Monster Integration - Chapter 407 Totem Artifacts Power IV

Chapter 407 Totem Artifacts Power IV

As I drank a few bottles of potions, I felt my injuries started healing, these injuries were really serious not only those sharp claws had cit through my skin, but they had also cut some of my bones, I was good thing that there is no major damaged on my spine otherwise I would have to pay h.e.l.l.

As for these injuries, it will take two-three hours for them to heal relatively.

After tending my wounds, I looked around only to see except for me and Emma, everyone had finished their battles and now watching Emma's battle with Grimm monster in full concentration.

I want to scream at them, I was just fighting three monster's a few moments ago but not one of them was keeping eyes on me in case I am in danger and needed their help.

The battle between Emma and the leader of the Grimm race monsters is very intense, their moves are so fast that the naked eye is barely able to catch it, if not for me having killing Rule, I wouldn't have also able to see their battle with perfect clarity.

Emma is having a hard time! I thought as I looked at the battle, her opponent's power is too great. It's every move is concentrated at her weakness, if not for comprehending the powerful wind elemental Rule which gave her very fast speed, I don't think Emma would have last this long.

Earlier I thought after enough time, she would get used to the power of Occult Method that her opponent is wielding but I was wrong both her getting used to Grimm monster's power and the power that Grimm master is wielding.

I was very wrong to think that her opponent had barely scratched the surface of the Occult Method.

The Leader of Purple Striped Tigerman had scratched much more than the surface of the Occult Method he had comprehended and he is also very proficient in using it, that is why he is giving such a hard time to Emma.

"Who do you think will win?" asked Sophia as she came closer to me with her sister, "Its harder to say," I said. Winning this battle is very difficult, not only Emma but also for the leader of the Grimm monsters.

Though he has upper hand in battle and suppressing Emma quite fairly and that is that. He is just suppressing her not completely dominating her unless the leader of the Grimm race monster increased his power again, it's very difficult for it to win.

As for Emma, she is at her last leg. From the battle power that I could sense from her, I know she is giving her all just to defend, the only way she could win is to improve her power during the battle in some way.

"I still think Emma has a chance to win," Sophia said, to which Raina and I shook our head the same time. Sophia is just too optimistic, she can clearly see the condition Emma is in but she still hoping Emma would win.

"It is very difficult for Emma to win unless she could bring out a strong trump card which I don't have any," said Sophia, making the same a.s.sessment I've made about Emma.

As time pa.s.sed there was literally no change in the battle except for Emma gaining a few more injuries which seem to slow her down a little further.

The occult energy must-have starting to take the effect on her, I have first-hand experience of how difficult the occult energy is.

The occult energy is different from all the other energies, from what I have read, every occult method produces a different type of occult energy, there have never the same types occult enegies in the different type of occult methods.

The only thing is common occult energies that they are very hard to remove, one needs to overpower it with the sheer force, only this way one can remove the occult energy from one's body and currently Emma has no way to do it, the only thing she can do is seal that occult energy.

Seal that occult energy in the injuries and remove it in the safety of one home.

"Her Totem artifact is really good," said Sophia and I nodded without hesitation, it was only because of the totem artifact that she capable of fighting.

Her totem artifact is very powerful and when she infused her Rule power into it, it became even more amazing.

The reason we have said that her totem artifact is very good because the way it is handling the Rule power, not only it seamlessly using the Rule power, it also helps her revolving rule power all over her body, which increased her speed even more.

She must have had tailored the Totem Blueprint according to her need's and also used many precious materials to craft such powerful totem artifact, I hope when I create my Totem artifact in the future, It would also be powerful as Emma's.


The leader of the Grimm monster gave another cut to Emma at her waist and this one seemed little deeper as it had made Emma grit her teeth.

"Ritchie, a little help here would be nice!" shouted Emma while fighting, she finally could not able to take it anymore as she asked Ritchie for help finally.


Just as Ritchie heard Emma's shout for help, he summoned his Totem artifact and in the Red brightness, a red spear appeared in the Richie hand which made me surprised.

As the weapon Richie mostly uses is the Longsword, I thought his Totem Artifact would be in the shape of the long sword but it turned out to be a spear.

It dark red spear which looked like it made from volcanic red crystals, even at quite a distance from him I could feel the hot air releasing from the Spear.

It took less than second for Ritchie to summon his Spear and just after that, Richie joined the battle.

With Ritchie joining the Battle, the pressure on Emma lessened a lot and two started to attack.

I have to say the combination of both of them is very good, while Emma's combat style is filled with speed and swiftness, Ritchie is exactly the opposite. Every attack of Ritchie Spear is filled with power, stability, and agility.

Every strike of his spear felt like the punch of the monster ape, it is filled with power but it also has the agility which can't let you get away no matter where you move.

With Ritchie entering the Battle, the leader of the Grimm race monster's have to go the defensive as both of the lunching the flurry of attacks at it that it barely had the chance to attack.

"What do you say now, do both of them have the chance of winning now?" Sofia asked smugly to which both of us shook our head.

With both Emma and Ritchie attacks they have merely put the Grimm Race monster on defensive and despite being two of them attacking it, they were still not able to cut the hair on the Grimm race monster's body much less make cuts on its skin.

Looking at the way it is defending against both of their attacks, I don't think they have any chance of defending it unless they increse their strength during the battle.


As the battle was raging intensely, the Grimm monster suddenly took the jump back using the force of Richie spear against his claws and started to run across the air.

Seeing the monster is Running Emma and Richie followed after immediately and we started to follow them as we didnt want to miss any action.

Just a few seconds after the chases started, it had become apparent that we would lose the Grimm monster as its speed is too great.

Its speed is too great that even Emma wasn't able to catch up to it despite having a powerful wind type Rule power.

It had already put up quite a distance between us and started to disappear out of our view when we saw team leader had appeared directly in front of it.

Seeing the Team leader appearing in front of it, the Grimm monster directly launched an attack but before its attack reached halfway, the team leader casually punched it in the chest.