Monster Integration - Chapter 362 Burning I

Chapter 362 Burning I

"Two hundred and fifty thousand merit points, why don't they just rob a Bank!" I shouted out loud.

Asking for this much price is something and it is just for an hour, not a full treatment.

Even if I have two hundred and fifty thousand merit points, they would not be enough to completely remove this Occult energy from my body.

Now I have the only choice left which is burned off this Occult energy all by myself, it is a good thing I have Ashlyn otherwise I would have to stay awake till I remove all the mysteries energy from my body.

Dhub dhub!

I was about to read the last remaining paragraph when I heard the sound from the balcony, only to see the is blue drone stroking on my balcony.

I slowly got up and opened a window of the balcony, and started to take out things from my storage and put into storage that came inside the drone.

After I put away all the things inside, the drone flew away with a very fast speed that in just a few seconds it disappeared out of my eyes.

There is no one in fort cavendish that dares to harm the drone that belongs to Adenturrers Pradice, those who dare will have to pay a high price.

After returning to the bed, I started to read the last few paragraphs remaining in the doc.u.ment.

It is said that there is 13 incomplete occult skill in the Fort Cavendish, three in adventurer paradise, one each in the hands of five S cla.s.s guilds while rest of the others occult are different shops and organizations hands.

One can not look down on these incomplete occult skills, even if they are written with 1% comprehension of original occult skill.

That Ratman had said that he had comprehended less 1% of occult skill in his tribe's tablet but despite that he was able to bring out such destructive power.

Reading this doc.u.ment, I suddenly started to feel trust for the occult. Anyone would l.u.s.t after the power that could bring out such destruction but occults skill are very hard to comprehend, especially to those who are within the Knight Stage.

Not only that, the merit points one needs to spend to comprehend the Knight skill is immense, currently, I can't think about such amount.

I close the doc.u.ment after reading it and walk toward the bathroom.

It is a good thing that these bandages are waterproof and covers the wounds thoroughly otherwise even freshening up would have become uncomfortable and difficult for me.

After freshening up, I started to make dinner. I would have definitely ordered it if I have merit points to spare.

I can convert some amount of Mana Crystal into the merit points on a monthly basis but I didnt want to spend them yet.

I started to make make the dinner, today's dinner going to be simple as possible as I am in no condition to make an elaborate meal but all the ingredients I am going to use going to be special, so dinner going to be tasty none the less.

Within half an hour, the dinner is complete and we both started to eat and dinner, as I expected, is simple but tasty.

Ashlyn eating quitly is proof of that if dinner hadn't been tasty, Ashlyn would have complained, showing no disregard for the condition I am in while making the dinner.

After eating dinner, cleaning plates and finis.h.i.+ng other, I sat on the bed cross-legged, now that I finished all the I had it is now time to begin.

"Ashlyn, sleep now, you will begin when I go sleep," I said to Ashlyn and she replied with chirp while closing her eyes to sleep.

Seeing Ashlyn is now sleeping, I took a deep breath and started burning the Occult present in my room.

It has been hours since I last two Rule power the same time and because of that I started to feel mentally weak and had been feeling intense headache but after a few hours pa.s.sed that headache is now subsided and mental energy had also replenished.

Now, I can use the full power of my Rule without feeling an intense headache.

Chi Chi…

I started to use 100% power of my killing Rule, holding back nothing. As my Sunfire started to a.s.sault it at full force and I started to chi sound of something.

The process may seem like fast but it is excruciatingly slow, the Occult energy is very dense and very resilient, even burning small part of it takes time.

The process is excruciatingly slow and I had to keep my full concentration while burning it, otherwise, it will take more time to burn this Occult energy.

Currently, I am burning the energy that is present in the outer layer, it will take some time for me to burn and enter deep within the wounds.

Time pa.s.sed by as I continued to burn the energy boringly while changing my sitting position from time to time to release the strained muscled.

The burning of energy is utterly boring work as I had to keep the full concentration on invisible Sunfire that burning Occult energy which seemed to have all colors and no color at the same, it is very difficult to define what color of energy this Occult energy.

Hours pa.s.sed, one hour, two hours, three hours, four hours and midnight came as I kept doing the monotonous work, the only interesting thing is that I have burned quite a bit of that Occult energy and if I keep doing that till dawn, then I might burn this energy till I reached deep within the ruins.

With the pa.s.sing of time, I started to feel slightly tired and because of that little sleepy but I controlled myself thinking I have to last till the dawn, only after dawn I will handle rest to Ashlyn and sleeve.

I looked at each every wound carefully, seeing if I had left any corner and if I left it, I will take Sunfire there and burn off the Occult energy that is hiding there.

As I was burning that Occult energy, I started to notice the uniqueness of the Sunfire.

Though Sunfire's power is invisible since my comprehension hadn't broken out of the Basic stage but still, I couldn't help but marvel the power in it.

Sunfire is one of the hottest fire in the peak 2nd level, very few rules like Moonfire is able to content against it.

Though I have not comprehended it personally but using it for a few months I was able to get very familiar with it, if given a few months I might even able to advance it with my comprehension.

My Rule of Killing had advanced today, now it is on par with the Rule of Sunfire in my source and no longer suppressed under Rule of Sunfire as it had been before.

When Ashlyn sleeps earlier, I felt my Rule of killing imprinting itself in Ashlynn's source, now the rule of killing in her source and mine had the same level of comprehension and if any of us got new comprehension in the Rule it will automatically get imprinted in other's soul.