Monster Integration - Chapter 361 Two Hundred and Fifty Thousend Merit Points

Chapter 361 Two Hundred and Fifty Thousend Merit Points

"I should buy a Cloak when I return." I thought as I was climbing down the hill, though this long leather jacket is good, the cloak would be better.

Not only they are thin but they also gave higher mobility than long jackets.

I have seen many people wearing cloaks inside and outside the fort Cavendish, so it would not feel weird.

I always wanted to wear a cloak in the public and also while adventuring but seeing no one is wearing it, I also not wore it as I don't want to look odd one out but wearing a cloak in the fort cavendish is not a problem, I can now finally achieve my dream of wearing cloak in public.

It has been fifteen minutes since I left after harvesting Mana Crystals from the Ratmans, it will take me another one and a half hour to get out of range of the Sardine Hills.

There is danger till I am in Sardine hills, after getting out of Sardine Hills, the danger will lessen considerably.

Today is really something, from what I had read about sardine hill that here 90% Grimm Race monsters here are either at Lieutenant stage or Captain stage and these Grimm race monsters are that of average strength but what I experience opposite to what I've read.

Not only all the monsters I've encountered are the elite ones but there was also Major level Elite who can use Occult skill.

I don't know what I experienced today good luck or bad luck as I harvested fortune but I've also suffered misfortune.

In my current condition, I could only fight the Liutenet stage monster at most and that monster had to have average strength. if I come across an elite Lieutenet stage Grimm race monster or higher level Grimm race monster than Lieutenant stage then the only option I will have is run.

Currently, I am running through the sardine hill's if anyone to see that, they will definitely call me an idiot but I have no choice, due to my injuries I can't use my full strength, so quickly I get out this area better.

There is another reason also that no one could sneak attack on me due me having killing Rule.

Time pa.s.sed by and I finally got out of Sardine hills, getting out of sardine hills was mostly safe except for one encounter in which the Grimm race monster and humans were fighting.

When they saw me, both of them chose to ignore and continued to fight.

After getting into the forest, I increased my speed even more and able to get out of the forest in less than an hour.

As I touched the ground of wasteland, I took a jump and activated my air walking skill and ran toward Fort Cavendish.

On my way to the Fort Cavendish, I saw many people going back toward Fort Cavendish, they are more than twenty times I saw in the morning and there will more as evening approached.

Unlike outside, in the Grimm Battlefield, very few people chose to stay out of the safety of the outposts at night.

The reason is very simple, the Grimm Race monster has special advantages at night and some Grimm race monsters are nocturnal who only hunt at night.

The night is very disadvantageous to humans, even if we use gadgets like night vision and or anything else.

Those who stay outside are either crazy or have absolute confidence over their abilities.

By the time, evening approached I started to see the silhouette of the city and fifteen minutes later, I reached the city gates.

Forty-five minutes later, I sat on my bed tiredly thinking about the crowd I faced when getting inside the city, this crowd was really an experience for me.

I laid on the bed tiredly and stayed there for half an hour, I only get up when I felt tiredness had lessened from my body.

The first thing I did after getting is to call the drone from adventurers paradise to call the drone, so I could submit all the stuff I got from the Grimm Race monster like their artifacts and storages.

In a week I will get a list of all things retrieved from the storages and price that adventure paradise offer for them and in exchange for all that adventurer's paradise will take 30% either in stuff or in money.

The drone will come in fifteen minutes, till them I should research about occult Methods.

I didnt have to search for long as I got all the information I need from Adventurers Paradise and detailed at that free of cost.


When I started to read it, curses and noises of amazement couldn't help but came out of my body as I kept reading about occult methods.

Occult Methods could be used by anyone and that is why we humans are also capable of using it.

Mainly Occurlt method used by those who made the breakthrough from the Knight but those below can also comprehend some percent of it.

There are two things necessary for using the Occult Method is one is Comprehension and the other is Capability.

Like Rule power occult method have to comprehend but it is ten times harder to comprehend than the Rules especially to those from the Knight stage.

Occult Method cant not be transferred electronically and can only be written or carved by those who had comprehended at least 10% of it.

As for how they work, It is said that there are countless energies existed in the world and occult energy is one of them and they can be called and use using certain method.

It is not written here how the Occult Energy is harnessed inside the body, it's just said that one will understand automatically when one comprehended it but to use Occult Skill capability is necessary.

To use Occult energy, one needs to have Strong mental energy, Strong Body and Mana of above 95% purity, only then the body will able to host the occult energy.

Normally human Colonel Stage barely meets the criteria to host the Occult energy but that energy had to be a tiny amount if they got greedy with power and hosted more occult energy they can handle, then they will have to pay the price.

This is likely to happen with that Ratman, he used more occult energy than he could handle.

The criteria different for Grimm Race, they can holt occult skill from the Liutenet stage as they have a stronger body than us humans and other secret methods.

It is said humans also could use the occult method at the lieutenant stage and won't have to follow strict requirements of strong body, mental energy, and purified mana.

The only condition that one has to have a high comprehension of Rule power and using it make Rule bottle which can store harness occult energy while using the occult method.

They have even mentioned the requirement for it, those who comprehended Lv. 3 Rule, they need to comprehend their Peak level of the Basic stage, Rule power just had to step away from breaking out of the Basic stage.

As for those comprehended Peak 3rd level Rule for them, comprehension of Rule at Peak level of the Basic stage is enough.

Those who comprehended 2nd level Rule had to have Rule Comprehened at High level of the Basic stage which is inches away from breaking into Peak Level of the Basic stage.

For those who comprehended Peak 2nd level Rule, comprehension at a High level of the Basic stage is enough.

And last those who comprehended the 1st level Rule, just comprehension of it enough, written in the like which shocked me.

Just how powerful these 1st level Rules are. That just their comprehension is enough to let one use the occult method.

I quickly read through other miscellaneous information about occult skill's to find out what I truly need, which is a way to quickly heal my injuries.

After twenty minutes of searching, I finally found it and it said there are two ways.

One is to have someone who comprehended the occult Method to suck out occult energy out of my wounds and the other is to have someone who comprehended Rule at high comprehension burn out the occult energy in my wounds.

f.u.c.king s.h.i.+t!

Seeing the two ways, I quickly began the search on the web for those who offer those services in fort Cavendish and I found then next minute but when I look at the price they demanded, I couldn't help but curse loudly.

It is Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand merit points per hour.