Monster Integration - Chapter 40 Luring The Aqua Bulls

Chapter 40 Luring The Aqua Bulls

Edited By: Lumosz LMZ

A lifted my backpack and wore it, it became heavy but I still able to walk with it, first I planned on burying heavy monster parts and picking them after hunting but obviously that method didn't work as I did it last time as it got very late hinting iron rhinos and I decided to forgo it seeing it was very late.

The Austin lake had many monsters but most of them at Private stage, I had killed tens of Lv.1 and Lv. 2 monsters that come in my way.

I decided to enter the core area of Austin lake as there are more monsters that I could hunt, I silently started to make my way to the core area of Austin lake.

I had first decided to get familiar with monster hunting before venturing into the core area but now it seems like I have to go inside to them.

According to the map and information I brought, it says that the two km around Austin lake are densely packed with the monster and all of them are in the peak of the private Grade or Specialist Grade.

Especially half km around Austin lake is filled with the Specialist Grade monsters.

I heard sounds of moos from the distance, it looks like a herd of aqua bulls ahead, I hide my backpack in a good spot and slowly crept into bushes and silently move toward the sounds.

I had guessed right, there are herd aqua bulls ahead but the quant.i.ty of them is more than I imagined, there are looked to be more than three hundred bulls in that herd or maybe more as I can clearly see them as they were far away.

It is good that I am far away from them, if aqua bull to notice, all herd would follow me attack me till the end. they were protective of their herd and would rarely found alone or in a small group.

"Ashlyn! go and lure the bull out." I ask Ashlyn, "Chew chew.." she affirmed and flew away, Ashlyn is the best choice for lure Aqua bull away. Aqua Bulls are water elemental monster monsters who hate anything fire and Ashlyn is small enough to easily dodge their water jets.

SoonAshleyy reaches the aqua bulls, she found the small group of aqua bull and started to irritate them by throwing fireb.a.l.l.s at then, provoked aqua bull also tried to use waterjets on them but its no use, she easily dodges them with her tiny size.

"Mooo!" the monsters mooed loudly but it is no use, seeing the commotion in the corner aqua bulls leader also look toward but seeing it's only private stage small sparrow he looked away after losing interest.

Ashlyn doing quite a good job provoking them, she just has to keep doing it for some time and leave, one or two two aqua bull will easily follow.

What I fear is the leader of the herd, it is looked mutated and nearly double that of normal aqua bull size, I hope it didn't care one or two bull chasing the little sparrow.

I silently crept out of bushes, I didn't want that mutated aqua bull to get the smell of me, I heaved a sigh of relief after gettings out of that bulls vision range, that mutated bull gave me creeps whenever I looked at it.

in my current level, if I come across it, I don't think I will able to beat it despite it being Lv. 1 Specialist Grade, I will have no but run if I ever come across it.

I walk toward the area where I hid my backpack, I quickly wore it and started to walk toward the place where I asked Ashly to lure the bull. The place I chose is very far from the herd of aqua bulls, even if anyone cried out of its lungs, I don't think the herd able to hear it.

In half an hour, I reached the place where I told Ashlyn to lure the bull, I hide my backpack in the indiscreet location and found the spot to hide, I wanted to land a sneak attack on it and kill it in one shot.

"Whoosh" "Clank!" My sword deflected the thing, I was hiding on the spot silently waiting for the Ahlyn to lure the bull in.

As I was waiting, I felt life-threatening sensation on my back without waiting I activated My Grade 1 magical artifact and swing behind me luckily I countered that thing which is attacking me.

when I looked to see what attacked me, it looked like a snake which made of countless pebbles. "Pebble Snake!" I said out loud, it is pebble snake, it is 1m long snake which made of countless thumb size pebbles and it is lv. 1 Specialist Grade monster.

This pebble snake has low-cla.s.s tow strain but it had an earth-shaking origin, it is said that it had originated from MEDUSA origin, there happen many cases when pebble snake has awakened higher strain.

"Hiss!" it hisses at me, showings its fangs which seems to drip with a black substance, if it were able to bit me, I'll be gone. its poison has a strong petrification effect which can easily stun me for a full minute.

seeing it's going to attack me again, I started to circulate the third movement of the exercise, I don't want to take any chances, single bite from this pebble snake and I a surely dead.

"Clank!" it was thrown away far by my attack, I waited to grip my sword and waited for it attacks it again, the one good thing is despite it made of rocks its defense is not that good if I am able to hit two three times it sure will be dead.

I waited for it to attack but ten minutes pa.s.sed and them fifteen but there is no sign of it, first thought came into my mind that it ran away and this is also a best possible option but I didn't want to take any chances so I decided to check if it ran away or not.

I slowly walk toward the direction where it flew away when it hit my sword, walking toward that direction, "Oh!" I exclaimed seeing pebble snake lying on the earth and cracks could be seen on its pebbly head, looks like it was killed by my single sword strike.