Monster Integration - Chapter 413 Scare

Chapter 413 Scare

's.h.i.+t!' I said inside my mind as I sensed Ashlyn's very irritated mood and before I could sense what happened, she had blocked our mental connection on her end.

We had just finished having an amazing dinner and were walking toward the room where monsters are eating when I sensed her immense irritation.

"Millet, Jonah….!" everyone suddenly screamed their monster names and run toward the room where monsters are eating hurriedly.

She really did it! I thought mirthlessly as I followed behind them, hoping that she must have not gone overboard otherwise it will be quite difficult for me to face my teammates.


''Calm Down, Calm down!''

We banged opened the door only to see monsters are huddled in the corner with fear on their faces while the server who is a.s.signed to their room is trying to calm them, Ashlyn on the other side eating quietly without care for the scared monsters.

Just as the monster saw their partners enter the room, hope kindled their scared eyes as they leaped toward their partners.

"What happened?" everyone asked the server in unison who was trying to calm the scared monsters.

"I don't know, I went out to bring them more dishes but I came back all of them were huddled in corner scared, except for that one," said Server while pointing toward Ashlyn who is eating calmly.

"Millet, tell me what happened, who hurt you?" asked Sophia to her Inferno tiger, who is just a young cub, not only her everyone started to ask their monster's what happened.

"Wuu Wuu…" everyone monster burst into crying hearing that question from their partners and motioned toward Ashlyn scarily while trying their all to explain what happened.

"I am really sorry, Ashlyn had picked up some bad habits, she easily get angry at the slight provocation," I apologized as I picked Ashlyn off the ground.

All of them looked me weirdly as if thinking how could a little mutated grey spark sparrow scare their monster's so bad that they didnt even dare to look at her.

They did not dare to believe that little sparrow who weakest of them all could scare their monster this much but after repeated questioning their monsters, they had to accept that.

According to them, they were just teasing little sparrow since she smallest and weakest of them all but all of sudden this sparrow became very dangerous that they got very scared of her.

I heaved a sigh of relief hearing that, It's a good thing she didnt does any physical attack just used the killing rule to scare the s.h.i.+t out of the monster's who irritated her.

"Ashlyn what you did is bad, apologize to them," I said to Ashlyn, I really pity these monsters, they must have irritated her quite a bit to act like this and what she did is bad after all.

"Chew chew chew chew…." Ashlyn furiously started chirping, saying it is not her mistake as they irritated her first.

"Ashlyn apologizes to them quickly, otherwise I will not give any snacks for a week," I said sternly, what she did was bad and she had to apologize for it.

"Chew chew Chew!" Ashlyn chirped softly, apologizing in her way. "Good Girl," I said as I petted her.

When I looked at my friends, I found them still looking weirdly at Ashlyn and me.

"I again apologize deeply for her behavior," I said and took out few packets of snacks from my storage. " Here take these snacks for compensation for her behavior," I said and handed the monster snacks.

These snacks are very expensive and quite popular amongst the monster, seeing the packets of snacks all the monsters became happy and started to eat with happy eyes.

We left the restaurant after the mood of the monster's returned to normal and took hovercar toward our apartments.

"You are hiding more secrets than I expected !" Said Sophia, since our apartments are very close, we had decided to share a car so can discuss tomorrow.

We shared all the information we know about the Mid-level hunting ground and I have to say these two girls know a lot of things.

"What secrets, I don't have any secrets, unlike you guys," I said, denying everything while accusing them.

"Tousche!" she said, we all our own secrete and not every secretes have to be known like the strenth that these two girls are hiding and how I didnt want anyone to know about Ashlyn to have Rule powers.

"The next two days going to be interesting," said Sophia, I nodded. We are going to enter the mid-level hunting for treasure hunting. It is going to be dangerous but also very challenging.

Even if we didnt find anything, the trip to Mid-level hunting ground itself going be very rewarding as there we will be going face our strongest challenges and if we are able to overcome then there will be an obvious rise in our strength which will help tremendously on our way to beat the third challenge.

I can still remember how powerful the blow of that one Star elite was if I want to beat the opponent of such strength in just fifteen days then I will have to train very very hard.

"See you tomorrow," I said to them as hovercar stopped in front of their apartment and they got out of the car.

"Yeah, see you tomorrow," said both sister together, A few minuits later the hovercar stopped in front of my apartment.

In my apartment, I silently sat on the sofa and look at the things of the list I made which will need for tomorrow's adventure. On this list most important these potions.

I have spent a fortune buying these potions but they will worth it as they are very good at rapidly healing the injuries, not only potions I brought many other things that will be useful tomorrow.

After seeing I missed nothing, I closed the window of my holowatch and activated the temperature room to practice Supreme Combat Exercise and Body Cleansing Technique.

I have already created the 27th seal of Supreme Combat exercise, so there won't be a new seal very s...o...b..t there will be big progress in the Body Cleasing Exercise in a few days.

I have had already on the 32nd pose of Body Cleansing Technique and in three to four days, I should be able to reach 36th pose from which my body will go through the 3rd cleansing.

This time, I had adjusted the poison to 15 %, it will be very painful and a little dangerous but I have to take this risk. To level up to the peak level Sergeant stage, I will need to feed immense energy to the energy of Miracle fruit, only then I will the chance to level up within twenty-five days.

After adjusting the dose of the poison, I started to perform the Body Cleansing Technique and Supreme combat exercise.

It is very painful due to a 15% poison dose but I endured the pain and kept performing and by the time I am done, I was able to make some progress in both.

An hour later after finis.h.i.+ng my practice, I took a shower and slept right after that, before sleeping the last thought on my mind was tomorrow's, Treasure Hunt.