Monster Integration - Chapter 382 One Hundred and Forty Seven Mana Crystals

Chapter 382 One Hundred and Forty Seven Mana Crystals

"Your method is wrong."

"Yours truly is a man of many talents, let yours truly teach you the way of harvesting ten times more," the Team leader said suddenly as he started walking toward the only alive Grimm Race monster.

"Team Leader what is this harvesting ten times more you just said?" Sophia asked curiously as the team leader stood in front of the Grimm Race monster that she had just beaten.

She had kept this Grimm Race monster alive deliberately so she could harvest more Mana Crystal.

"What I am teaching you a method of conversion of the Dark Energy." He said. everybody looked confused when he said that except for me.

"What Michael tried to do earlier is covert dark into Fire Type dark energy, so that he could harvest fire Crystal instead of regular Mana crystals." The team leader explained.


Numerous gasps could be heard around the people as they could not believe what they have just said.

"We could do that?" asked Sophia in astonishment, "Yes Grimm race is rejected by our world and that is the reason why we could harvest the Mana crystals and what are we doing that is tweaking that dark energy and giving it an elemental flavor, so that we can harvest elemental type Mana Crystals" The team leader said and took out a spindle-like thingy from his storage.

"This is special equipment called concentrator, it concentrates required energy into a single point according to our need."

"Micheal did everything right except for using his fire energy." The team leader said as he looked at me,

"You have used your fire energy and Rule power, there is no need to use your fire ability as your rule power is many times stronger than it, just use your Rule power."

"They may work seamlessly outside but in the Grimm Race's person's body, they create the little Conflict, so it is better to use only one thing to modify dark energy of Grimm Race."

"And another thing you have to do is practice, practice until you are able to do it. I will have to warn you though, this thing can not be learned in a week or two, it needs to practice on hundreds of bodies of Grimm race monsters." said team leader to everyone.

Most of the people still have confusion on their face but they still nodded, their confusion will go away when they see the results.

"Now listen carefully, there are three conditions had to be met when changing the attribute of the dark energy, first the Grimm race person had to alive, only when its alive, only then will you able to change it's dark energies attribute."

"As for the second condition that is the power you released into it have to be in the perfect amount, its should be neither less, neither more."

"And the last condition should be that you should inject your power in the center of the mana veins of the Grimm race monster," said Team Leader and the next moment, I sensed sharp lightning fluctuation from the spindle-like thingy that instructor is holding.


Two seconds later, the instructor had pierced his spindle lie thingy in the Grimm race monster, directly in the center of its mana veins network.


The Gatorman that had been unconscious woke up and screamed very loudly but no one cared as everyone looking at lighting that is spreading into its body.

In less than ten seconds everything is over, the monster is dead. The only change in its body that faint lightning flashes could be seen throughout its magic veins.

"You can start harnessing now." said the team leader, Sophia nodded and latched the High-grade Runic disk into the chest of the Grimm Race monster and its so fast that within three minuits, its finished harvesting the Gatorman, turning it ash fully.

Everyone surrounded Sophia as she picked up Runic disk from the Grimm race monsters ashes.

"Gasp!" she took a huge gasp when she opened the latch of the runic disk and saw glittering violet color Mana Crystals and in those ten mana Crystals lighting could be seen flickering now and then.

I had harvested eleven fire Crystals from the Major stage Elite Grimm Race monster but Sopha harvested ten thunder crystals from the normal Major stage Grimm Race monster, there is only a difference of one Mana crystal. I am sure that if I had harvested with High-Grade Runic Disk, I would have harvested at least four to six more mana crystals.

"I have not completely believed the instructor earlier but now seeing the glittering crystal, it seems what the instructor said is all true," said Sophia and look the team leader with stars s.h.i.+ning in her eyes, not only she other people also looked that.

"Don't look at me that way, I will not be your cash machine who gives you elemental mana crystals, if want them then you have to make them yourself." The team leader said looking at the starry eyes of everyone.

"You are no fun, team leader," said Sophia but that didn't stop her from asking the next question.

"Can we harvest any type of Mana Crystal through this process?" asked Sophia. Hering that question, I also perked my ears as from what I know, there are only elemental type crystals that can be made through this method.

The team leader was silent for a few moments as if thinking whether to tell us or not but seeing the expectant look on our faces, he finally made his choice.

"It not only elemental type crystal could be harnessed this way but harnessing elemental type crystal is the easiest while harnessing other types than elemental mana crystals are extremely difficult, more than a hundred times more difficult than harnessing elemental crystal."

"I have only seen one person who is able to that with my own eyes. Anyways, you don't have to worry about all these things as all of you have one type of elemental power, as long as you practice enough you may able to harness elemental mana crystals in a few month's time. "The team leader said.

After asking this question, people didn't leave the instructor alone and asked all sorts of questions like, where does one find that spindle-like thingy and how much it costs and many other things.

I am surprised to know that spindle type thingy is quite cheap, its price is similar to that of Grade 8 totem artifact which could be brought by anyone here.

The team leader answered everyone's questions one by one, everyone asked questions, including me.

We started to move forward after the team leader answered all the questions we have and just half an hour we encountered another team of eleven Grimm race monsters and like last time instructor had disappeared right after he told us there are Grimm race monsters hiding around and came back right after we finished that fight.

After harvesting crystal, we moved forward again and little more than an hour later, we come across the team of fourteen monsters which we are able to finish a little more than an hour with Emma fighting four monsters together.

I would have helped but it didn't come to fight and Emma was handling quite well four monsters at the time, so I didnt help but just stood to wait nearly to help if she needed, which of course she didn't.

After that, we didn't encounter any big group for nearly two hours and when did encounter it finally it was a group of 10 monsters which was a minimum requirement that the team leader had set up for us.

On the way, the team leader had killed many monsters that its count went above two hundred, in which there were many monsters groups containing, seven monsters, eight monsters, and even nine monsters but the team leader killed them all.

We have had a team leader not to kill a group of monsters that had nine Grimm race monsters and let us fight instead but he didnt listened and killed all of them with its dart saying we will fight to the group which has ten or more monsters.

"All right it's enough for today, we will return to the fort now." said team leader after we finished harvesting Mana crystal from the fourth group of Grimm race monsters that we have just killed.