyn, it is chirp that said I had a wonderful meal and I am feeling very good. I was about to scream at her when I heard an ethereal voice.

"I had never expected this little sparrow your drink the blood of King Stage monster and survive, it looks like this little sparrow is very special."

"Well, it is time to bid goodbye, I hope we meet someday again in this world or another." said Etherial voice with a laugh and before I could say anything, everything in from of me disappeared and when I saw the light again, I found myself in front of the cave where silver Ruin gate first appeared.

She had probably guessed that I am going to curse at her that is why she had transported me out.

And what it this world or another she was talking about? I wanted to ask her but before I could I was transported out.

"Micheal!" I heard my name called in unison only to see three people calling out my name. It is Ben, Ritchie, and Emma.

They seemed to be sitting in the front cave and seeing me suddenly appeared they called out my name.

"Where are the twins and Team Leader?" I asked seeing only three of them in front of me, to that they shook their head no. "We don't know, we had just transported back here just like you," said Emma as she started explaining in detail.

It turned out these guys have been transported outside the cave just like me, first, it was Ben who appeared an hour before then it was Ritchie who has transported half an hour ago and then it was Emma who just transported five minuits ago.

"I a.s.sume three of you pa.s.sed all the tests," I said as I saw their battle power, there was obvious increse in it and if I am not wrong about their battle power them Emma had become powerful enough to clear the 3rd challenge.

Richie had a 70% chance to clear the 3rd challenge as for Ben he also improved very much but not to the degree that he would have the chance to clear the 3rd challenge.

He may not able to clear it now but I am sure that by the end of the month he will also able to clear the 3rd challenge.

Still, I think I had made the biggest progress and now I have the ability to fight Emma without loosing, though I will not win against her, I will not lose either.

She will be able to suppress me in the battle but she will not be able to completly defeat me.

"Yes, we di" Ritchie answer caught off guard when Reina suddenly appeared in front of us and started to look around.

"Where is Sophia?" she asked as she did not see her sister, worry could be clearly heard in voice as she asked for her sister.

"Not appeared yet," I said she nodded hearing that and stood by the corner silently but worry could still be seen her eyes.

When I sensed the battle power of Reina, I got shocked as her battle power is grater than Ben. She and her sister were the weakest members of our team when they fought alone but now Reina had upped the Ben.

"The evening is approaching, should we wait here or set up an abode ?" I asked seeing sun would go down completly half an hour.

"We will wait for an hour if they didnt appear in half an hour, we will set up an abode," said Emma.

This is a mid-level hunting ground, a very dangerous place to stay at night especially when the Team leader is not present, even if our strength had advanced by leaps and bound, we are still not qualified to spend the night in the Mid Level Hunting Ground.

"What about this cave?" Reina asked, motioning at the cave in front of which silvery Runic Gate had appeared earlier.

"I checked earlier, the cave is too narrow for even one person to stay," said Ben with a downcast expression.

I was about to ask ben whether he checked other caves around the ravine when another person suddenly appeared in front of us, seeing him appear all the worries in our mind instantly disappeared.

"I guess, you guys have been well." said the team leader and started to ask some questions.

" We will wait for Sophia before setting up an abode nearby," said Team leader and everyone nodded happily. With team leaders with us, even if we have to spend the night in the open we are ready.

While waiting we started to talk about what we encountered in the three tests.

1st and 3rd test was similar for everyone, only the second test was different, Reina had to walk in the desert, Team leader had to walk in the acid swamp, Ben had to walk in poisoned forest only Emma had walked in the similar ecosystem as me.

"Sophia!" we said in unison as she appeared, I have to say she had made us wait quite a while as she took nearly an hour to appear after team leader.

And when I sensed her battle power, an incredulous expression appeared on my face as Sophia's battle power as her battle power is nearly the same as her sister Reina.

Are they sisters or Clones! I thought as I looked at their near-exact battle power.

Soon we found the good spot for the setup abode and the team leader activated his Lord Grade abode which soon turned into the house.

In the house, the cooking duty fell on me again and like yesterday I got help. When we started to eat the dinner conversation started to flow up as we talked about our experiences in the three tests.

Everyone shared many things but stayed cleared of two things, first is score and second is the rewards.

The score is because no one wants to brag or show their inferiority and Reward because they are related to one's strength and no one with the right mind would ask anyone their strength secrete.

The dinner went quite smoothly and everyone retired to their rooms as everyone is feeling quite tired after what they have gone through today.

After going to my room, I started to scold at Ashlyn about what she did today but half into my scolding, she entered inside and blocked her connection with her.

Seeing that I got angry again but I can't do anything else as she had blocked our connection.

After calming down from my anger, I slept as I also feeling extremly tired.


I was in a very sound sleep when I got awaken by loud insistent sound.

What happened? I asked myself as I quickly walked out of the room and saw everyone walking out of their room in battle-ready more.

When we reached the hall, we found that the team leader was already present and looking at the big screen.


But when we saw who is attacking our abode, we gasped in shock as we looked at the attacking Grimm race monster with extreme fear in our eyes.

The one attacking the s.h.i.+eld is a Violet Apeman and in his hand is a huge Warhammer that is the same size it but our focus is not the giant Warhammer but the forehead of Violet Apeman where three big clear stars are drawn.

A Three Star Elite.