Monster Integration - Chapter 376 Joining Formally

Chapter 376 Joining Formally

"We meet again!" I said as I sat beside the empty chair next to a red-haired girl, the black hair quite twin also sitting beside her sister.

"I didnt get a chance to introduce us last time, I am Sophia and this is my elder sister Reina," said Sophia as she introduced herself and her twin. So, the black-haired one is elder, I though red-haired one is since I had only heard her talk.

"Micheal." I introduced myself as I looked at all the people that are sitting here, most of them seemed around my age, but some are older who are in their late teens or early twenties.

Most of those who are in their twenties are at Captain stage or above, from some of them I even felt an extremely threatening feeling which clearly surprised me.

Due to killing Rule, I could one ability even if they are not emitting the aura and could also sense their battle power comparing to the level of threat I feel.

Giving me extremely feeling means they could beat me at the single move, which is clearly unexpected and surprising as normal Captain stage are not my match, even those who are Super elite cant beat.

Only captain stage evolver that beat me those who are had comprehended the rule and by the feeling I got nearly all the people who are here had comprehended the Rule power.

That's an S Cla.s.s guild for you, in normal guilds it is very difficult to see rookie who had comprehended the Rule power but in the S cla.s.s Guild, they are everywhere.

Time pa.s.sed by people kept coming and by the time there are only five minutes before the requested time, nearly a hundred people filled the hall.

"This time there are more people, it was probably due to Awakening Ground opened in Republic," said Sophia. Like me, they are also from the republic its just that they are from the capital city and I am from the westblood city.

The twin's elder brother had also come to the Grimm battlefield four years ago and able to join the S cla.s.s guild and probably that is why they know many things about the Grimm battlefield.

Soon very beautiful young women in her early twenties entered the hall and just as my gaze fell on her, alarm bells started to ring out in my mind.

This is the most threatening feeling I got from anyone since I came out of Awakening Ground, only in the awakening ground I had felt the danger similar to this.

I wasn't able to sense her power level for some reason but that didnt matter, knowing her battle power is enough to know that I should never offend this girl otherwise I will die before I know what had happened.

Seeing her entered, the hall became quiet as her chest has the badge of Raging Thunder but her badge is little different others were wearing, hers has golden outline covering the Lightning bolt.

"h.e.l.lo, I am Vice Guildmaster Elena Benz I welcome you all, the new members of Raging Thunder," she said in neutral expressions as she stood in front of us all.

"You all coming here means, you are ready to join our guild raging thunder."

"Now, I will start with the formalities," she said with her expressionless face and neutral voice.

After that was two hours of whole formal business where we had to sign some contract forms, they were not serious just usual business one had to do when one joins any organization.

" From today, you are members of Raging Thunder and I welcome you all," she said and waved her hands and small wooden boxes come out of her storage and flew where we were sitting one by one and stopped in front of us floating.


What a terrific ability control! I gasped in admiration. Not only I but many people gasped seeing this.

One can clearly see she had a wind ability which is one of hardest ability to control, even harder than the fire but she is controlling them like her own limbs.

Not only that, there are near a hundred badges that are stopped in front of us not moving at all.

That's some terrific control and mind power to control a hundred objects at the same time.

People stood still for a moment before picking up wooden boxes one by one, I also picked up a box that was in front of me.

After scanning my holowatch to the wooden box, it opened revealing small and delicate purple-red lightning batch inside. I have been waiting to get this ever since I've had entered the guild now I finally got.

After admiring it enough, I finally stick it to my chest thinking how great it is looking on my chest.

"Your training will start from tomorrow for two weeks where you will be going outside with the experienced hunter," she said.

The raging thunder provides two weeks of training to all their rookies where an experienced hunter takes them for hunting, after two weeks of training they are free to form their own groups but they will have to register their group with the Guild.

"You will know the details about your group leader and groupmates tomorrow when you arrive at dawn tomorrow!"

"The official business is over, you all free now but don't forget you will have to come to dawn tomorrow, missing the first day of training will lead an expulsion from the Guild," she said left.

What just happen? Did she just warn us with such a neutral voice?

"Man, what boring women," said Sophia after Elena Benz left. I also nodded, her voice has no emotions whatsoever, hearing her speak like hearing white noise on the repeat.

"Well, let's go! We should check the guild out, my brother told me that every S Cla.s.s guild has many cool things," Sophia said exitedly as she took us out of the hall.

She may be excited about many things but I am excited about only one thing and that is the Occult Method.