Monster Integration - Chapter 366 Practicing

Chapter 366 Practicing

Tomorrow I will solo hunt for last time, I don't when I will get chance to do that as I don't how long I have do missions with the guild before I got the permission to do the solo missions.

I have not performed the body cleansing exercise for three days, I have had already reached the sixteenth pose of the first move, father had said if I reached the 18th pose or higher then I would have chance to get contact with the energy of Miracle fruit.

I have had already wasted three days of time and I don't want to waste any more time as that miracle fruit energy is my only chance to level up quickly without paying the exorbitant price.

I did not plan to waste today also, that is why I removed all my clothes except for my underwear.

Taking could of deep breaths, I started to perform the Body Cleasing Technique, not only that I also started circulating supreme combat exercise, this will be my first time using them together.

I am at the 16th pose of Body cleansing Technique and on the 7th of the 21st in Supreme Combat Exercise. In the past three months, I tried many times tried to circulate the Supreme Combat Exercise but I wasn't able to make much progress.

There is immense pain but I can handle it by gritting my teeth but circulation is very difficult, I have to move my energy through the certain pathway of my magic veins and that is the hardest part.

It took immense effort to move the energy slightly and It put a lot of mental strain that I just wanted to give up and I give up most of the time but now I don't have that choice.

It is about survival now as Supreme Combat Exercise not only provides special Vitality but it also provides barely discernable mental energy and that is what I need.

I need lots of mental energy so that I can use all my power without feeling any mental strain, not only the new seals will provide me more mental energy, it will also make my body stronger and give me more benefits but it is extremely hard to practice especially after twenty seals are created.

Taking a couple of breaths to calm myself down, I started to perform the Body Cleansing Technique Supreme Combat Exercise at the same time and just as I did that I stopped in my spot after moving a little.

Both of these methods are extremely hard to strain both body and mind to the limit, so I will be slower than usual to perform both of these two methods.

I stopped for a few seconds and started to perform again, my speed is extremely slow, it is comparable to my speed when I perform 10th pose of the Body Cleansing Technique.

I started performing at slow speed, not dare to make any mistake in the pose as if I do that, all will be for naught and I will have to start from all over again.

With ant-like speed, I started performing the 1st pose of Body Cleasing Technique and reached the 7th circulation in the Supreme combat exercise.

As I started on the second pose of the Body Cleansing Technique, I had reached the 7th move of Supreme Combat Exercise and now the real challenge starts which is to circulate the eight move.

As I was performing the second pose, I tried to circulate for the 8th move but it is very difficult as no matter how I tried, I wasn't able to reach the 8th.

I didnt back down seeing that and kept trying toward the 8th move no matter how many times I failed while I kept trying on supreme combat exercise, In body cleansing technique I reached the 6th pose.

Daily when I practice, I somehow performed till 16 th pose but whenever I want to perform the 17 th pose, I fall down as all my energy and willpower to perform got drained.

Time pa.s.sed as I perform body cleansing exercise at extremely slow speed and with every new pose my sleep got even slower but still, I was not able to reach the 8th circulation, despite that, I kept trying.

Drip Drip….

Drops of sweat could be seen falling down on my body as I am performing the 14th pose of Body Cleansing Exercise at extremely slow speed.

My body is now had so sweaty that there not a part left that is dry, the underwear I am wearing had also become very drenched. It was good that I am performing on a special carpet that is absorbing all the sweat that is releasing from my body, otherwise I would fell by sliding on my own sweat.

This had happened to me before and that is why I had brought a special mat that absorbed the sweat, so it could never happen to me again.

Finally! I finally entered 8th circulation, the hundreds of attempts and sweat-filled body finally paid of as I started circulating the mana according to 8th circulation but the struggle is not over yet.

At fifteen pose of Body Cleansing Technique, I felt very tired. Three times more tired than I usually feel when I was performing the 15 th pose, I am feeling all this tired because I am performing the poses slower than normal and also because I am circulating supreme combat exercise.

After starting the 8th move of Supreme Combat Exercise, I started to give more focus on the Body Cleasing Technique, so I could able to perform the 17th pose.

16th pose, this is the last pose I am able to perform, no matter how much I advance is after that, I always failed as I became extremely tired in both body and mind.

Halfway in the 16th pose, I started to feel that I had lost all my energy and moving my body just by fraction had become extremely difficult. I just wanted to stop but thinking about how I was able to advance to the 8th move of circulation which I hadn't been able to do, thinking that I kept going.

Extremely slowly I finally performed the last past bit of 16th pose but I am feeling extremely tired that twitching finger had become difficult for me and just standing had been taking great willpower out of me.

If this time, even if my little sister were to push me slightly, I would fall down. thinking of her, I couldn't help but remember the call I made to my family just a few hours ago.

A smile couldn't help but form on my mouth when I thought about my family and will to protect them from any danger that comes in their way and the Grimm race is such danger.

If someday they intensify their attack again then they will not only danger to my family but to the whole world. I do not have naive wish to became strongest and protect the whole humanity, I just want to have enough strength so I could protect those I love.

'Ahhhhh' with that thought, I screamed through the gritted teeth and started to perform the 17th pose with all my heart as I am doing that I noticed that the supreme combat exercise which I had given minimum focus to ever since I reached the eighth move had also advanced to the 9th move of the Supreme Combat Exercise.

This sudden advancement in supreme combat exercise really shocked me but I don't have time to get happy over it as I had just started to perform the 17th pose and I had fully performed it before it could be said to be succeeded.