Monster Integration - Chapter 383 Powerful

Chapter 383 Powerful

Our return from the Madeleine Swamp was quite safe, all the Grimm race monsters that we come across were quickly finished by the team leader.

Today's was most fruitful of all, as I had gained a total of one hundred and forty eight mana crystals, I have harvested one hundred and two mana crystals from the four perfectly good condition Major stage monsters while other forty-two mana crystals from the four half-burned Grimm race monsters.

Though I failed to harvest elemental mana crystals from the four Major stages Grimm race monsters, half burning their bodies, despite that I was still able to harvest forty-two mana crystals from those half-burned bodies of Grimm monsters though High-Grade Runic Disks.

Since I had read about the method of converting dark energy to harvest elemental type mana crystals, I decided that half of the Grimm race monsters that I will kill, I will use them for my experiment to harvest elemental mana crystal from them.

Though I did not see any success today, I will see it one day as long as I continue to persist.

Thinking about the one hundred and forty seven mana crystals in my pocket, I felt immensely happy, this may be nothing in the Grimm battlefield but it is the huge sum in the outside and I was able to harvest this much because of the High-Grade Runic Disks.

If I had used the Mid grade runic disks I have, then maximum I would have been able to harvest had been one hundred and ten mana crystals.

And this only the first day with an instructor with us, I am confident that I will harvest much more mana crystal, even more than this in the coming days.

In the future, if I am able to reach the Peak of Knight stage (Marshal Stage), I will need much more than this. I still remember the memory I saw from the white ax. To level up from the Knight stage, its owner had needed a huge amount of Mana Crystals.

Akin to a small hill, they were thousands of times more than I have now. That amount may be huge but I am confident that I can ama.s.s in just two-three years in such a wonderful and dangerous place like the Grimm battlefield.

Buzz Buzz Buzz…

Soon we saw the silhouette of the city and my holowatch started to buzz with notifications as it picked the network, not only mine everyone started to buzz as they picked up the network.

I did not look at the notification, I will look at them when I reached my apartment.

"Goodbye for today, we will meet here tomorrow at dawn." Team Leader after we cross the gate, we also said goodbye to each other as we flew toward our own places while I flew with Sophia and Reina as it turned out their apartment is very near mine, so we decided to fly together.

"Our Team Leader is very powerful, he must have reached the peak." Sophia said Reina nodded with 'um' agreeing with her sister while I am completely oblivious as I didnt understand what they mean.

"Reaching the Peak?" I asked since I didnt understand what they had said.

"It means that our instructor had become powerful enough that he could go out without fear in any hunting Ground of Fort Cavendish."

"My brother had said in the S Cla.s.s guild, only those who made the team leaders who had completed the guild challenge and asked to go to Mid Zone," she said.

I know about Mid Zone but I have never heard about Guild challenge and about to asked Sophia when she started explaining on her own.

"You must know that Grimm Battlefield is divided into three areas, the fort cavendish that we are in is counted in Outposts, The Mid Zone is where the stronger Grimm Races are found is ten times more dangerous than the outposts and then there are finally Warzones where only monstrous level of experts could go," she asked.

I nodded as I have read this all this in the introductory doc.u.ments, I've even heard that more than 95% of people present in the warzone are from the central continent.

"The S Cla.s.s guild only let its members go to the Mid Zone if they have cleared the guild chalenge as only then they will have right to join the S cla.s.s guild there."

"There is another option that is to leave the guild and go to the Mid Zone area through the Adventurers paradise as minimum requirement it put is have cla.s.s 7 access which could which most of the S cla.s.s member of the S Guild have after stying six month in guild due to its intense missions," Sophia explained.

"Is the guild challenge is hard?" I asked. "Yes, its very hard as after pa.s.sing this challenge you will directly become a half member of Raging Thunder Guild of Warzone, As for becoming a full member you will have to pa.s.s their own test." Sophia, I nodded.

These two sisters know many things, its probably because of the brother they revered so much.

"Do you think our Team leader is powerful enough to beat the Vice guild master that gave us orientation?" I asked.

I first thought that vice guild master is stronger than the team leader but after seeing the instructor turning Major stage Grimm Race monsters into ash with a casual dart.

I started to have to feel doubts about my a.s.sessment and now Sophia that team leader must have pa.s.sed a very hard guild test, so I more started to doubt the a.s.sessment I met but right after I asked a question, an intense reaction came from both sister's.


Sophia started to laugh loudly, she laughs so loudly that people from below also looked up after hearing her laughing her sound, not only Sophia but Reina who usually have an expressionless face also had a small smile on her lips.

"Micheal, you really make nice jokes," Sophia said as wiped the tears off her eyes that came from her laughing loudly, I simply glared as she looked at me.

"Micheal there no comparison between two of them, it will be comparing the child that just born to an adult that is prime of his life," Sophia said and I clearly understood her meaning.

"Is she that powerful?" I asked, "Yes, not only she but all the vice guild masters and Guildmanster of S Cla.s.s Guild and Guildmasters of A-Cla.s.s guilds."

"They are not people but monsters. A single vice guild master alone have the power to beat the entre guild single-handedly without even breaking the sweat, people like our instructor nothing but ants in front of them." I am shocked hearing that and even looked at Sophia doubtfully.

"Don't look at me like that, I'll tell you that our guild master and vice guild master are a member of Warzone's S cla.s.s Guild," Sophia explained, so that how it is.

"Are they even at the Knight stage?" I asked doubtfully if they possess such power then they should not be at the knight stage, only those above knight stage should have such power.

"Of course they are at Knight stage. I don't know what reason is but every vice guild masters and guild master at outpost are at Knight stage." Sophia said.