Monster Integration - Chapter 378 Silvian Ross

Chapter 378 Silvian Ross

"The No. 2 white color crystal is used by the most organization in the republic to make Super Elite, we were also trans.m.u.ting our mana with," said Sophia as she looked at white color crystal.

It is quite weak compared to the other ten crystals that are in front of it but if one wants this crystal, one will have to pay quite a price especially for the top three.

Their price may not as expensive as Occult Method but still, they are quite expensive and I have to say, these crystals prove quite an augmentation to one's mana but their requirements are also quite high.

If someone asks me which crystal I want to augment in me them then it would be 9th Crystal called Gystering Magma, it is best for those who had fire type ability.

Currently, with my physique and mana purity, the highest crystal augment is 5th crystal, if I want to augment 6th crystal them I will have 25 seals of supreme combat exercise.

"I want to change my change my Crytal as brother did!" Sophia said in a spoiled manner. "Do you have enough Points?" Asked Reina in her melodious voice which shut upped dreamy-eyed Sophia immediately but she didnt forget to stuck her tongue at her elder sister.

We looked at the crystal for some and before leaving the guild as we toured everything that had to be toured, now it is time to leave.

After saying goodbye to both sisters, I order a hovercar for my apartment directly.

When I reached my apartment, it was an early afternoon. I did not waste any time and started Performing Body Cleansing Technique and Supreme Combat exercise.

I am very powered up today seeing how powerful the members of the S Cla.s.s guild are and compare to them, my little bit of power is nothing.

Due to me being pumped up, I was able to make progress again. being tired, I slept after taking a shower, when I wake up in the evening, I felt fine except for feeling hungry and because of that, I decided to make an early dinner.

At night, I again practiced Supreme Combat Exercise and Body Cleansing Technique. I had already decided that I would practice Body Cleansing Exercise daily and when I am free I will do it twice.

By doing this not only I will able to level up quickly but I also will strong and flexible body and strong mental energy, if I able to make constant progress in two things then I am confident that my strength will rise exponentially and I will also have the base to host the occult energy in my body if I able to comprehend the occult skill.

More than an hour later, I finally finished doing both things and fell on the floor tiredly and slept a few seconds later on my own sweat on the floor.

The next day, I woke up before dawn and started to make preparation as I have to reach the guild at dawn. Everything is done very quickly freshened up, showered and ate yesterday's leftovers before getting out of my apartment.

When I got out of the apartment with Ashlyn with the sun had just started to rise, seeing that I heaved a sigh of relief and quickly get into the hovercar.

Soon the hovercar stopped in front of the guild and even this early, I could see the people going and coming, though they are not as yesterday, they are still many.

I had already received mail yesterday that I will go to Room No. 12 to meet my team leader and teammates. I walk into the Guild and walk toward the room No. 12.

When I entered inside it, I found there is a handsome young man in his late teen already present, he is at Captain stage and his battle power is strong enough to threaten me.

"h.e.l.low I am Micheal." I introduced myself, "Ben," he replied with a single word. I nodded and didnt talk as it felt a little awkward.

No one came for a few minutes before but then the door of the room opened and two people walked in, a girl and boy and took a seat not far from me, they both also in late teen and captains stage, they both exclude strong battle power, stronger than Ben.

Time ticked by and ten minutes later, the door opened again and this time to my great surprise it is Sophia and Reina.

"Micheal, I didnt think we will be in the same team," said Sophia as she sat beside me with her sister Reina. "Yeah, me too," I replied.

There were near a hundred rookies, the chances of us being in the team were not high.

"Now all the six people had already arrived, I wonder when our team leader will come!"


Just as Sophia said that the door opened and the young man late teen walked in and to my surprise, I know him, it is the same boy who advised me to not look at the sign of Lightning bolt for more than a minute.

"h.e.l.lo, Rookies I am Silvian Ross and I will be your Team Leader and team leader for two weeks," said Silvian.

To my surprise, I was not able to sense his stage or his battle power due to some it was completely different from the Vice guild leader yesterday when I tried to sense her level yesterday, I felt it was immense that I can't measure it but I had received warning of threat from her and that it was paralyzing but from our group leader I am feeling nothing, whenever I tried to sense it with the intuition of killing Rule, I felt something is block it.

There is the only reason for this that is Rule power, it looked like the team leader had comprehended some Rule power that able to block my intuition to sense the Team Leader's power.

This is the first time I had come across the Rule power that was able to block the sense of my killing rule, to block my killing Rule's sense team leader Rule is either 2nd level or Peak 2nd level Rule and his comprehension of Rule must be a lot higher than mine.

"Let's go, I already know all your details and you can get to know about each other when on the way," said Team Leader as he ushered us out of the guild.

"You all know Skywalking skill right?" Asked team leader, we all nodded in unison. "Good, now follow me." said the Team Leader and he jumped in the air effortlessly.

We all were dumbstruck for a while before we also jump off and started to follow the team leader on the air.

The Special Preveledge of S Cla.s.s Guild. Those from the S Cla.s.s Guild have the special privilege that they can walk on the air, other's only get this privilege when their access reaches Level 7.

I have been very jealous of this privilege when I saw people flying over the city, especially when they fly above the city gates but not anymore, I thought as I looked at the city gates not far from us.