Monster Integration - Chapter 359 Occullt Method III

Chapter 359 Occullt Method III

As I received more and more wounds, the mysterious energy that Ratmans blade released inside them tried to enter inside me through them but I was able to keep it in the bay with the power of my Rules.

More injuries started appearing on my body from the first second and in just a few seconds their quant.i.ty becomes so great that they had appeared on every inch of my body including my face.

I have rarely ever received injury on the face but now I have received so many injuries on my face that they are greater than all the injuries I have received it till now.

Clank Clank Clank Clank Clank Slash....

As time pa.s.sed my intuition became stronger and the slashes that I had received on my body started lessening but still, I had received quite many serious injuries. It is due to the sheer willpower that I holding on, otherwise, I would have collapsed long ago due to serious injuries and mysterious energy that tried to infiltrate my body.

Clank Clank Slash Clank Clank...

Seeing I getting better and better at defending as time pa.s.sed, it suddenly increased the intensity of its attacks.

The mysteriousness of its movement increased and I am having a hard time defending against its attack despite having High intuition.

If this going on then I won't be able to last more than five-second, I thought worriedly and gave my all for defending against its attacks but its not enough.


Suddenly I felt an intense premonition of death and next moment killing Intent skyrocketed to an alarming degree, it is the heaviest killing intent I've sensed in real life.

The very next second, I felt blade coming toward my neck at extremely fast speed and my sword and s.h.i.+eld too far away defend against it.

The neck and the crotch are the only two areas in my body that were free of blade cuts, I had taken cuts on other vital areas but never let blade touch these two areas but now the blade is coming at extremely high speed and if I didnt do anything else then it would slice my neck apart.

As for the protection of defense skill and defense equipment, they are like paper in front it that could smoothly cut through with the slight force.

The defense made of both of my Rule power is not easily cut through but this d.a.m.n occult skill has some kind of weird energy that it could even cut through the defense made of Rule power's if they are not strong enough.

If I had survived this fight by some blessing, I would sure research more about the occult skills, so I won't be caught off guard like this next time.

He had just launched this attack just a fraction of second ago but in such a small time I was able to think about hundreds of options that could save me but except for one,

I thought through the hundreds of options and the only option I find that have slight chance to save me is a dodge, yes a simple dodge but blade coming so fast that simple dodging won't work as the blade would pierce through my throat before I could finish taking half a step.

Fort this dodge, I will have to use the move which I hadn't used in months, after comprehending Rule power, I felt there was no need to use that move.

The reason I stopped using that move because its execution was slow but that weakness would be gone if I used my Rule power.

With the plan in mind, I executed that move and next moment two jets of fire lit under the sole of my feet and with slight flex of my leg muscles, I made a jump high but when I was just a few inches above the ground, the reappears blade arrived front of me and touched my neck.

I am going to die, I thought the moment the blade touched my neck. Time seemed to slow down at extremely slow speed as I am able to see what is happening in front of me, frame by frame.

I could see the blade that is touched my neck is inching deeper and deeper into my skin while I am going higher and higher but my speed is too low compared to the speed of the Blade.

It probably would have a sense that I am going to die and no one can save me that is why I felt extreme elation from his killing intent.

This is the first time I felt such killing intent, it is different from the usual killing intent which only contains murderous intention for another.

This killing intent had murderous intent obviously otherwise it would not be called killing intent but there is also joy in it.

Even on the verge of death, sensing such different killing intent, I got enamored by it. I have heard many times that killing someone felt joy but it is my first-time sensing with my senses.

Suddenly I felt the change happening in my source if I could currently see my source I would see that the blood Red ribbon that was representing my Killing Rule had become even s.h.i.+nier and sharp edges of its became even more prominent, there is even change happening in length as it grows bigger.

The ribbons aura kept rising and till it started to exclude aura the same level as that of Silver yellow feather. When comprehending the Rule at Awakening Ground, Micheal barely able comprehend it to the low level of the Basic stage while Ashlyn also comprehended to low level of Basic stage but her comprehension had reached halfway into it.

That is why Sunfire rule always been more powerful than killing Rule.

Outside Michael who is seeing what happening in very slow motion, found his speed had increased suddenly increased many times and the blade which even started to scratch bone of neck but before it could go further, my speed increased explosively that it left blade and Ratman behind.


I had just stabilized myself in the air when I heard a soft thud ground below and when I looked down what sound is, I saw Ratman lying in the ground.

I didnt dare to believe what I saw, this could be a plot.

"Ashlyn throws a couple of fireball on its limb!" I asked Ashlyn from the air as I am using all the mental energy I have to use my Rule power to ward off mysterious energy in my injuries which is trying its all to infiltrate in my body.

This air walking skill which I used to use without any effort is now taking all my effort to main it.

Chew chew!

Sup sup sup…..

She affirmed with chirp and lunched started launching piecing fireball to all over its limbs, so if it's acting then it will definitely move away and even if it's not acting, such injuries on its limps will make even hard for it to walks for some time.

Except little moving, it did not do much even when Ashlyn pieced its limbs with her tiny fireb.a.l.l.s, I still did not feel safe and ask Ashlyn to launch a couple more fireb.a.l.l.s.

Only after seeing its body in the wretched state by fireb.a.l.l.s, I land on the ground at a safe distance and started to think about mysterious energy that dwelling in my injuries.