Monster Integration - Chapter 411 Conquring the 2nd Challenge II Final

Chapter 411 Conquring the 2nd Challenge II Final

"I'll go next!" said Sophia and left for the door and she took even less time to come back, she finished her challenge in five minuits which is even lesser than Ben.

Except for me, everyone is shocked seeing this as they thought the two sisters are weakest in the team when they are not fighting together but I do not.

I don't know whether it is due to high intuition my Killing Rule gave me and or just gut feeling I had, I had always though thought these two sisters are stronger than they seem.

I have not found any proof of it and their battle power also weakest of all the team member's but the inkling I get from them sometimes made me believe that they lot stronger than they seem.

"What a fight!" Sophia said as she comes out, her fiery red hair seems to become extra bright due to her happiness and without asking Sophia started to explain how her fight went.

"I'll go now," I said and walked toward the door, just like last time there was the small crystal placed on the stand. Sitting in front of it, I focused all my energy on it and soon I found my consciousness slipping.

When I opened my eyes again, I found myself standing on the beautiful beach.

Beneath my feet, I could see the multicolor sand and peaceful sound of sea waves cras.h.i.+ng on the sh.o.r.e, it's such beautiful scenery that everyone wants to enjoy.

Soon my opponent appeared in front of me and it is a Human, he is a burly young man in late teens wearing full-body leather armor and has a silver morningstar in his hands which had very sharp spikes on it which made it look very scary.

"2nd CHALLENGE WILL INITIATE IN THREE SECOND." A monotonous voice rang out and I got ready with my sword.

"BATTLE!" Said the monotonous voice as the countdown came to zero.


My burly opponent screamed loudly and came at me with very threatening looking morning Star, I didnt back down either, with My strengthening skill Giants Strength which had become even more powerful after 27th seal, I have enough strength to directly clash against with my opponents morning star.


A loud clank rang out and I felt my body shaking due to intense energy traveled inside my body if I had experienced this blow four days ago, I would have certainly would have taken the tens of steps back but now, I just shook a little.

Seeing I didnt take a single step back, my opponent had become very angry and launched a flurry of attacks at me, it must have used some sort of skill as each attack is stronger than the previous.


I responded to his furious attacks with my own, my sword attacks may not have as much as power as his morning star but they are very precise that they are able to diffuse each and every blow with the precious.


Suddenly white flames covered his morning star and intense coldness started to radiate from them and that coldness started to travel from his morning star into my sword.

Seeing that I quickly covered my sword with the Sunfire and all coldness that had to try to infiltrate my sword turned into the steam.

What a Strong Ice Ability, that cold flame covering his sword were not his rule power but the ability, I wish I had such powerful ability.

I am the only one in my team that rarely uses my ability while others use it on a regular basis and that is because my ability is too weak and having powerful ability is important.

It is may not much important right now but it will become important when I level up from the knight stage. I have searched for many ways to increse my ability but there are very few.

Evolution of the ability depended on the monster, even if the monster has some type of ability like wind, fire, physical, etc, there is a wast difference between them.

Each monster's ability to evolve in a different way that means one needs a different thing to evolve the abilities of different monsters and that is why it is very difficult.

It would have been nice if Ashlyn had been from popular and powerful monster Species as there is a lot of research done on them and things they needed to evolve their abilities are pretty much known but Ashlyn is from Grey Spark Sparrow, one of the most common and the lowest level monster's in world.

Only people those do not have any option are bonded with these species, so obviously no one will do research on them.

Till now, I had only found one material that provoked a response from Ashlyn and helped her ability evolve once and that is the core of the Fiery Lion.

The core of Fiery Lion is the only thing that helped her evolve her ability once and she had been eating pieces of its core till every day, every few days I have her different fire type monster's core to eat but not single monster's core except for fiery lion's had provoked the response from her.

Well, I will think about the evolution of ability some more time as now my opponent had upped his offensive and I have to counter.


His morningstar again crashed against my sword but this time it was especially heavy that my sword nearly left my, if not for me predicting the strength of his attack, my sword would have definitely flown away from my hand.


Quickly controlling my shaking body, I started to respond to its powerful attacks.

The first few minuits I was barely able to defend myself as they are not only very powerful, they also came with the powerful freezing force, so not only I have to deal with the powerful physical impact of the morningstar, I also burn off the coldness that came with.

I have a hard time a couple of minuits but as I got used to, the pressure started decreasing I even started to get the slight upper hand in the battle.

This is the beauty of the Killing Rule, it is the best Rule for killing as it envolves in every aspect of killing and the longer the fight lasts the more advantageous it is going to be for me.


I finally able to land a blow of him, though it was minor it is still great as after this, I will keep giving him blow after blow.

Slice Slice Slice…..

First, the injuries he receives from were quite light but with pa.s.sing time, they kept getting bigger and bigger till all of its body filled with injuries and many of them were serious and if not for this opponent too resilient and kept dodging the the fatal blow nick of the time, this fight would have ended already.

Still, I kept attacking him, making his injuries heavier and launching fatal attacks now and then.

The injuries on its body kept getting bloodier and bloodier until my opponent completely turns into a b.l.o.o.d.y man.

Crack Crack Crack…..Shatter!

I was about to launch another attack at him to make it more injured when suddenly cracks started spreading on its body before shattering into pieces and then disappearing.