Monster Integration - Chapter 365 Need of Mental Energy

Chapter 365 Need of Mental Energy

"My perfect skin is back!" I said as I looked myself at the full-length mirror, I had just taken the bath as I did for two days it can be said that I just washed not bathed and that was making me uncomfortable.

I am only able to feel good when I took an hour-long satisfactory bath.

I am now free of the occult energy and all my injuries are healed, it is now time to think about what to for the next five days.

The only option is that is to hunt, I want to hunt for the solo last time before I join the guild as after that for a few months, I will not get any chances of solo hunting.

There are only two days I can hunt which are today and tomorrow, as for the last three days, I will not hunt on those days as if I accidentally come across Ratman like an opponent again and got injured and not able to get to guild-like bandaged man.

So, I will have to go either tomorrow or the day after that. I don't want to go tomorrow as Tomorrow I will tour the city.

The day after tomorrow it is then, that will be the day I will solo hunt for last time, then it will be few months before I will again able to have the pleasure of solo hunting.

After making plans for tomorrow, I fell into sleep as for three days, I hadn't able to sleep properly.

When I woke up in the evening again, I quickly made dinner and slept again as tiredness out of hadn't gone away.

I only felt good when I woke up the next morning, very refreshed and free of any load in the body, the body and mind always have such feeling, only then one will able to walk far in the way of practice.

After showering and eating lunch, I got out of my apartment.

My account is nearly empty of credits and I will have to now exchange the merit points with refined mana Crystals but the number of merit points I could exchange with refined crystal is way less than refined crystal value.

Every rookie who enters the Grimm Battlefield was given new qualification by adventurers paradise, no matter what your previous qualification is in adventurers paradise before, you will have started with the same qualifications as rest.

Currently, my qualification is lv. 9 like all the rookies that come the same batch like me, it barely has any benefits.

Normally one refined core would sell for 1 million merit points but currently, I could only get a hundred thousand merits and while remaining will transfer to my account next month according to my qualification.

It in this it will take ten months for me to get all the merit points from the sell of Mana Crystal unless I advanced my qualification.

The simplest way I could advance my qualification to Lv. 8 is to kill a hundred Grimm race monster.

Just killing one Major stage put me into that condition, killing hundred would be really difficult.

Normal rookies would take year or more to earn that qualification while elite one takes less. I am confident that I will be able to advance my qualification in six with my current power if my power increased again then it would be even faster.

Advancing qualification is very hard, every level criteria to advance get difficult that is why even the most powerful person in the Fort Cavendish, Branchmaster of Adventurers paradise only has Lv. 3 qualification.

I got off the elevator and walk toward one of the exchange booths to get a hundred thousand merit points, in exchange for one Mana Crystals.

These exchange booths work similarly to that of the ones in the westblood city, the only difference that they buy monster cores and these ones are mana crystal.

A minute later I had finished the transaction and now I have a hundred thousand merit points in my account.

With a hundred thousand merit points, I walked out of my building door to tour the city.

It is the night when I came back from touring the city and amazement and resolve couldn't be hidden in my eyes.

I am amazed by the service offered by the city and they are able to amae me to the core. I have had only heard about them in the awakening ground and never thought I will be able to get a chance to experience them.

I am now more resolved to earn more crystal core and merit points as only having those will I able to use those services.

One thing which most impressed me is the organization called mind palace, they provide a course of one week in which one will able to increase one's mental energy.

Though it is said that only one or two able last until one week but those who are able to complete the whole one-week course will find their considerable increase in their mental energy.

That organization's name is soul palace and the merit points or Mana Crystal they demand is immense, the amount of mana crystal I have is nothing but a trickle in front of that amount.

At my current stage, I will have to work very hard for the number of Merit points or Mana crystal that the soul palace required.

Using Rule power needs considerable mental energy and more powerful the Rule is more mental energy is required.

Currently, I could only use one Rule power at a time, using two Rule power together at their 100% had become impossible now as the power of Sunfire had increased considerably.

If I want to use both of my Rule power at 100% then I will have to increase my mental energy.

There is no practice method to increase the mental energy like a refinement engine as mental energy depends on one's soul that is why it is also known as soul energy.

The soul is very fragile but also very tensile in a way and if one wants to increase his soul energy then put stress on the soul repeatedly that it will break out of its limit.

As I said the soul is fragile, one had to do everything is limit and if ones too much pressure on then he will risk injuring him soul and it is known that injuries of the soul are most difficult to heal.

It's my good luck that I know the tried and tested method to increase the soul energy, it's just that this method is very hard to do and I haven't done in few months since its difficulty.

Today, I had spent near seven thousand merit points on shopping but I think it will worth as they all are the thing that requires during for hunt and most important I brought a short cloak and it looks very good on me.

I was originally planned to buy the long cloak but when I saw the short cloak, my heart was set on it and I brought it, immediately. It is the most expensive piece of clothing I've brought but I think its worth very much as it looks very das.h.i.+ng on me.