Monster Integration - Chapter 377 Mana Transmutation Crystal

Chapter 377 Mana Transmutation Crystal

Three of us get out of the hall excitedly but if one would ask who is most excited, then it would be Sophia. She is very excited that she literally, dragged us to the second floor as all training facilities and other cool things are from the second floor.

"Look the Gravity chamber, here one could train in twenty times more gravity than normal," said Sophia.

20 times! I am shocked by hearing that. In the republic the Highes Gravity Chamber could offer is 7 times and only those with a strong body and high power were able to walk in this level.

As in every turn, the gravity is multiplied and it very hard to walk when every cell of your body experiencing that weight, till now I had only walked gravity that is four times a normal.

I was able to do that because I had created two amethyst seal's which made my body quite strong.

As entered the chamber, I could see there are tens of circular platforms that are four meters in diameter and many people practicing on them and what surprised me is all of them were practicing at 9 times or above gravity and they are experiencing gravity with the pure body, they are not using any other strenth.

I received my biggest shock when I saw the level of those practicing, all of them were the major stage or below, I have fought with Major stage, not only humans but monsters and Grimm Race and know humans bodies are very weaker than the other two.

Seeing them I again come to know the deficiency of my body and need to improve it as quickly as possible.

"One can't underestimate the members of S cla.s.s guild!" said melodic unfamiliar voice beside me, only to see it was Reina that spoke. It is my first time hearing her speak and got quite surprised.

I know she is not mute as mute people behave differently than how Reina does, still, I am quite surprised to know she had such a melodic voice.

People with such a voice should speak more, not less like her.

"Brother was right, the members of S cla.s.s Guild are really something," affirmed Sofia as she looked at one girl who is practicing at 16 times gravity and she is only at Major stage.

We looked around the gravity chamber for a while before going to another training facility which aids in making one reaction fast.

One after another we kept checking training facilities and finally reached the skill hall were low, Mid, High and even Peak level Knight grade skills are kept.

Low-grade skills are literally free, the mid ones do cost little but not much as High-level skill's, the only skills that are expensive is Peak level Knight grade skills.

If I had not seen Occult Method, I would have been very excited to seem Peak level skills here but now, I am not that interested as the only thing that excites me are the Occult Method.

"Now, let's go see the best thing in this guild, the Occult method. let's go!" Said Sophia excitedly, she seemed as much as excited me as nearly started to run.

Soon we reached the fifth floor as that is where the occult method is kept when we got where the occult method is kept, we found half of the rookies that were in the hall with us already present there.

We can't go inside the hall where occult skill is placed but we can see it through the big mirror that separated the hall from outside.

When I go near a mirror and looked inside the hall, I saw that twenty-something people are staring at quite ugly painting with the singular focus.

I was expecting some scroll or book but not an ugly painting, I am very confused about seeing that.

"Occult Method is very different than skill's, you can compare them to Rule Power."

"Every occult method is unique on their own and one can only learn them through comprehending them. Once you comprehend them, you can pa.s.s imprint that comprehension through any method."

"Be in Writing, Caligraphy, Music, you can even imprint it on the rock with your sword strokes. It didnt matter in what way you can pa.s.s it, what matter is your comprehension." Explained Reina in her melodious voice seeing my confusion.

"Thanks!" I said I had any confusion about it but Reina's detailed explanation solved it all.

"Comprehension is necessary but if one did have the ability to use it then it all for naught. The occult method used uses mysterious occult energy and to use that occult energy one had to have strong Soul power Physical strength and pure mana."

"One can forgo these ways and use Rule bottle method, in which one can incase occult energy with the protection of Rule power, so all the three elements won't be needed but my brother said that is extremely dumb method as one will not able to use Rule power with occult skill,"said Sophia.

I am quite startled hearing her explanation, I had known from reading about the occult method that one need to strong soul energy, physical body, and pure mana and thought if I am lacking any one of these, I could use Rule bottle method as from what I have read, it is said that Rule Bottle is safest but I didnt think, it poses such huge drawback.

I will think about using the Rule bottle method to host the Occult energy into my body.

"Let's go, one last thing remaining to see," said Sophia as he dragged us toward another end of the fifth floor.

What is there remaining to see? We have seen what is there to see in the guild but when I saw the place is Sophia is taking us and read the description that is projected, I have became startled.

Isn't this only available in the Central Continent, I have searched about it on the web to see if it is available in the fort cavendish but I did not get any result?

"You can get these things only in S Cla.s.s guild and you will not find its mention on the web till you have Grade 7 access."

Mana Trans.m.u.tation Crystals or Mana Trans.m.u.tation Method. What shown in front of me is twelve fingernail size crystals, these crystals are known as Mana Trans.m.u.tation Crystals.

It is Mana Trans.m.u.tation Crystal that are placed Jim, jill and other super Elites to make them super-elite. There crystal's help change property of the mana and if one successfully refined the whole crystal in Knight stage then his Mana would successfully trans.m.u.te in the flavor at that crystal.

There are twelve crystals in front of me numbered 1 to 12 with their description and how powerful the trans.m.u.tation crystal is, No. 1 is the weakest Mana trans.m.u.tation Crytal while No. 12 is strongest trans.m.u.tation crystal.

"The No. 2 white color crystal is used by the most organization in the republic to make their Super Elites, we were also trans.m.u.ting our mana with the No.2 mana trans.m.u.tation crystal," said Sophia as she looked at white color crystal.