Monster Integration - Chapter 39 Searing Hog

Chapter 39 Searing Hog

Edited By: Lumosz LMZ

Days pa.s.sed by, it is time to go hunting again. I have decided to hunt every three days. I need a lot of money, I need it to learn advanced combat styles and to buy magical artifacts, potions, and other things.

I have finished preparation for everything I need in this trip. I bought a new training suit and this one is of better quality. After double checking everything is ready, I walk towards the door.

"Ashlyn lets go!" I shout and in one second, she is on my shoulder.

It is early morning, the sun has risen fully. I have decided to leave earlier today because I wanted to have the full day at my disposal, unlike last time when I had to run away with all my might.

The hovercar was already waiting for me. I got in and it soon dropped me to the Miasta market. The market had not changed, still active and crowded even this early morning.

I didn't linger in the market after getting out of the hovercar, I immediately called for the armored one to take me to the boundary of Austin Lake.

But this time, I chose a different area of the Austin lake. My plan was to get familiar with this area so I can spend the night there. Not for now though, it is for when I reach the specialist stage.

It is at night when monsters are the most active and it is also the time adventurers gain a big haul. But it is equally as dangerous because one can find themselves attacked by a large group of monster.

I looked on, as the hovercar flew away after dropping me off. Projecting a map of the area, I decide which route to take as there are multiple areas marked as a high monster density area.

Last time, I didn't need to as the area of I chose had a thinned monster density. Except for this time, the area I chose had a higher density than last time but it is still less that high-density monster areas.

After choosing the route, I begin walking hoping to find a specialist grade monster yet the reality is cruel. I did not find a single specialist grade beast even after an hour that I spent walking in the forest.

I continued to roam in the forest while feeling downhearted. When suddenly my gaze fell upon a yellow vine. The vine was coiled around a tree, I was about to walk away thinking it was just another normal yellow vine. But something inside me urges me to observe it more carefully. This vine was unusually dense and was circling tree stumps and branches.

"Oh, Heavens!" I said looking at the mature yellow vine snake.

Yellow vine snakes are like Grey Spark sparrow, they are also a Cla.s.s 2 strain monster and their limit of evolution is Specialist Grade. But this is where the similarities end.

Yellow vine snake is planted type monster meaning it is a treasure. Every part of a plant type monster is used in potion-making, especially the heart and core. Its heart, sap, and core are the main ingredients in making a healing potion. A plant's core is also used to make a magical artifact for people who had healing powers, ensuring that all plant type monsters are treasures but there was one problem in killing them.

Their immense vitality, it made killing it very difficult. That was also the reason why every part of it is a treasure. if you can not kill it in one move than forget about killing it. Considering that every plant type monster has a super healing ability if it did not die in a single move then killing it would be very, very difficult since it can even heal fatal injuries in seconds.

To hunt a plant type monster was a very tiring job. I just took a brief look at it and walked away. To attempt to hunt it, it will take me too much mana and stamina. Moreover, I wasn't even sure I would be able to kill it.

I decided to return here in the afternoon and try to kill it if it stays here.

I spent some since I walked past that yellow vine snake and in this time I was only able to kill two level 2 private stage monsters. Besides they were the worst type, whose heart is the only useful material while other parts are a useless waste.

Just as I was beginning to lament on my bad luck when I heard a faint grinding. I couldn't properly distinguish what made it was but I was sure it had something to do with rocks.

I sneak towards the sound and I see the creature that made the sound. It turned out to be a big Searing Hog, it was busy sharpening its small tusks with the rocks.

It is known as 'Searing Hog' because when the creature attacks it's tusks would turn red hot and could easily melt iron with a single touch. It had a thick skin which made it a little difficult to kill but if I am able to kill it. Furthermore, I will easily get fifteen to twenty thousand credits as its skin, tusk and meat were all useful.

Seeing me come towards it, it became vigilant. Its tusk started to turn red in preparation to attack.

It runs towards me. Turns out despite its humongous body, it is relatively fast and it reaches me with just a second.


I dodged it's attacked while struck it's face to tests its defense. Looking at a thin line of blood left behind on my sword and face, I decided that should be able to finish it off within 30 minutes if I circulate the third movement of the exercise.


It cried out loudly as I attack without waiting. I immediately started to circulate the third movement of the exercise.

"sss!" I sucked in cold breath and endured the pain.

"Whoosh clank!" It countered my strike with its tusks as I was aiming for the neck but I had no major worries as it will be dead soon.

I keep attacking it without stop, it is able to sometimes counter but most of the time it could only take the strike with its body. Its whole body is soon riddled with the injuries and its eyes turn red in the anger but it is helpless against my strikes.

It tried to escape but I was faster. Soon it started to slow down due to excessive blood loss.


It somehow countered my attack but it zoned out due to shock, seeing my chance I move my sword to stab its eye. I tried it previously but I failed as it dodged on time but this time I had full confidence.



As my sword stabbed through its eyes and within a second it fell on the ground with a loud thud.

Without wasting my time, I started to skin and pack it as it is worth twenty thousand credits.