Monster Integration - Chapter 381 Yours Truly Is A Man Of Many Talents

Chapter 381 Yours Truly Is A Man Of Many Talents


It fell on the ground with a thud while clutching its neck like its other friend who is doing the same but its no use doing that as I have already transferred quite a lot of Sunfire into their bodies.

it had started burning their internal organs and blood one by one, even with the terrifying vitality that these Grimm Race monsters posses, it will be quite hard for them to recover from these injuries in short time.

I have to say, this is far easiest the fight I had since I had arrived in the Grimm battlefield.

This fight would have gone longer if not for this second Gaterman's mistake, it wanted to sacrifice his friend so he can do a lethal attack on me that was the huge mistake that cost it its life.

If it had saved its friend and fought together against me then they would have survived ten minutes more but it didnt and now both of them flaying on the ground in pain.

It took me less than three minutes to finish my fight while others are still fighting their opponents, the closest one finis.h.i.+ng their opponent is Sophia and Reina, it few minuits they will finish their first opponent and it wouldn't take long for them to finish off the last two remainings.

It is very surprising but also very unsurprising, the reason is very simple.

Its experience, I can clearly see that it is the first time for Ben, Emma and Ritchie fighting the Grimm race monsters, they have clearly very unfamiliar to their battle tactics and moves.

This is the reason why that Sophia and Reina will finish their opponent first then others and I am right as Sophia and Reina had just killed their first opponent and now aggressively fighting the other two.

Puchi! Puchi!

I stabbed the two Grimm race monster again and injected Sunfire into them, I want to keep them alive for my little experiment and seeing their healing rate that I kept injecting the Sunfire into them so that they lay immobile in the ground and do not recover enough to make their last stand.

Ten more minuits pa.s.sed and so[phia and Reina had finally finished their 2nd opponent and now only left one which will take them less than a minute to finish him off.

The fights are becoming more intense and for that, I have become more vigilant and ready, especially against the two elites that are fighting against the Ritchie and Reina.

If the elites have used their special move and those two can't seem to handle them then I will step in to help, though I don't think they will need my help.

Time pa.s.sed by and another fifteen minuits pa.s.sed and Emma finally able to kill one of the opponents she is fighting, not long after that, Ritchie also killed his first opponent but he was not lucky as Emma as just as he killed his first opponent, the elite he was fighting got angered and summoned his spirit totem.

Ritchie seemed startled seeing Spirit Totem first but soon look of understanding had dawned on him and his energy also increased and the intense fight between two of them started.

I moved closer to the fight but not too close, I will only make a move only when he is danger and for that, I have already activated the 2nd enhancement of my sword, it is fully charged and could be used to attack at any moment.

As the fight going on, I had sensed another fluctuation from my left side, I didnt have to turn my neck to know that it is elite Gatorman that was fighting Emma also summoned his spirit totem.

With her opponent also summoning its spirit Totem, the fights on the battlefield finally had reached its peak as one can see them exchanging hundred of blows every minute.


Finally, Emma had killed the elite Gatorman and decapitated normal Gatorman next moment.

When she looks around, she saw that three people had already finished their opponents and now just watching the battle vigilantly, this surprised her a lot as she clearly knew she was the strongest but she forth to finished her fight, this irked her some.

Finally after ten minutes both ben and Ritchie finished their fights at the same time, only to notice everyone had already finished their fight.

"Just to finish ten some monsters, you all had wasted about an hour if other S cla.s.s guilds were to know this they will surely laugh at us." suddenly we heard a voice, only to see our team leader appeared beside us suddenly and we are unable to seem him coming despite being vigilant.

Seeing him we all glared at him but no one dared to say anything except Sophia of course.

"You!" Sophia said wanted to say something more but stopped by her elder sister.

"Oh! I forgot to give you these earlier, these are your guild allotted Runic disks," he said as he casually started to throw runic disks at us.

I caught the Runic disk and as I had expected they are High-Grade runic disk, S cla.s.s guilds are really something, I thought as I looked at the disk.

Everyone started to attach the disk to the monsters the had killed, I also attacked it to one monster, as I did, It started flay on the ground even more violently than before.

As for other Gatorman that is still alive, I have different planned for it.

I crouch down and activated Killing rule fully and touch the body Gatorman, I close my eyes to sense the full working of Gatorman's Body like how much dark energy it has in its body and everything.

I with high senses, I quickly got to know everything I needed to know and it is now time for a showdown.

I started to charge my sword with 2nd enhancement, Point Inferno and when I thought that I had reached the perfect power, I stopped charging and pierce my sword at the center of its mana veins.


As my sword pierce its center of mana veins, Its it let out a fierce cry but I didnt care as most of my focus is on the tiny red lines spreading all over its body.

I could feel my teammate's eyes on me, I could clearly guess what some of them are thinking, they are thinking I am a sick psycho who had pleasure torturing Grimm monsters.

What I am doing is basically torture as I am burning the mana veins of Gatorman, it is even painful than process harnessing Mana cores from it.

Seeing the perfect red lava-like spreading in its body, turning the dark energy into fire type dark energy, the more I watch that lava-like like vines, the more I felt I am going to succeed but that was just my wishful thinking as heavy learned smoke started to release from it, It means I had failed.

If it was so easy to learn then it couldn't be one of the hardest things to learn in this Grimm Battlefield.

"Your method is wrong."

"Yours truly is a man of many talents, let yours truly teach you the way of harvesting ten times more," the Team leader said suddenly as he started walks toward the only alive Grimm Race monster.