Monster Integration - Chapter 408 The Map

Chapter 408 The Map


Bang sounded when Team Leader fist punched on the chest of the Grimm race monster and the next moment Grimm race monster's crashed on the ground with the rocket speed.

It had even created the small crater where it was crashed and when we checked its condition, we found it is completely dead with its bone crushed, especially of his chest where its chest caved and all of its bones turned into powder.

I am shocked seeing it in such condition, It must have died the moment Team Leader had punched him.

Such a Power! I marveled, Team Leader is super strong, I gaped.

"You guys would have defeated it after fighting it for some time but you let it run away."

"If you guys kept putting such half-hearted effort then it would be really difficult for you guys to clear up Level 3 challenger within the month." Stated Team Leader in a serious voice.

He had not only said this to Emma and Ritch but to all of us and what he said is right, the Guild challenges are extremely difficult and we didnt give us all then it would be very difficult for us clear Level 3 within the month.

"It is not difficult and many people have it every year but if you guys want to do it also then you should focus more and give your all in training, only then you guys will have a chance to clear the Level 3 challenge before Aferian ruin opened." Said Team leader, this time his voice is softer than before.

We all nodded to his advice as we all know if we didnt give us all then we would not able to clear the Level 3 Guild Challenge thus effectively crus.h.i.+ng all the hopes of entering the Aferian Ruins.

"Let's see if this one have anything interesting!" said instructor as he took out the storage band of Grimm race monster from his hand and then started to remove the things inside it one by one

We were shocked by this scene but soon come to understand how the team leader able to do it, its because of mana trans.m.u.tation crystals and Instructor has one of the top 3 trans.m.u.tation crystal in him.

The instructor had just taken out the storage band of the Grimm race monster and started to remove the things inside them one by one.

Normally humans cant operate the artifacts of the Grimm race as they required dark energy and human practice mana energy, so there is no way for normal worriers to used the artifacts of Grimm Race but for some people it is possible.

Those who have used the special mana trans.m.u.tation crystals to trans.m.u.te their mana could barely operate the weapons of the Grimm Race.

Though they can bring out less than 10% power of the artifact's which is not enough for one to use them for fighting purposes, it is enough to operate storage devices of the Grimm Race.

In the guild, there are twelve trans.m.u.tation crystal's but only three crystal have the ability to barely operate the Grimm Monster's, those three are the top three mana trans.m.u.tation crystals in the guilds are very very expensive.

"What is this?" Asked Sophia to her sister as she picked up a folded leather skin that team leader had thrown it out thinking useless and Sophia picked up.

Hearing her question, Raina took the leather skin and opened it, "It seemed to some roughly drawn map." said Raina.

"Team Leader would you take a looked at this?" said Sophia to team leader, this got us curious also as we all looked toward the team leader as he took the map from the Sophia.

After taking the map from Sophia hand's, he started to study it and from time to time various expressions come across his faces.

"Interesting!" said the team leader as continued studying the map and our curiosity about the map increased again.

"Team Leader what is it?" asked Sophia excitedly, like always she is the most curious of our all asked the question that everyone wants to ask.

"It is a map and if I am right then its destination is not far from here," said Team Leader, hearing that we all became excited. It must be something exciting there for them to draw the map on the leader's skin and not their devices.

Grimm race also has something like out holowatch, In this age, anyone barely uses paper, if they want to take a note they want, they take on their devices on devices but whoever had drawn the did not do that.

There could be only two reasons for this, one is some secrete in that place and whoever had draws this didnt want anyone to know and that is why he had drawn this and second is that this map is simply old that when it was drawn, there were no devices like holowatch and others.

The second possibly makes this map very old, at least one to two and a thousand years and looking at how the worn-out the map is.

"Can we go now Team Leader please, if we were lucky we could find a treasure inside," said Sophia pleadingly to team leader and we all also looked at him with the same expression.

Though there may be not much use to us and we may not able to find some treasure's as we are hoping for but the adventure itself would worth it and the team leader himself said that the destination of the map is not far from here.

"It too dangerous for you, currently you guys are too weak to go there." said team leader, hearing that disappointed expression flashed on our face, I really wanted to see what the map this map has.

Seeing our disappointed faces, the team leader let out a hearty laugh and said something which made all of gain hope.

"But if all of you were able to clear the Level 2 Guild challenge in the four day's time, then I promise I will take you guys for the treasure hunt." team leader.

This one sentence of his brought s.h.i.+ne to all of our faces, "Really?" asked Sophia and the instructor nodded.

Suddenly I felt two gazes on me, not only me but Sophia, Raina, and Ben also felt two gazes on the, it is from Ritch and Emma. Their guys clearly telling us, 'You guys better work hard and clear the Level 2 Guild Challenge otherwise you will pay the price.'

To that, we all rolled our eyes but we know they are serious if any one of us did were not able to clear the Level 2 challenge in four days we will sure take a beating for them.

The team leader may not have said this explicitly but it is clear that he will take not us for the treasure hunt if even one of us not able to clear the Level 2 challenge, so to go to the treasure hunt all have to beat Level 2 challenge of the Guild.

It is clear that Emma and Ritchie have the strength to clear the Level 2 challenge of the guild while four of us lack a little, we have to improve enough in the four days that we have the strength to beat the 2nd challenge.