Monster Integration - Chapter 364 Selecting Guild

Chapter 364 Selecting Guild

Ashlyn slept and I started to burn the occult energy withing in my wounds and with its power increased, I have a very easy time burning the occult energy.

If I had fought with that Ratman now, I am confident that I could have easily beaten with just power of Sunfire and I wouldn't have gotten any fighting it.

Even it would have fought with my power of the last move that it used against me, I would have still able to kill that Ratman easily.

With the advancement in Sunfire power, I have become even more powerful that very few could be my match.

I am not just boasting, the increase in power of Sunfire this time is too great as its just the step away from reaching the Medium stage of the Basic stage.

Time pa.s.sed by while burning the energy, sometimes I divide my concentration to look at my holowatch waiting for the mail from S cla.s.s guilds despite knowing that mail would come at night bearing news of my acceptance or rejection.

It is ever since experiencing the power of Occult skill, I had developed a thirst for it and another reason that it is quite easy to learn Occult Skill in the Guild than the other places.

Even in adventurers paradise, one has ama.s.sed quite a large merit points and merit did before one gets a chance to comprehend the merit points.

As for the other organizations, it is much harder to comprehend the Occult Method they have than in the adventurer's paradise.

So, If I want to learn the Occult Method then joining the S guild will be my best option.


Time pa.s.sed and I was burning the occult energy at a very fast speed, as I was busy with burning off the occult energy, I heard a vibration from my holowatch.

I altogether stop burning the occult energy and just kept the protection of Sunfire as I excitedly opened my eyes.

"It really is!" I said out loud as looked at the name of S cla.s.s Guild on the mail, It is from Black Cloud.

Their mail contains only two lines but reading it my heart started to flutter like b.u.t.terfly.

I got accepted, they invited me to join their guild. I have to reply to them by tomorrow otherwise it would be considered rejection in my part.

I so wanted to reply just now saying Yes but I controlled myself as I want to see if I got any more invitation.

I have researched quite a bit about the Guilds, while five of them are in near equal power, the style of their working is different.

I wanted to join the guild that gives more freedom, most guilds advocate Team hunting esspecially when rookies are weaker and rarely let them hunt alone.

While most people like Team hunting style for safety, someone always had your back and importantly most of the people that come to Grimm Battlefield are from the Organisations which also advocates Team hunting.

Unlike most people, I like to hunt alone and only on the rare occasion did I go with friends to hunt.

So, I want to join the Guild that gave me little more freedom to hunt and Black Thunder didnt fit that criteria.

Of course, if I didnt receive an offer, I will surely join Black Thunder and won't unhappy about it a bit.

After reading mail several times, I again went back to burning the occult energy in my body.


About an hour later, another mail comes, seeing its name I became a little disappointed, the one I had been hoping to receive an invitation didnt sent me mail.

Red Flag is a quite good guild but it's filled with crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.ds which like to take a risk, that is why if one wanted to cla.s.sify guilds and see which is most powerful then it would be Red Flag.

These guys are so insane that they will do anything and there is a popular thread about it's in the same act that on the web.

Thirteen years ago, a team of five from the challenged from girls from the silver b.u.t.terfly to kill from 100 Grimm Race monsters from the dangerous area.

As everybody expected those five Crazy people from the Red flag accepted the mission and also completed the mission by placing a hundred heads of Grimm race monsters in front of gates.

It is said that all five from the Red Flag were bloodied till every inch of their skin but they were still laughing when they placed a hundred heads in front of city gates.

It is said that the reason for their craziness is their Occult Skill which is a little special than other occult skills, it is said that this skill put little insanity in them.

Though people of Red Flag are little insane, there is also brilliance hidden in their insanity that is why of all five S Cla.s.s Guilds, Red Flag has the lowest mortality rate among their members which is difficult to believe seeing their insane behavior.


I was just thinking about the Red flag when I felt another vibration on my hand and when I look down, I saw another mail.

It is from the Raging thunder and they are inviting me to join their guilds, and I without waiting replied yes.

I had been waiting for the Raging Thunders invitation all this long, it this S cla.s.s Guild which I had my heart set after reading details about it.

Like other guilds, it also advocates team hunting but unlike other teams, it gave quite a freedom to its members after one proved his strength.

Though I will have to do a group mission for at least three months and even after I proved my strength and got the freedom to do solo hunting, I will still have to do some team missions monthly.

It suits my mood perfectly, as long as I could do solo hunting, a team missions now and then are fine with me.


Sometime later, I finally received an invitation from last S Cla.s.s guild Scythe, the guild who works most mysteriously but regretfully I can't receive their invitation as I already accepted from Raging Thunder.

If I had not received the invitation from the Raging Thunder, I would have definitely joined Scythe.

They are mysterious but they also have a very good reputation and know to give their members quite freedom after much time.

My official joining would five days later, on the 10th of rookies arriving in the outpost.

The guilds in the Grimm Batttlefied are stricter and have more control over their members, they have to be like this not adventuring where one could morning hunt some monster do some mission and return.

This is the battlefield, A Warzone where millions of lives could be lost if Grim race launched a sudden as they have the habit of doing to countless outposts.

Such strictness necessary here otherwise the loss of lives would be immense.

Time pa.s.sed on, the night pa.s.sed as Ashlyn kept burning the occult energy and the day came and again, I start burning the occult energy with great fervor and only stopped when afternoon came as all the occult energy in my body had been finally eradicated.