Monster Integration - Chapter 409 Ou

Chapter 409 Ou

"Let me help you!" said Team Leader seeing Emma's struggling expressions, she had been injured quite badly. Her bodily injuries are not bad but the occult energy inside her wound wouldn't let it heal no matter how much she tried.

She had been trying to expel the occult energy from her body but all her attempts were unfruitful, if it had been that easy then it wouldn't have taken me three days to burn it off.

The team leader must have been observing her for a while, so when he saw her struggling expression he decided to help.

"Stay calm and stop using all your power." The team leader said as he walked beside her, she nodded and did as I team leader told her.

The team leader gently placed his hand on her naked shoulder and next moment all the tiny hairs on her body stood up and I could hear an extremely faint lightning sound.

Team Leader must be using his Lightning Rule to remove the burn of the Occult energy inside her body.

His control over his rule power must be amazing if he could do that as the power we release could injure the one who we trying to heal.

I look at the process for a minute but feeling bored, I walked toward the monster's to harvest the Mana Crystals from them.

Today I had killed all three Grimm race monsters, so there will be no experiment today only harvesting. It is said that the normal Colonel stage Grimm race monster gave fifty mana crystals but all the three I had killed were elite so these three should able to give me around 60 to 70 mana crystal each.

With excitement, I had placed the runic disk on the Grimm monster chest and a moment later, It had started to harvest the mana crystal.

I should buy at least two Runic disks, I thought as I looked at two bodies that are left open, I can only harvest them after I had finished with first if I had two Runic discs I would have been able to harvest all three monsters together.

Emma and Ritchie had already brought extra runic disks a few days ago from the guild and I plan to buy today.

With my power increased, I will mostly fight against Elite Colonel stage monster's and should have at least three runic discs with me but the problem is High-grade Runic Discs are not cheap.

Even with the guild discount, they cost a ton but now I don't have a choice but to buy them.


About twelve minuits later, the runic disk finished harvesting the mana crystals from the Grimm race and to my surprise I have harvested 69 mana crystal.

69 mana crystal which is quite a great number, It is the highest number of Mana Crystal's I've ever harvested from the Grimm monster, h.e.l.l I have never harvested half that amount from the single Grimm race monster.

Looks like as long as I kept hunting Elite Colonel stage monster's, I will never lack the Mana crystal's, I thought as I put away all 69 mana crystals in my storage.

"All done, you can now drink the potions to heal your injuries." said the team leader as he takes off his hand from Emma's shoulder.

So early, it had been just fifteen minuits and team leader had already finished burning off occult energy from Emma's body. It took me three days, a day and night of the whole three days but the team leader did that in just fifteen minuits.

The Occult energy I was plagued with was from Elite Captain stage who barely able to touch the surface of Occult skill but the one Emma fought had scratched the surface of the occult skill and its occult energy was very powerful than the one I've had plagued with but Team Leader still able to burn it off in fifteen minuits.

Looks like I've to stop predicting the power of those whose battle power I cant sense as those who I arent able to sense is powerful enough to finish me off in one move.

If I ever come across the opponent whose battle power I cant sense then the first thing I will do is run as fast as I can.

"We will leave in one hour," said Team Leader to which all of us nodded, those who are most injured amongst our group were me and Emma.

It had been more than one and a half-hour since I finished my battle and another one hour that team leader had given is enough to heal my injuries relatively.

tAs for Emma, her injuries were not that serious, the only problem with her was the occult energy inside her body which had been burned off by the Team leader.


A bell sounded a few minuits later and I finished harvesting the second Grimm race monster which gave me 67 Mana Crystal which I had expected to get.

Another ten some minuits pa.s.sed and I had finished harvesting the mana Crystal from the third Grimm race monster, of all three Grimm race monster it has given me the highest mana crystal which is 70.

In a single fight, I had gained 206 mana Crystal which is the Highest one I got in the single fight.

After I finished harvesting all the Mana Crystal, I started to clean the ashes of the Grimm monsters collecting their storage artifacts, weapons, and other things.

These things may not offer much compared to Mana crystals, they still get quite a good price and that is why I never a leave single thing I found on the body of the Grimm race monsters.

The hour pa.s.sed by in the silence, everyone was focused on resting and healing whatever injuries they have got.

By the time an hour is over my injuries are relatively healed, to completely recover, I will need at least five to six hours more.

"All right let's go we only have two hours left now, you guys at least need to fight one more big team of monster's like this." The team leader said as he motioned toward the husks of the Grimm race monsters.

The next two hours our luck could not said to be best but it was not bad either, we have not come across the large group of Elite Colonel stage monster but we have come across three groups who had normal Colonel stage and Elite Colonel stage monster in them.

The fights have finished early, we have already had the experience of fighting the big and powerful group and compare to that these three groups were small and weak.

It can be said that we took more time harvesting Mana crystal out of them than actually killing them and the last group dead our time of leaving had come and we left the same way that we had come, around the forbidden Ground.

The return journey had been uneventful, nothing exciting happened, whatever weak Grimm race monster we come across were killed by the Team Leader as usual.

Tring...beep beep...dum dum….

Nothing unusual happened on the way but as we reach near the outpost and signal had returned to our Holowatches, they all started to ring and including the team leaders.

So the news is finally out! I thought as I read the news which's a reminder I had set up a few days ago.