Monster Integration - Chapter 375 Coincidences

Chapter 375 Coincidences

I was able to reach my apartment before the evening came and the first thing I did was lay on the bed tiredly and that is what I am doing for the past half an hour.

The fight with the werewolf leader took a lot out me and till now, I am not healed fully. the vibrations did the damage on the tissue level that it will take some time to fully.

After laying on the bed for half an hour, I finally got up and started to search for the reason of me getting Fire Crystal and half an hour of searching I finally found the reason and when I read the reason, a weird expression had formedon my face.

The forming of Fire Crystals was a pure coincidence due to many factors.

First is I have the perfect attack which is Point inferno which stuck at the perfect spot, which is the center of werewolf's chest. That is the place where magic veins of all his body congealed.

It could be said that it is the center of the magic veins network of werewolf's bodies. So, me stuffing extremely concentrated fire mana and Sunfire rule into the center of magic veins network, it had lit up all the dark energy present in the veins and transferred to every cell of its body and that changed its dark energies flavor to fire type.

It is very difficult to do that again if I want to, first, the Grimm race monster has to be alive, second I had to stuff the concentrated energy into the center of its mana veins network.

The amount of energy neither has to less nor more, if it is less then it won't be able to change the type of the dark energy and if it is more then it will burn the body to crisp.

That is why I said that me harvesting fire is crystal is due to bundle of coincidences coming together but that doesn't mean it can't be done again.

The information I am reading said that it can be done and many people harvest elemental Mana Crystal's through this method, it just that one needs a lot of practice that means I will have an experiment on lots of Grimm race monsters before I could succeed.

If I really want harvest elemental fire crystals then I will have to suffer the loss before I could make a profit in harvesting elementum mana crystals.

I have feeling that I could do and will learn pretty quickly. The reason for my confidence is my Killing Rule, it is half sensory type rule which I think will be very helpful.

I continue researching it for some time before closing the windows as I have a bath and dinner to make.

Time pa.s.sed and the day of my officially joining Raging Thunder had arrived.

These past three days had been very helpful, not only I had done very extensive research about how to harvest elemental mana crystals perfectly, I even done quite well in the supreme combat exercise and body cleansing technique.

I was able to reach advance two move in the Supreme Combat Exercise and three poses in the Body Cleansing Exercise which came to a surprise to me as I thought that my progress in the supreme combat exercise would be faster than the Body cleansing Exercise.

Well, this progress is well eaned as I practiced supreme combat exercise and body cleansing technique two times a day.

I am already in hovercar and should reach the Raging Thunder Guild soon.

I am feeling little jittery right now which I hadn't felt for some time, last time I had felt such jittery was when I was about to enter the Rule Palace and I feel that Raging Thunder effect on me would be same as gaining rule power, joining will give a completely different direction to my life.

Finally, the hovercar stopped in front of the white color building, the building is pure while except Purple Red huge lightning mark that is attached to the building.


As I looked at the light mark for more than second, I felt like lightning had struck my eyes and I had to look away lest it really really hurt my eyes.


I heard someone say, only to see a boy who looked to be year older than is looking at me.

"Don't look at the signboard of any S Cla.s.s Guild or it will hurt you some way, all of these signboards are infused with Rule power of Guild member"

"You can only look at it when your Rule power had reached the Intermidiate Grade," he said and walked toward the guild before I could say anything.

What he said is really true, on my first day in the fort cavendish, I had seen the logo of snow and felt little headache.

So this is power and Majesty of the S Grade Guilds, I can't imagine how many people had infused their power in the logo to create such effect.

The Building of the Raging Thunder guild is pure white and just seven stories tall compare to some other guilds who have to build taller than fifty stories.

I've read that S Cla.s.s guilds don't have more than a thousand members in their guild and it is not because they want to accept a fixed number of members, its just that the requirement to join is too high.

Not many people could gain 4000 combat score when they are rookies, only best of best could able to get in the S Cla.s.s guild.

I looked at the lightning symbol for one more time and walked inside, as I am walking inside it, I found people are going and coming inside like normal building but the different thing is the badge they are wearing.

A purple-red lightning batch could be seen on them, that is S cla.s.s guild batch. That batch is a wonder ticket that could take you to many places where you could not go before and opened many unknow doors.

The S cla.s.s guild member has many privileges, one of them is whatever they buy they will always get an offer and they don't have to wait in the like when coming and going outside the fort cavendish, they could just fly over it.

From today, I will also have that batch on me, I thought as I walk toward the receptionist desk but before I could say anything, the pretty receptionist asked me the question.

"Rookie?" she asked me as I approached the desk, I nodded. "Go to the Hall no. 3, all the rookies accepted in this month are there," she said pointing to the hall that had No. 3 painted on the large letters.

"Thank You!" I said and walked toward the Hall number three.

Inside the hall no. 3, I found twenty-something people are sitting there doing their own thing, I thought I am quite early but looked like there are people who are earlier than me.

"I have never expected we will meet this soon!" I heard, the voice seemed familiar but I can put a point on it but when I looked at the person who had just talked, I couldn't help but get surprised as the one called me the same red-haired girl who had asked me for help three days ago.