Monster Integration - Chapter 363 Burning II

Chapter 363 Burning II

Finally, I could see the faint rays of dawn from my gallery's window, seeing that my very tired self got energized again.

I am not far from going deep into the parts of wounds, as long as I got deeper I will sleep and leave rest to Ashlyn till I wake up.


I keep burning that Occult energy and finally, I was able to burn that energy till I reached deep inside the wound but when I saw the Occult energy hiding there, I couldn't help but curse loudly.

The Occult energy inside the wounds is three times thicker than the one outside and deepness is just starting.

When I took to look inside the wound with the expense of mental energy and blinding headache as this occult energy had an element that thwarted the mental sense which is why I didnt use mental energy to look inside but now I had to look inside it.

I so wanted to curse loudly but I controlled myself and took a couple to deep breaths to calm myself.

Previously my estimate was that it will take two to three days to eliminate the whole energy but now it looked like it will take at least seven to nine for me to eradicate all this occult energy.

Nine days! The f.u.c.k I have nine days. Tomorrow I will get results from the S cla.s.s guild, accepted or not I don't want to outside looking like Bandage man, if possible but it looks like now I have no choice.

"Ashlyn wake up, wake up!" I shake Ashlyn as it is already dawn and I am feeling extremely tired and sleepy and won't able to last more than ten minutes, that how spent I am.

"Chew chew chew…." she woke up finally with the irritating chirp of being awoken while one was enjoying the beautiful dream.

"It's your turn now!" I said, she did not reply and turned into energy and entered inside me.

The next moment, I felt the power of Sunfire enveloping my body, seeing that I quickly withdraw my Rule of Sunfire covering my wounds.

Ashlyn did not cover my whole body with her power of Sunfire and the next moment her Sunfire had advanced inside the wounds.

I have to say, Ashlynn's control over Rule of Sunfire is way finer than mine, it is even better than my control over it Rule of Killing which I had comprehended.

Normally if others Rule power entered inside another body, one has to very very careful about harming others' bodies, especially if other's party is weak in power, if not careful one can gravely harm the other or worse kill.

Ashlyn and I share a bond and the Sunfire rule of ours is the same, so, even if her Sunfire went out of control in my body, it won't harm me as long as Ashlyn won't have any intention to harm me.

After seeing Ashlyn is doing better work than me burning the occult energy and laid on the without worries and fell into sleep next second.

My sleep had been quite and dreamless and when woke up in the afternoon, I felt a little fine as some of the occult energy is burned off and my body felt less pressured than before.

I did not waste time and got to the bathroom directly for freshening up and shower.

After I came out bathroom showered, I started heating food as I and Ashlyn are both feeling hungry, the afternoon is way past our usual lunchtime.

It was good on my part that I made lots of food today with the aim of eating leftovers today. So, now I just have to eat yesterday's food and lunch is ready.

"Chew chew!"

Ashlyn comes out me in excitement as I served the plates but not before I covered my wounds with my Sunfire energy, so any occult energy won't infiltrate into my body.

"Sleep well, you have to be up for all night tonight!" I said to Ashlyn as she finished eating.

"Chew!" she chirped and flew toward the balcony, shaking my head I finished all my and again sat on the bed, and started burning the occult energy.

The whole day was dull, the only thing I did was to burn the occult energy which is deep inside my wounds.

Ashlyn did not sleep first but she only slept when late morning approached and woke up when I was making the dinner.

"Chew chew!" Ashlyn chirps happily as she finished her special treat as she had not only received simple tasty dinner but she also got special treat we brought from the awakening ground.

After dinner, I did not immediately hand over my body to Ashlyn but keep burning the occult energy for two hours more till I became extremely tired.

Only when I no longer able to do more did I hand over my body to Ashlyn and slept soundly.

'Today, I will know the result!" I thought as I woke up in the early morning, three days will be over today since I sent my application to the S cla.s.s guild, In its three-day policy, I should be able to know by morning if I got accepted or not, I thought.

I hope I will get accepted in the S Cla.s.s guild, not only there are awesome Privileges but there is an incomplete occult Method as well.

Those privileges no matter how great they are could not compare to the thirst I have for the occult method.

I quickly put away the thoughts about the occult method back of my mind as if I kept thinking about it, I will waste a lot more time than I wished.


With that, I got out of bed and suddenly I felt very lite as if walking on the feather and when I opened one of band-aid out of my hand, only to see my wound is showing the little sign of healing.

Although, the sight is very small but still I was clearly able to see that my injury had healed a little.

I quickly concentrate on my wound only to find that that Sunfire, many times more than before is burning the Occult energy.


I then concentrated on my source only to see that yellow silver Feather had become more prominent, not only its s.h.i.+ne had increased simple, it size also increase by a bit and it again started to suppress Red Ribbon of my Rule of killing, seeing this I couldn't help but gasp loudly.

What is this Comprehension talent, I marveled at Ashlyn's comprehension power. Sunfire Rule had now reached the peak of Low of Basic Stage and just needed a push to make a breakthrough to the Medium level of the Basic Stage!

Ashlyn's Sunfire had again left my Rule of Killing by far, I have to quickly cache up with my Rule of Killing or my Rule of Killing will be left behind in the dust, I thought jokingly.

I am very happy with the power of Sunfire increasing with it, the burning of energy which about take more than seven days now will be finished in original three days.

If my estimate is right then by tomorrow evening, the occult energy in my body would be completely eradicated.