Monster Integration - Chapter 374 Fire Crystals

Chapter 374 Fire Crystals

After drinking more than ten bottles of the Potions, I felt slightly good that I was able to move my limbs.

I started to crawl toward the werewolf body, despite my body is still healing. First is to pick my sword which had flown out of my hand second is to check whether werewolf dead or not and attach the runic discs to it to harvest the Mana Crystals.

It will take me near an hour to heal enough that to walk normally without feeling any pain if I waited and then harvested mana crystal then it will waste quite a time, so it would be quite better I attach the runic disks now, by the time I healed enough to walk, the mana crystals will be harvested from the werewolves.

After finding my sword, I crawled toward the werewolf.

When I reached near it, I found all the veins in his body are bright red and center of the chest which I thought would have big hole, there is nothing except for little burned and bright red spreading from it.

Point Inferno. When I got name and information from the sword after breaking the seal, I thought it would that rice like concentrated fire will blast big hope in the werewolves chest but nothing that sort happens, instead, it seemed to have burned the dark energy in its body.

I hope it will not affect the number of Mana Crystals I harvest from it, I thought as I placed my mid-grade runic disks on both sides of the chest.

Runic disks lit up and started harvesting the Mana Crystal from the werewolf while I sat beside it and drank several bottles of potions again.

This time the Vibrations had damaged my body quite deeply and there even that energy of Spirit Totem, if not for I forcefully activated my rule power again erased them, I would have been in the underworld right now.

Still, this fight had been very useful to me, this fight gave me a clear indication of which area I should focus on for a few months.

First I and foremost, I should increase my mental power enough that I would be able to use two of my rule powers with ease, second would be level up obviously and third I should do something to make my body strong.

If I were to say straightly then I would perform more poses of Body Cleasing Exercise as possible and create more seals of Supreme combat exercise as possible, only then I will able to overcome my deficiencies.

As I am busy with my thoughts, I suddenly noticed that light on both of the runic disks had died down, its had been just ten some minutes since I place them on werewolf for harvesting.

When I looked at both Runic discs both of them had just harvested eleven complete Mana Crystals, being an Elite Major Level it should have given twenty to thirty mana crystals but It had just given eleven.

Looks like if I wanted to harvest more crystal, I should use this 2nd Enhancement move as less as possible, I thought as I opened the lock of the runic disk to take out the refined mana crystals from it.

"Fire Crystal!" I shout out loudly, didnt know what to think about seeing fire crystal. Harvesting fire crystal is not a strange thing, one can harvest fire element crystal or any other element crystal from the Grimm race, its just have to special elemetium tribe or Grimm race monster that is practicing elementum energy but the werewolf front of me fit neither categories.

I know it is just normal elite werewolf, it neither from special werewolf tribe nor is one who practiced some elemental or other energy otherwise I would sense it.

Since neither of those options apply then there is only one thing that caused Runic discs to produce Fire Crystal that is 2nd enhancement attack, I did earlier.

Point Inferno must have caused this some way but I don't know-how, as it is not easy to change elementum of one's energy for Grimm race or us.

After taking out five fire crystal from 1st runic disk and I decided to check on the other disk excitedly, only to find six fire crystal that I expected.

This is a Windfall! Normally from elite Major stage Grimm monster, one can harvest about 25 Mana Crystal average with Medium grade skill but what I got is 11 fire Crystals which's price equivalent to the 10 normal refined Mana crystals that mean these 11 Fire crystals I have is equivalent to 11o mana crystal, more than four times that I usually get from the Major stage Grimm Race monsters.

The first thing I will do after I get to my apartment is the search for a reason for me harvesting the Fire Crystal and find a way if it was just a fluke or there is a way to imitate it.

If I could find a way to harvest fire Crytal at every hunt, then I would be able to get four times more in every hunt.

Shaking my head of such though, I drank another healing potion, my injuries are quite extensive and will have to rest for half an hour more before I could walk normally.

Half an hour pa.s.sed quickly, after checking Gimm race monster ash one more time for any lost item, I started to walk toward the north where my fight with the werewolf leader had started.

I am still a little worried about the two sisters as they were fighting three Major stage Werewolves, though the three werewolves were quite weak compared to their leader, they were still three Major stage monsters.

They should be fine, I thought when I had to look at their fight they were doing quite fine against the three werewolves with their impeccable teamwork and 2nd level Rule.

I didnt hear any noise as I go toward the battlefield and that made me vigilant and I grabbed my sword and walked toward the area carefully but soon realized that I am worried for nothing as I saw twins had already killed the three werewolves, its just that they had suffered quite a serious injuries similar to mine and now recuperating.

I come out in the open and hearing the sound of my footsteps, the twins instantly became vigilant and ready to attack but when they saw its me, they had put down their weapons.

"We were quite worried about you and would have come for your rescue after we have healed enough but looked like you are quite fine." Said red-haired girl.

"Yes, I dealt with it!" I confirmed, they didnt sound much-surprised hearing that.

"Since you both are fine, I'll leave," I said and started to leave. "Wait! I did say, I'll give you reward for help, you can keep the three bodies." said red-haired girl.

"No need! Consider as a favor, you can help me when I am in trouble." I said left before they could protest.

I said this word to them because I didnt like taking something from others that is rightfully theirs but I didnt know that the words that I used as an excuse not to take the reward for will soon come true.

I did not stay at Sardine hill anymore and started to walk toward the outpost despite there is still three hours before the time of leaving I've decided before.