Monster Integration - Chapter 360 Harvest and Return

Chapter 360 Harvest and Return

There are more than a hundred cuts all over my body but no blood could be seen leaking from them as this is also one of the perks of killing Rule.

As long as I cover my body with killing energy, no blood would leak out of me, no matter how many cuts I had received.

Currently, I am observing the weird energy that presents in my wound, it is very ferocious and wanted to charge inside my body but hold down my by Rule power.

After observing them enough, I took out a healing potion bottle and drank but a few seconds pa.s.sed, no a single change occurred to my wounds.

I had expected this seeing the viciousness of energy that it would not let any healing effect take place on my wounds.

I started to think about ways to remove my body and I started to attack it with my mana but I was shocked to see that it is devouring my mana and getting stronger, seeing that I effectively cut the supply of mana.

This energy is really vicious, it looks like I have to use my Rule power after all.

I am now suffering from splitting headaches due to using two Rule power at once, the headache would not have been this worse but when my Killing Rule advanced, the pressure on my mental energy increase many times more.

The killing Rule is the one blocking this mysterious energies path and despite feeling hedach I took the strand of killing energy and attacked it on that Mysterious energy.

The Killing energy instantly obliterated but seeing that I did not turn sad but happy as I saw that it felt threatened against killing energy and attacked it and the reason it was obliterated because I just use a strand of mental Killing energy, not a hunk of it.

Seeing killing energy may useful against it, I used a hunk of killing energy while enduring spitting headaches and attacked that mysterious energy.

Both Mysterious energies fought and finally Killing energy able to erase a small part of that energy.

This mysterious energy is very resilient, if I used killing energy to obliterate it, it will take days even a full week.

I should try Sunfire Rule, I thought. The offensive power of Killing Rule is not that great to compare to Sunfire Rule if I guess then is 30% of Sunfire which is less than one-third power of Sunfire Rule.

Sunfire rule is one of the best offensive Rule in the 2nd level and it should be very effective against this mysterious energy but first I have to replace Killing Rule with Sunfire and I have to do it fast enough so that, this Mysterious energy won't take advantage of it and sleeps into my body.

"I am such an idiot!" I said as I slapped myself on the uninjured part of my temple. if I have replaced Killing Rule with Sunfire Rule, all my wounds would have burst open and it would have taken less than a minute for me lose all my blood, not only that this mysterious energy would have taken this chance to invade my body.

It was good that I quickly realized my mistake. Now before I could replace Killing Rule with Sunfire Rule, I have to do something about these wounds, it's a good thing that I have away.

With that, I have taken out huge chunk of bandages and started to paste them all over my body by the time I finished, I looked like a boy whose body more covered more in bandages than cloths.

After checking nothing I had missed, I quickly took back Rule of Killing and Replaced with Sunfire Rule but the mysterious energy noticed its chance and wanted to infiltrate inside my body and about to be succeeded when Sunfire sure covered my body and mysterious energy that about infiltrating my body came in contact with Sunfire.

Sizzle! Sizzle!...

They made a sizzling sound as they burned with my Sunfire Rule but still, even the Rule of Sunfire took quite a time to burn off that energy and that energy is just Mysterious energy that tried to infiltrate my body which was in very minute amount compare to the s.h.i.+t load of mysterious energy which is my wounds.

Still, with the power of Sunfire, It will take two to three days to burn off that Mysterious energy completely, only then will my injuries would be fully healed.

This is not the place I could slowly burn away energy from the occult skill, I could only do that in the safety of my apartment.

The two Ratmen are still lying down and Ashley would attack them whenever she sensed even a slight moment from them.

Still, I have to careful, ready for any attack but that would be hard for it does so as I will sense it just as it thought that.

I took out the special rope from my storage that which I brought to bind the Grimm Race monster especially.

As long as they are even weakened stage, it will be very hard even for major stage Grimm race monster to free itself from the bind of Rope.

I went to the short Ratman first and started to Bind it with the Rope, halfway through the process, it started to struggle but I am easily able to suppress it.

After Binding the Short Ratman perfectly, I went toward tall Ratman, as I got closer to it I didnt sense any emotions, especially killing from it.

It truly is unconscious, I thought as I touched the tall Ratmans body. Even after taking a hard beating for Ashlyn that short Ratman in Semi-conscious state but this Ratman is fully unconscious and its breathing also seems very weak.

It seemed like using the occult method is not easy, one had to pay certain price using it, I thought as I looked at Ratman.

The first thing I will do after returning is the research occult method and see if there is a faster way to heal my injuries.

I took Crystal disk and just thinking about on chich Ratman I should use this on when my gaze fell on the storage on the ground, not far from where half eater human body used to be.

I quickly went toward it and spread my mental energy into the storage, hoping to find something.

"Bingo!" I shouted.

I was hoping to find Crystel disk inside the storage, it is a necessary item who goes out for the hunting and I was right.

There is Crystal disk, not one but two and both of the disk is medium grade one.

They are a little smaller than my crystal disk, with blue color and better look than my crystal disk.

Both disks have a capacity of twenty Mana Crystal and would take a lot less time to produce it.

I was just worried about the time it would take to harness Mana Crystals as it took nearly half an hour just to harness four crystal from the Lieutenant grade Grimm Monster but finding two Middle-grade Crystal disk in the storage it is like the grace of G.o.d to me, especially when I am in this vulnerable condition.

I quickly placed crystal disk on both of the Ratmans chests and waited for Mana crystal to be produced.

Low-Grade Crystal Disk can harness on average 3 Crystal core from Lieutenant Stage, 7 from Captain stage and Fifteen from Major Stage.

Amount of Crytal given by the average Grimm race monster but those belong special tribe or elite or something different about them can give different amount of harvest.

Middle-Grade Crystal Disk 30% to 40% can harness more compare to Low-Grade Crystal disk.

Ting! Ting! Ting!....

The medium level crystal disk is really better than Low-grade disk, not only it can harvest more Mana Crystals but they are also about five times faster in harvesting speed.

The Ratmans which were semi-conscious and Unconcious state were roused from their unconscious stage as crystal disks started harvesting their energy and now they are suffering painful torture of their life being harvested.

While Crystal disks were harvesting the Mana Crystal, I collected ashes of a dead man into the bottle.

Whoever this was, he must be at Major stage otherwise its flesh would have directly vaporized, had not been able to survive 100% power of my Sunfire.

He must have fallen into the trap of Ratman and got killed in the sneak attack as I saw no sign of fighting when I arrived at the scene earlier.

After collecting ashes and things of the fallen man, I waited silently for harnessing to be over.

Time pa.s.sed by and Mana Crystal after Mana Crystal started to appear in the crystal, seeing that, my mood which had been sour due to my injuries started becoming better.

I had quite a harvest today just by mana crystals and there are still things from three Grimm race monsters, I wonder how much merit points I will get from them.


Tall Ratman turns to ash and harness finally over in little less than an hour, picking Crrytal disk off the ashes of tall Ratman, I removed all mana cores from it which are fourteen.

Counting five I got from short Ratman and four from a werewolf, I have gained twenty Mana Crystal today, that's quite a fortune.

I would have gotten a lot more especially from tall Ratman if not for it being exhausted from using occult skill and then injured by Ashlyn.

After wearing a long leather coat to cover my bandaged body, I started to leave toward Fort Cavendish's direction.