Monster Integration - Chapter 38 Practicing With Pressure Suits

Chapter 38 Practicing With Pressure Suits

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I didn't leave after I finished my spar with Reynard because I wanted to watch Reynard's battles with other opponents.

The second I left the ring, another person entered the ring to challenge the Reynard. It was none other than Nigel, the one who got beaten up by Madeline.

He still looked gloomy but not as much as the other day when he lost to Madeline. Nigel is at the peak of the Specialist Grade whereas Reynard is still at lv.1 of Specialist stage. But that did not mean Nigel would win. I don't know why but I had a feeling that Reynard is way stronger than he appears on the surface. And hopefully, with this matchup, I would learn of his true level of strength and skill.

I was looking forward to this spar, I really wanted to know who would win this battle.

They started to fight almost immediately and Reynard still had a relaxed att.i.tude same as when he was fighting with me. They both kept exchanging moves but Nigel was never able to gain the upper hand with Reynard.

From what I see, I can tell that Reynard is way more powerful than I initially thought. Because he was handling Nigel with ease, nevertheless Nigel's performance is also quite good.

Also, he was beaten quite badly by Madeline that day. I thought he was going to wallow in self-pity with how Madeline crushed him. Especially considering that it was in front of hundreds of people paired with his abnormal obsession with Madelin. Though to my surprise, his performance had improved but his face still looked gloomy.

The fight was in full swing, Nigel is giving his everything except for his half-skills. Watching him, I have to say he is quite talented with how he is using different types of moves on Reynard. Some of his combat moves looked quite complex and it should have taken him a lot of hard work to perform them.

While watching the spar, I kept an eye out for pressure suits.


A sound escaped my mouth because I saw there were three pressure suits available. I was quite startled seeing this and was rooted on my spot for while like a dumb idiot. But soon releasing this fact, I hastily walked towards the elevator without caring about the ongoing battle in the ring.

I could watch it later on as all the fights were recorded. All the clips were available for free in the building's feed.

I was practically skipping towards the elevator since the training facility which housed the pressure suits were in training facility no. 5. I prayed that by the time I reached there, at least one would be left for me.

There are about a hundred pressure suits in the building but the demand was in the thousands. They are the only training instruments in the building which never free for more than five minutes and also in the highest demand.

Fidgeting while I waited in the elevator, I hoped that others wouldn't have arrived before me. I was so tense that I felt that every single second spent in the elevator was equivalent to an hour.


As soon the elevator arrived at reached the training facility no 5 and the doors opened. I ran at full speed out of the elevator and towards the room with the highly demanded pressure suits.

"Thank G.o.d!"

I sighed of relief, as I looked at the pressure suit inside the gla.s.s case. After I finished flas.h.i.+ng my holowatch on the case, I opened the zip and I took out the pressure suit. This particular suit has a red and black color combination is a little thicker than a normal training suit and has a helmet otherwise it looks exactly like my training suit.

I take the pressure suit to the private changing room and wore it. The suit is completely skin tight but not one part of my body visible through it. It is designed to be in that way so that it can apply some pressure on every part of my body almost like increasing gravity.

It was invented before the gravity chamber. So after gravity chamber became available, some modifications were made into it so that the one wearing it could experience something similar to increased gravity instead of higher pressure only.

I got out of the room to see many people wearing the pressure suits and performing various exercises; some were performing squats while the others were running in the tracks and one weird girl is even dancing with the pressure suit on.

I found an empty corner and increased the pressure setting to a hundred kilograms. Slowly the pressure I felt increased as if the I was wearing a suit of lead.

I feel that I am freely able to move my body under 100 kilograms. So I started doing a simple exercise. Even though it is the basics, it is proven scientifically that doing any exercise using gravity chambers or pressure suits yields better results in body coordination and strength training.

Feeling that I can manage 100 kg, I increase the pressure to the two hundred kg. It was still bearable and I am able to perform simple exercises that I learned in school. Not just me but many people are also doing the basic high school level exercises.

I can't spar using these suits even if these are the cheapest ones. As it is too expensive for me to afford a replacement or even repair in case of damage. So the only option left is to do basic exercises considering I do not know any advanced ones.

So I kept increasing the weight of the suit by 100 kg until five hundred kg, this time I truly felt the pressure. After slowly doing the exercise in the corner, I decided to run the track.

There are many people running the tracks, some are slow while some are fast. But one thing common about them is that all of them are working hard. I even saw one of the youths fall down from exhaustion.

After a while, I increase the pressure to six hundred kilograms. As the weight of suit increased, my speed decreased to the point I started walking instead of running.

So to counter this, I started to circulate the first move of the exercise. In return, I felt immense amounts of pain but also got felt some more strength starting to flow inside my veins and bones.

The main reason I am so excited about pressure is that it greatly helps ensure that I circulate the moves of the exercise and it helps at greater efficiency. It is proved that the best time do the exercise is while you exert your physical strength.

As per my experience, the better you are at enduring the pain, the more progress you will make in circulating exercises. Even though it was obvious, I did not expect it to directly correlate to this extent.

Soon, I upped the weight to eight hundred directly to push myself to the second step. I felt that it would have crushed me to death if I had not already begun circulating the second movement of the exercise but I still felt huge pressure. Left with no other choice, I had to circulate the third movement of the exercise.

Time pa.s.sed on, it was late evening and I was still running across the track. The only thing different from this morning when I entered is that the weight of the suit is at nine hundred kg, eight hundred more than before.

I still did not leave as I had promised something to myself. I promised that as long as I did not complete running one lap around the track with the weight of one thousand kgs, I would not leave.

Few more hours pa.s.sed, Ashlyn called to me. She says that she is feeling hungry but I ignore her and kept running.

Before long, more than eight hours have pa.s.sed since I wore this suit. Currently, I am running with the weight of nine hundred and ninety kilograms. Every step is excruciating, it requires me to call upon every muscle in my body. So I grit my teeth and try to circulate the fourth movement of the exercise.


I screamed in pain and a m.u.f.fled voice rang through my helmet. But I am somehow able to circulate the fourth movement of the exercise. With the help of the newfound power, I increased the pressure to a ONE THOUSAND KILOGRAMS and completed a lap of the whole track.

''Yes!" I screamed through the mask. My goal of the day is completed. I wanted to circulate the fourth movement-second step of the exercise because I knew without it I would not have a chance to break the strain boundary. Even if I did it would next to zero.

Back when I was in my hometown, I had believed that with enough hard work I would be able to break the strain boundary. But it took only a week since I came to Westblood city that I have come to understand the truth. I have come to understand how naive I was, to break boundary hard work is not enough, you need more than that. You needed luck...

So all I can do for now is to try and complete 10 sets of the Exercise. Which will bring a qualitative change in my body while also increasing mine and Ashlyn's talent by a little? Above all I can that this little increase in strength after the tenth set will help in breaking Ashlyn's strain limit.

All I can do for now is hope, hope that I am right.