Monster Integration - Chapter 373 Dead

Chapter 373 Dead

Clank Puh!

forty seconds had pa.s.sed and twenty seconds more and I will be able to pierce this b.a.s.t.a.r.d with my sword.

"You are difficult to kill as those c.o.c.kroaches!" said Wolfman suddenly and I had ominous intuition that it will be going do something which will be very bad for me.

"Looks like I will have to use that!" said the werewolf and violed smoke bellowed from its body, I have already thought something like this happens.

"You can summon Spirit Totem!" I asked with utterly shocked expression in order to stall for time, I just need to stall it for the five-second, after that I can attack.

"Yes, I can." said quite triumphantly but suddenly as it had sensed something, an intense look of anger came over.

"You are trying to stall me?" It asked as it hacked its greatsword at me with immense strength but seeing the great ax I coming toward me, I showed no fear instead smiled.

Just as it had finished asking, the charge completed and concentrated fire in a similar size of rice grain formed on my sword and seeing that I activated my killing Rule.

Just as I did, I overcame with the soul-crus.h.i.+ng headache and my eyes, ears, and nose started to bleed but

Seeing all the fire mana and rule power I feed it to the sword had concentrated into the single small point that is the similar size of rice, I can't imagine what level of power it will exclude but I am sure, once it hit any part of werewolf body, it will surely kill it or injure it enough that it won't able to stand.

As the spirit totem integrated back into him, he ax speed is even greater but to my senses, its like an ax coming at normal speed. I quickly started to access the loophole to attack.

With killing Rule, my thought the process has become extremely fast which helped me think the best possible way to beat this werewolf in a single strike.

This is a very dangerous move and I would probably get very injured but to kill this wolf it will be worth it.

I released my left hand from the sword and activated my s.h.i.+eld from it, I usually hold a sword in both of my hands, I only hold it in one hand when I using the s.h.i.+eld.

I moved my left hand toward the incoming ax and my sword toward its chest.

A curve of a smile formed on its lips seeing me do that, as taking one hand off the sword not only decrease the power of my sword a lot but it also makes my defense lose, so when its ax will clash against me it ax, it will transfer immense shock in my body and with it will come vibration that will cut every part of my body, so there is very high chance than not only my internal organs will get shredded, it will also powder my bone.

It doesn't seem to care about my sword seeing its power diminished and how protective gear he is wearing. If it wants to avoid my sword then it will have to abandon its attack which it won't do, it will bear the small injury on its for the price of killing me.

It is a very dangerous plan and even a slight mistake could cost me my life but once successful, it will surely kill or fatly injure this monster, as that flesh shredding bone cutting vibration, I also have the plan to deal with that.

As for him noticing about my plan is very difficult as concentrated fire point is hidden in the very tip of the sword, it will only come out when I willed it and it touched any object.

"Dieee….." It shouted loudly as its ax about to clash with my s.h.i.+eld and my sword about to touch its heart.


Finally, the ax clashed against my s.h.i.+ed and exact same moment my sword touched the center of its chest instead of its heart as it craftily moved a little and I had to improvise at last momenta and only after pa.s.sing its defenses and piercing its skin by half a centimeter, I released that rice size concentrated fire into its body

I was able to forcefully able to stand on the ground for a moment before I was sent flying at extreme speed.


We both screamed loudly at the same time, as the vibration that came from its ax started to tear my body apart and the rice like concentrated fire I released into its body is cooking it from inside.

It may look like much time had pa.s.sed but only two-second pa.s.sed since it launches an attack after integrating with its Spirit Totem.

I want to let go of two rule powers that I activated but I forcefully hold them and started to circulate them all over my body to crush the vibration that is cutting my every part of my into fine pieces.

If I did not crush this force with four seconds then I will surely pa.s.s through the door of the underworld.

I used the power of two of my rules to crush the vibration inside but every moment pain is increasing by a fold that I finally cant handle and had to let go of rule powers.

"Bang!" Crack Crack Crack…..Puh Puh Puh….

The moment after letting go rule power, I crashed into the tree and felt every bone of my body broke and I kept vomiting the blood.

If I had crashed against the tree when I rule power activated, the effect would not be this worst as my strengthening skill and strenth skill were fused with the skill.

I am already got seriously injured with the vibrations and now clas.h.i.+ng against the tree made me even more injured and worst is I was unable to crush fully and it is injuring me again.

I have to crush this vibration quickly, though its power is very lower than before but it is still injuring and if it keeps such pace then I will not able to live more than five minutes despite its low power.

Gritting my teeth, I again activated the power of Sunfire despite feeling immense headache and started to crush final vibration with it.

Every moment of torturous as I feeling soul splitting headache due to rule power being active but I have no choice but endure this torture till those lethal vibrations are not fully crushed.

Finally, after a few seconds later I am able to crush all the vibrations with my rule power and just wanted to rest a bit but I didnt as I am still very seriously injured and If I didnt drink the potions soon, I will have to face grave repercussion or even death.

I somehow used my mangled hand to reached my storage and took out a few bottles of potions and somehow drank them one after another.

Only when I felt cool and vibrant force traveling all over my body, only then I am able to take a sigh of relief thinking I finally survived.