Monster Integration - Chapter 356 Searching

Chapter 356 Searching


The third Mana Crytal had been created and werewolf looked like it had aged years and now in its last years.

Its hair became dull while and its skin became wrinkly and sickly, I hope that it will survive till this forth crystal is made at least.

Though its body had decayed due to absorption but its spirit is still there as it is still struggling with all despite feeling the immense pain of absorption.

Seeing that some feeling mercy had arisen in my heart but I quickly quashed it before it could take a root.

This is war and in it, there is no s.p.a.ce for mercy. Either we killed them all or they exterminate us, this the going to be the only result of this war.

As the more time pa.s.sed by sorrow became more apparent in its eyes, it had appeared in its eyes since I placed the crystal disk on its chest.

It's feeling sorrow not because of it's inevitable but death but because he thinks that crystal disk is going suck all its spirit and his spirit is not going be a.s.similate in his tribe's totem.

Every member of the Grimm Race had very zealous devotion toward their own tribes totem and after death, they wished that their spirit will a.s.similate into their tribe's Totem but Crystal Disk won't let them do that as according to them sucked their spirit.

This is why they hate the crystal disk so zealously.

We don't know if its true or not as their power system involve faith, sacrifices and different other things.

All we know is based on the Grimm race monster over course of thousands of years.

Our information about Grimm Race's power system would have been more in depts if we were able to see the holy ground of the tribe but unfortunately, that's not possible as all holy grounds of all Grimm tribes are located in their homeworld.


The fourth Crystal had been made and the werewolf had become a husk of skin and bone which is barely hanging by his dear life by a thread.

Well, it didn't matter even if it's dead, the crystal disk going suck all the energy off its body either way.

It has been twenty minutes since I placed the Crystal disk on its chest and it had produced just four Mana Crystals till now.

If I had high-grade Crystal Disk, this werewolf would have turned into husk within a minute and crystals I produced from it would be lot more from it.

There is a vast difference between low grade and High-Grade Crystal Disk, the only saving grace is that both of them produced the same quality mana crystals.

"It's dead finally!" I said as looked at the dead husky body of the werewolf, still, its eyes were open and emotion unwillingness, anger, pain and sorrow still visible in its eyes.

The Crystal Disk is showing is only 21% when the werewolf was dead and the numbers are still advancing as if the death of the werewolf hadn't affected it a bit.

A few minutes more pa.s.sed when finally the numbers on the Crystal disk had finally stopped at 78%, there is still 22% remaining to be filled to make the fifth crystal.


I crouched down and took out Crystal disk, just as I did that the body of werewolf which had become dried husk through harvesting of a crystal disk had collapsed with the puff.

I had already expected it and had activated my mask, so I don't inhale any part of the werewolf.

I took out the four Mana crystal from the Crystal disk and look at them carefully, in republic these things are precious and hard to come by but here one can just get them through hunting Grimm race monsters.

After looking at them enough, I put them back in the storage with Crytal disk. After that, I collected two axes of the Wearworld and stone bracelet which is the storage equipment of the Grimm race.

I can't open werewolves storage devise as it needs dark energy of Grimm Race but adventure paradise can, they have developed the special technique over the years.

After one more time checking, I had left nothing important I started to climb the hill with Ashlyn.

Of course, I didn't forget to burn the poor soul's leftover bones that werewolf left behind after eating him.

To find the werewolf, I didn't have to search for very long but finding the next target to won't be very easy as the sardine hills are spread is a very vast area.

I still have a few hours, I will try my luck till the time of my leaving, if I will be very happy if I was able to find another Grimm Race monster to fight but even I didn't find any, I won't be sad as I already accomplished the task which I had come here for.

I had burning curiosity toward the Grimm Race that we had been fighting for more than ten thousand years, because of this burning curiosity of mine I wasn't able to control myself and went outside on just the third day of my coming to the Grimm battlefield.

Experienced adventurers would call it utter idiocy as it advised to rookies that they first join the guild and only go outside with one's experience guildmates.

One could only hunt alone when one had gained sufficient experience as this is the Grimm battlefield, not some normal forest where one could go daily to farm the monsters.

One hour pa.s.sed since I finished fight with the werewolf and begin to search for my next prey but I did not find any but I did hear the faint sound of battle and I am currently walking toward it.

I cautiously and silently walked toward the battle and I stopped when I got close enough to see battle but far enough no can see me.

From what I can see four humans are fighting the three hogmen and from what I can see all two Hogmen at Lieutenant stage while third which seem to be their leader is at Captain stage while of the four humans three of them are different levels of Captain stage while human at Major stage.

The human seemed to have an upper hand and if the keeps going this way, I am sure that four evolvers will kill the hogmen eventually.

Seeing they didnt need help, I started to walk away. I had come to the intention that if the humans in trouble, I could lend them a hand but they seem all fine.

Another hour pa.s.sed and I did not see any Grimm Race monsters but I have seen a lot of other stuff that opened my more to the reality of the Grimm battlefield.

Like human skin and bones and husky ashes that Grimm race leaves behind after it is sucked dry.

In this battlefield when both meet, it is 77% chances that one side either leaves behind their bones or ashes, only a minority of them able to run away from battle after things get tough for them.

Chew Chew!

Time pa.s.sed and I decided to leave in an hour if I didnt find any Grimm race monsters to hunt when I heard a chirp from Ashlyn.

"Do you smelled something?" I asked I had asked her to keep her nose on Grimm race and if she smelled, immediately tell me.

Chew chew!

She affirmed, hearing her I answer I started to walk toward the direction she smelled Grimm race monsters excitedly.