Monster Integration - Chapter 412 Trea

Chapter 412 Trea

Its body had been completely shattered and then disappeared like smoke.

The 3rd opponent will appear soon, I wonder how strong it will be and how much the difference of power between it and 2nd opponent.

Last time when I attempted the challenge, it did not take me much effort to clear the 1st challenge but the 2nd challenge was very difficult, I was not even able to put up offensive, only defended and get back outside crystal after I was cleaved by its ax.

I have heard from my teammates how hard this challenge is but I still want to experience it myself.

'Star Elite!'

I said out loud when I saw my opponent appear, it is a Grimm race monster from the common black Bearman Tribe but what makes it different is the silver star mark on his forehead.

There is one Silver star that could be seen painted on his forehead in a very eye-catching manner. It is said that for the Grimm race this mark represents both prestige and power.

What is front me single Star Elite of Black Bearman Tribe, the elite I've fought till now were all fake elites but what is front of me is real Single Star elite.

This is Star mark only bestowed on them after they prove their power in their tribe, there are nine types of star elites in the Tribes of the Grimm battlefield, they are 1 star to 9-star elites and difference of strength between each star is immense.

That is why in the Outpost, only up to 3 Star elites are found as for Star elites above them, they could only be found in the Mid Zone and the war zone.

This one Star elite Black Bearman tribe is less than two meters tall which is very small compared to the above three meters tall Grimm race monster we fought every day.

Looks like what Team Leader said really true that in Low-level hunting ground only most hopeless Grimm race monsters are found, they are sent there just to fill the numbers and in the hope that some prodigy would come out of it.

It had a ferocious expression on its face as it lightly swung his Warhammer around as it looked at me.

"3rd CHALLENGE WILL INITIATE IN THREE SECOND." A monotonous voice rang out again.

The countdown started and I became ready to face this fierce opponent, I may not able to last much in front of it but I still wish to exchange couple of moves with it.


I just about to launch an attack when I found that a one-star elite Grimm Race monster had already appeared in from of me and swung its Warhammer at me.


I hastily put my sword in front of me as a defense but just as the Warhammer touched it, it flew away from my hand and the Warhammer directly crashed on my head.

I felt immense pain for the moment before I lost my consciousness and when I opened my eyes, I found myself sitting back on the circle.

They were really right! The 3rd challenge is really difficult, except Emma no one in our team has been able to resist more than one move of it, even Ritchie who after experiencing its the first attack had surrendered on his own.

I will have to work very hard if I want to clear the 3rd challenge, I now only had 25 days, in the twenty-five days I have to become strong enough to clear the 3rd Challenge as only then will I be eligible to enter the Aferian Ruin.

In the four days since the news of Aferian Ruin is out, I've read many things about it online and those things were enough to excite me and now I want to enter no matter what.

After calming myself, I get out of the door with a big smile, with 2nd challenge cleared there nothing that could stop us from going to treasure hunting.

As for Reina who last to remain for Guild challenge, I am not worried about her, if Sophias able to clear the Challenge then she will to able to clear it.

Without asking, I started to explain how my fight went especially my 3rd opponent.

"You Lucky b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Last time you have come across Special Grimm Race monster and this time your opponent was one Star Grimm Race monster, your luck is really good."

"If not for you took the beating both times otherwise I would have beaten that luck out of you," said Sophia, to which everyone laughed including me.

"Good Luck!"

Said everyone as Reina silently walked to the door, she is the last one in our team and our treasure hunting depends on her slowly, despite knowing there is a 100% chance that she will clear the 2nd challenge I couldn't help but worried.

Not only me, her twin sister Sophia who knew her best also a little worried as she is messaging her hands in the nervousness.

Time pa.s.sed exhaustingly slow speed as we all kept eye on the door, even those who came after us to take the challenge had became silent seeing a solemn atmosphere between us.

Six minuits pa.s.sed by but Sophia did not come out seeing that we became very worried.


Finally, we heard the clicking sound of the door two minuits later, Raina had taken eight minuits total to complete the challenge and when she came out there was a bright smile on her face.

It was my first time seeing Reina smile so bright, most of the time she had a smile, she just let out a very smile but this smile is megawatt.

"What happened?" asked Sophia seeing her sister smiling very brightly as she perfectly knows how rare for her sister to let out such a big smile.

"My 2nd challenger was from Special Grimm race monster Tribe," Reina said and all of us shocked.

She had fought the Special Grimm race monster tribesman and won it, this is really amazing compared to me who had just taken the beating.

"Since all of us cleared the 2nd Challenge, let us inform the team leader," said Ritchie, we all nodded and after taking snapshots of our guild profile which is showing we had cleared the 2nd, we sent to team leader.

His reply came just a few seconds later, saying congratulations and meet him at dawn tomorrow in Guild.

"Let's go now, as I promised I will treat you guys a dinner in the best restaurant," said Emma, hearing that our mood brighten even more and we get out of the get the guild.

The restaurant that Emma chose to give is one of the Top 100 hundred restaurants in the fort Cavendish. It is very difficult to get the table there but Emma still managed to get it somehow.

The food of this restaurant said to very delicious and they have a special eating room for the monsters where they can eat.

"Be good!" I said to Ashlyn as I know how short her temper is and seeing how other's monster levels are higher than her, they may try to intimidate her and if their intimidation got over the limit and she became irritated then she may use rule power in anger which I don't think any monster's here have the power to handle.