Monster Integration - Chapter 367 Mutation In Miracle Fruit's Energy

Chapter 367 Mutation In Miracle Fruit's Energy

Sudden advancement in supreme combat exercise shocked me but I don't have time to get happy over it as I had just started to perform the 17th pose and I had fully performed it before it could be said to be succeeded.

My speed is slower than the ant and every second felt like an hour, every moment I thought about giving up but whenever I thought about the Grimm race monsters and what they could do to my family, it gives me the motivation that kept me going.


As I was performing the 17th pose, I separate a strand of my mental energy and use to look inside me and when I looked inside I became shocked seeing what is happening inside.

The Energy of Miracle fruit, it present, it hadn't been completely spent yet. My father had told me that there is only fifty present chance that energy of miracle fruit present in my body and only after reaching 18th pose or above will I able see it but it seemed like my father was little wrong this time.

The energy of Miracle fruit did not spend and it appears one pose before my father had predicted but like last time its quant.i.ty is very low and this time I will have to feed is more before I could level up with help of it.

Seeing the amount of energy, it will take near six months if I were to feed it in normal speed but I didnt have that much time, if I have to shorten the time by two to three times them I will have to put many times more efforts otherwise I will be left behind by the other rookies of my batch.

Though my 95$ strenth comes from Rule power but leveling up is also very important as at every level and stage it gives a small boost in the mental energy which is required to use the rule.

Mental energy is necessary otherwise even if I have all the Rule power in the world, I would not able to use it, so I would need to level up and fast or if I come across any dangerous opponent, I won't get a chance to use all my power because I don't have sufficient mental energy.

I with the motivation to protect kept performing and even after I finish performing 17th, I did not stop and continue for the 18th pose but my repet.i.tive attempt to perform the 18th pose had failed as the pressure of 18th pose is too great that I wasn't able to perform.

Seeing that today it will be impossible to perform 18th pose, I stopped trying and started to perform 17th pose again, I did that because the longer I kept performing the body cleansing exercise, the longer I kept performing, the more time the energy of Miracle has to swallow other energies around it.

If I have to level up quickly as possible then I would have to give as much as effort as possible otherwise I will spend an immense amount of merit points and crystal to get myself level up.

Some organizations offer services that could make quick level up but from what I've read on the web, they seemed to be harmful to future practice, that is why I have level naturally as possible, only if I didn't find any new method will I pay to level up.

In the Grimm Battlefield having wealth is very important, it is more important here than it was ever in the republic. Every service here cost fortune be It that increase soul energy or the service that offers level up, both costs fortune here.

The quickest way to earn fortune is a hunt, hunting the Grimm race monsters are the only way to earn fortune, Higher the grade of monster you hunt, the more money you will earn.

As I kept watching the Energy of Miracle fruit swallowing other energies and increasing its quant.i.ty, I noticed something that made me pleasantly surprised.

I notice that Energy of Miracle fruit's swallowing speed had increased by about 20%, this may seem a small amount but it is huge as it will lessen the time of my level up by ⅕. That's not the only change I noticed, the energy of miracle fruit is creamy in color originally but now it had a slight purple hue on it.

Though the purple hue is barely discernable in the creamy colored energy, I was only able to notice because I intentionally concentrated my mental energy on the small part of that creamy energy.

Is it mutating? I asked myself slowly, this only answer I could find, the slight layer of purple and I think swallowing speed my miracle fruits energy increased because of it.

This mutation is going toward the right direction, I thought. The mutation is a very dangerous thing, it goes the right or wrong direction and if some mutation goes toward the wrong direction then it could produce a horrible result.

Still, not feeling very calm about it started to observe it with more care and to observe it more carefully I even stop circulating supreme combat exercise that was taking most of my mental energy and only kept performing 17th pose over and over.

I wanted to stop so badly and so I could take a rest but I couldn't as observing mutation is very important, I have seen some horrifying mutations occurs in both monsters and humans and its heart shuddering.

I shudder whenever I thought about the mutation that had gone wrong. Till now I had only seen two mutations with my own is eyes one is when Rhe's Rock Panda mutated to Diamond Panda and second is a mutation of the energy of Miracle fruit that is residing in me.

Though I had confirmed that the mutation that is happening to Energy of Miracle fruit is not harmful, I still have to keep a vigilant eye on it as it has not completed yet, I will only take a sigh of relief when the mutation of this energy will be complete.

If my conjecture is correct which I think is then the reason swallowing speed of my Miraacle's fruit's energy had increased by about 20% because of that purple layer that is covering each particle of the energy of Miracle fruit and the purple layer only covered about 2% of Miracle fruit energy.

Then if the mutation fully came into a fruit as the Miracle fruits energy fully turned purple thus completing its mutation then I can't imagine the speed of Miracle's Fruits energies' swallowing would be and that time I will have to eat many monster core and other energies just to swallow its appet.i.te.

Micheal didnt know but the very words he says would come true in the future.

But if that happens and swallowing speed increase as I expected then very few would be able to match my level up to speed, I thought and stars couldn't help but s.h.i.+ne in my eyes.


I finally collapsed on the floor with a thud as I used every ounce of energy and willpower I had.