Monster Integration - Chapter 414 Treasure Hunt Star

Chapter 414 Treasure Hunt Star

"Since all of you have arrived, I'll tell you about a place where we are going," said team leader after Ben arrived, at last, we have been sitting in the conference room that is been allocated to our Team.

"The map leads to Ca.s.sarock which is Mid-level hunting ground and by my estimation, it will take us two days to get there. We will spend the night in there as you guys will fight the Grimm race monster's that we come across in our way to the destination in the map."

So it is Ca.s.sorock hunting ground. well, I am not surprised as there are only three mid-level hunting grounds round around forbidden Ground and Ca.s.sorock is one of them.

Ca.s.sarock could say to be one of lowest ranking Mid Level Hunting gound but it is still is Mid Level hunting grounds and Grimm race monster's that would be there will more powerful that we fought till now in the Low-level hunting ground.

Normally spending the night in the Mid Level area is extremely dangerous especially for us rookies but since team leader with us, we won't have to worry about getting too much in trouble.

"As you know this will be the last two days I will mentor you, so these two days you guys will be training more than ever and I will only help you when the strong monsters come."

"But the other monster's you will have to fight yourself and if you guys fail to defeat even normal monsters of Mid Level hunting ground then you will have to forget about me taking you to the map's destination." said the team leader but this time his voice is more firm.

Hearing what he said, we all struck dumb, we all thought since we had cleared the guild challenge, the team leader will sure take us for treasure hunt but now there is another challenge.

On the way to the treasure hunt, we now will have to fight and defeat every Grimm monster group that team leader throws at us, these two days going to be the most difficult two days of training.

"So, what do say? If you don't want to go there then you can tell me, I have had another good place in my mind for your training," asked Team leader.

"We all want to go for treasure hunting, right guys?" Sophia asked and we all nodded immediately. No matter how difficult the treasure hunt going to be, we want to go for it as we all very curious and excited about it.

As for the difficult fights, we will have to fight them with our all and ready to accept them, as we all know that as long as something very threatening comes across us, the team leader will be there to save us from it.

"Since you guys have decided you should buy what you guys need for two days training from the Guild store, you guys have one hour." said team leader.

All of us nodded and went toward the guild store, I don't need anything but I still went to the store to see if I forget anything by accident.

Soon an hour had pa.s.sed and all of my teammates had finished with the shopping the stuff they need for two day's adventure.

"Let's go." said team leader as he took the jump in the air, we smiled and followed behind him.

The route we took today is the same as we are taking for the past four days, if we want to quickly reach the Carrorock then we have to take the route of the forbidden ground as that is the shortest route to reach the Ca.s.sarock hunting ground.

With our swift speed, we soon reached the place where killed those Grimm race monster from the Purple Striped Tigerman race and found the map in their leader's storage.

Those purple stripped Tigerman must have been going for the treasure hunt as this way is the shortest route to reach the Ca.s.sarock hunting ground.

Time pa.s.sed by as we traveled toward the Ca.s.sock, on the way we have found very few monsters, that is understandable as we are taking the route around the Forbidden Ground, despite being safe very few people dare to go around it.

"Get ready, in half an hour we will reach the boundary of the Ca.s.sarock." said team leader and we all nodded and readied ourself's to fight with the Grimm race monsters.

Fifteen more minuits pa.s.sed and we had come across two Small teams of the Grimm race monster but before we could blink all of them killed by the darts released by the team leader.

I don't understand why the team leader uses darts, if he wants to he could simply kill the monster's by releasing bolts of lightning from his finger's and Grimm race monsters would easily be turned to dust just like they did with his darts but for some reason, he does not do that.

As we got closer to the Ca.s.sarock hunting ground, we came across more and more Grimm race monsters but all there Grimm race monster's in a small team of two's and three's.

We did not come across any Grimm monster team which have more than four members in a team but the thing is each and every one monster that we have encountered was Elite of Colonel stage.

They were not only Elite Colonel stage but they also boosted stronger power than the Colonel stage we have faced in Low-Level Hunting gound and the thing is, we have not actually entered the hunting ground.

If we have encountered such a powerful Grimm race monster outside, I wonder how strong would be those we will encounter inside the Ca.s.sorock.

"Do not compare to strenth of Grimm race monster's here to those you have fought in the low-level hunting ground, the Grimm race monster's you will fight here will be at 3 times stronger than their counterparts in the low-level hunting ground." Team Leader advised.

Except for me, everyone was surprised hearing this, I had already known about this earlier as I had sensed their battle power and was quite shocked for a while.

I have read that despite being at the same level monster in the Mid Level hunting ground are stronger than that of off Low-level hunting ground but I thought they would twice at stronger, not expected they would be three times stronger at least.

"Team Leader then go easy on us!" Sophia requested after hearing from the team leader that every opponent three times stronger than those at the Low-level hunting ground.

To Sophia's request, the team leader only gave a smile and did not say anything.

I don't think team leader would show any mercy, he will make us fight an opponent that will make us challenge our limit.

Some time leaders we finally entered the Ca.s.sarock and atmosphere between us turn serious and we started to encounter bigger and stronger teams.

This time team leader stops doing a thing that he kept doing till now since he started mentoring us that shocked all of us, after entering the ca.s.sarock hunting ground, the team leader immediately restrained himself which he never did till.

Till now he would kill whatever Grimm race monster we have come across only sparing those who will fight us but after entering Ca.s.sarock hunting ground, he stopped killing whatever Grimm race monster we have come across.

He would only kill those who attacked us and would spare the monster's if they ran away.